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After All (w/Jim Bouchard)



 Genre: Folk-Rock

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I'm so excited to be posting a song, since I haven't been able to sing for almost three months because of back-to-back viruses from hell. I really didn't enjoy that a very lot.

This is a new version of a song I posted almost two years ago and have wanted to redo for most of that time. It was the second song I'd ever written with lyrics, but people here responded very generously to it and it gave me the confidence to keep going with this whole songwriting nonsense. It has always been very special to me because of that.

I asked Jim to collaborate with me on a new 'real' version of the song a few weeks ago and it all came together really quickly. Usually it takes a while for me to put a vocal together, but I sang this in an hour on Monday and was finished. Yay.

Though the song is about an (imagined) couple coping with the husband's infidelity, it is really a song about forgiveness, which is a very important concept to me. I think forgiveness gives more to the person giving it than to the one receiving it, really.

I really hope you guys enjoy this new version. I'm so happy to be back and very grateful to Jim for all the work he did, playing, arranging and producing.

Jim also posted a cover of this song a little while ago over at his page. love it, so please check it out if you enjoyed this one.

After All, by Jim Bouchard

I'm lucky enough that Joe Gurner covered it too, with a very different arrangement than Jim's; Joe's is equally wonderful, though.

After All, by Joe Gurner

(From Jim)

I don't know what I'd add to the song description except that this was truly a labor of love for me, as there was a sort of tremulous pensive quality to this song to begin with, and that really suits my musical style, and there was a bit of a challenge in sticking to the original construction but developing it in a way so that there was more of a musical movement to it. It ended up being a bit of a puzzle.
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After All

Newspapers piled by the front door,
this house isn't mine, not anymore.
I pick up your suitcase,
I put away my shoes.
After all, what is love for?

After all what is love for?

I'm not who you want me to,
but then again, neither is she.
If there's one thing
that I'm asking from you --
it's to be careful if you go.

I walk to the room where you're asleep.
Hearing you breathe
feels like something to keep.
I lift up the blankets
and lie down next to you.
After all what is love for?

After all what is love for?

I'm not who you want me to be,
but then again, neither is she.
If there's one thing
that I'm begging from you --
please don't go.

Please don't go.
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(3 tracks of) acoustic Guild G37 with a Rode NT1000 into an ART Tube PAC mic preamp, into a Tascam US122 to the eMac. Two tracks of the electric guitars are the Fender Esquire, but the lead guitar is a G&L Legacy through a Boss DD-20 GigaDelay, all going through a Peavey Delta Blues amp, mic'ed by a Shure SM-57. The strings are pencil-tooled and twisted Jam Pack 4 loops, the bass sound is Sonic Boombox's Jazzistic Bass soundfont, The Synth part is Free Alpha, drum loops are Drums on Demand. Channelstrip in GB on the vocals, iZotope Spectron on a doubled vocal line, and WaveArts' Trackplug 4 and WaveSurround on the acoustic guitars. Peak to master the mix, using Ozone 3 in Peak to tweak the master.
jiguma said 4589 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Two ..
..... of my favourite MJers! First, absolutely wonderful vocals (and harmonies) from Lisa - hadn't realised how much I'd missed your voice here. Shades of The Beatles (Dear Prudence I suppose).
Beautiful, delicate playing Jim, and wonderfully subtle production. The acoustic bass sounds so real, both in tone and in the way you've "played" it. Talk about a glut of plugins/programs Jim - I'd be happy with any one of the ones you mention!
Love it!
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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Means a lot...
... coming from one of my favorite macjammers. ;-)

I think this is definitely the chord progression from Dear Prudence and it never hurts to borrow from those guys, does it? I think Jim changed it up a bit from the original version, so it's been Bouchardized.

I missed my voice here, too! Only I realized it and it was driving me bonkers. It's a very different experience to participate as a listener when I'm used to being in the thick of things. I agree that Jim did a lovely job with the music and chose a really nice bass sound. Thanks, Neil!
Jim Bouchard said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
where to start to respond? How about the technical stuff? As far as plug-ins go, you can download the free trial of Spectron I'm using here from the izotope website, as well as the free trial of WaveSurround. Both of those I'm just trying out here. I have a friend that used to work for the company that makes Sonic Boombox so I got that demo too. ChannelStrip was such a good deal that I couldn't pass it up. But Ozone 3 totally rocks and I've merely scratched the surface. If I was going to go with just one, it'd probably Ozone 3, but unfortunately I got the other ones first. The acoustic bass part is just the bass notes from Lisa's original guitar loops from the first version. She sent me her Garageband file with the idea that I would stick close to the original arrangement, and by using elements of the original software loops I was able to do that with some ease. I cut the loops up into the individual sections and went in and adjusted the timing of each note so that there's more of a swing, changed the velocities to go along with the song, and then I changed notes as needed where I had changed some of the chords. My son has borrowed my bass guitar for a while now and I'm stuck using a software bass, and for an upright sound, this is the most acoustic sounding one that I have.

The important thing though is the music being made with these tools, hopefully, and having so much technical info might be sort of distracting, but I don't mind sharing how this stuff gets made. Thanks for your comment!
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Mystified said 4589 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
What a great collab pair!
Your singing is so great here, Lisa. Beautiful harmonies. Poignant story in the lyrics.
And Jim...what a great backdrop you provided here...perfect.

Just a wonderful meeting of talents to create this.

Thanks, both, for this treat :)
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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
You're welcome! :-)
Any mention of the singing by the Voicemistess (tm) always leaves me feeling happy. I'm glad you like the harmonies, too.

Jim is a magical producer; he really made that vocal track sound pretty good.

I. Spike said 4589 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Just perfect....
This is one of the best and most beautiful pieces of music I've heard on this site.
I love everything about it.
The lyrics, tone and melody work perfectly with the melancholy instrumentation.
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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
A "flawless," coming from you means a great deal.
stevel said 4589 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Very nice!
A lovely song Lisa...your voice reminds me of one of my fave singer/songwriters called Laura Veirs (I love her song Galaxies!)
Great production on this one too...very lush...soothing to the ears!
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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Laura Veirs
Hey! I know who Laura Veirs is. She's from the Seattle area (though I think she's moved to Portland now)and my husband has appeared at a couple of shows with her, knows people in common.

I can see the similarities in style and you know I always love hearing from you, Mr. Foghorn. Thank you.
said 4589 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Absolutely fantastic
production, performance and a wonderful vibe.

Great vocals Lisa and another great collaboration Jim

ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
So glad you dug the vibe. Jim really is a master collaborator, no doubt. I just looked back in my gmail and he started working on this exactly 14 days ago. I'm agog.
rtcooper said 4589 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
I remember and like the Original.

This is a new and different Song: larger and sonically richer with a more complex identity.

The Imaging from JB is delicately complex as it creates the "world" of the emotive; never threatening or overpowering the nuances of the Vocal.

Totally Pro Level Sound Stage with great delivery and Capture.
A Distiinguished Collab of Fine Sensibilities and Talent.

Very FINE.

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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
You're not kidding that this is different, Coop! It's actually pretty funny listening to the earlier version next to this one. The first version will always be dear to me, but Jim has taken this song and given it so much more energy and warmth. I feel very lucky.

I feel lucky that you listened, too.
illuminati said 4589 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
My favorite Ledeb song done up pro style! Love the orchestration and the new vocals. A great tune given some air and space and love. After this one, I don't know if there could ever be another version of After All. ;-)
ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Bandmate o'Mine
Heh! We'll just have to see if there could ever be another After All after this one.

Thanks for letting me out of the basement (where you had me chained to the radiator) to do this song with Jim. :-)
dreadmon said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Simply gorgeous
One of my favorite tunes here on MJ; instantly. Welcome back, Lisa - and what a way to announce your return - this is just a beautiful song with so many complex layers and Jim, you've done an amazing painterly job with the brushstrokes. I love the melodic key changes and lush, full chord extensions. This is such a heartbreaking song, yet it carries with it a huge basket of hope and you convey this perfectly with your voice Lisa, which sounds absolutely dead-on here. Shop this one around - it's got wings of gold.
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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Bingle Bongleo
Kind words from you always mean a lot and to hear that it's one of your new faves is really terrific. Now shouldn't you be off trying to subvert the administration through the power of song? :-p
dreadmon said 4587 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
I've got a little casserole cooking to that extent, yes. : )

Mahalo nui loa,

Bing Futch

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Reinholt56 said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
The whole forgiveness thing....
The whole forgiveness thing is half of the story, the other half being unconditional love. Love is not something that should be switched on or off based on pre-determined, unexpected actions or a perceived loss.

It is the one thing you can give away any amount of, and still have as much left to give.

Your song showed the 'open door', because of the the unconditional love, rather than the normal way of things in many relationships, where the door is slammed after (or if) someone leaves.

It is a beautiful song and both the singing and backing were first class.

Take care.

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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
You're very right, Paul, that unconditional love is something that's also very important to me. I've found, though, that sometimes one has to walk a line between being taken advantage of and giving love or friendship as generously as one wants. Sometimes the door has to be mostly closed as a matter of self-preservation.

I'm a big softy, though and it's not in my nature to be unforgiving. I don't think I've ever closed a door completely, though I may have slammed them in my life, they tend to bounce back open rather than latch. Sometimes, this has gotten me in trouble, but I do prefer to trust that people can learn and grow from mistakes and that most people are fundamentally good and doing the best they can at any given moment.

I'm so glad you liked the song.
jgurner said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Worth the wait...
...and everything else that went into this.

It's a touching and heartfelt tune in any version. As I've said many times, definitely your best, Lisa. The mix turned out absolutely great. And, I'll say it again, I think this is the best vocal job you've done - PERIOD! Keep a spray bottle around full of cold germs and spray yourself down good a day or so before you're ready to record vocals from now on so you can hit that "sweet spot" just before you get too sick to get off the couch. :)

Jim, you did such a wonderful job interpreting the tune. So much depth. It hits the ears as something totally new, but instantly recognizable. The instrumentation is so rich and adds such a beautiful bed for Lisa's vocals.

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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Would You Believe
...that I seem to be developing the stomach bug that Matt came down with today? So that's a cold and hurling all in one week. Thankfully, neither stops me from singing and I think being slightly pre-cold always helps my voice; why I don't know. Something to do with mucus, I'm sure. Many things have to do with that.

I think I need to start taking Ciprio daily, as well as wearing a haz-mat suit everywhere I go.

This is definitely one of my favorite of my songs and definitely the best of the songs I've written all by myself, I think. Not that there are too many of those...

Thank you, Joe for your ears, in more ways than one. Also, hey man, didn't you cover this song yourself? I think I remember you doing a really cool version...(this is a hint, guys, Joe did a really good take on this). ;-)

ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Jim covered this song, too! I should have put that in the song description. I'm putting this here to remind me to do that later. Someone poke me if I haven't.
guitapick said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Had to step back...
...a couple of hours after my first listen. I lived this moment at age 30. You two painted it so perfectly. Unsettling. That feeling won't change...so I'm back now, to say:

Your voice speaks so eloquently in this song. Like the air we breathe. You have a wonderful voice, Lisa. And the harmonies/etal adds so much depth. Achingly beautiful lyrics...

And, Jim: the addition of the dissonances after the lead break, the key change for the last "After all what is love for?", the finale...they all add so much, I guess I can only call it "realism" to an already wonderful piece of music. Perfectly set with and against the vocal. Put me right there.

This is a beautiful piece about a very difficult real life situation...

Kudos to both of you. Glad your voice is back, Lisa.
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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Real Life
You know, Bob, I've heard from a lot of people who have lived a version of this story and I'm really surprised what a very common and obviously painful experience it apparently is, somewhat life-defining, actually.

I'm sorry that I made you relive some pain, but grateful that you were able to enjoy the song, regardless. Thank you so much and I hope you had a happy ending!
guitapick said 4588 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
No reason to apologize...
Please indulge the cliche: happiness and suffering go hand in hand. One can't exist without the other.
Life keeps on chuggin' along and there are no true "endings". The outcome, at that time, was a true bummer. But I learned and my life wouldn't be the same, now, with a different outcome back then. Things, at the moment, are very nice. Talk to me next week and...well; who knows? I'll do what I can to stay on the positive side, though.That much is for certain.
I love the tune. Art that reflects truth. Sincere. Extremely well conceived and performed. Couldn't ask for more.

I live between the notes
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caroline said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
beautiful work ...
thank you both sooo much xoxoxox
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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
You're very welcome, Caroline and thanks for listening! oxoxoxoxoxo (go to The Met, already) xoxox
drakonis said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
You two did wonderfully on this. A gorgeous song (sounds vaguely Beatles-Strawberry-Fields-ish), wonderful guitar and strings and harmonies (though there were a couple of minor dissonant spots between strings and guitar, super minor though), beautifully silky-chocolatey-smooth singing, touching lyrics that are as always, worth savoring and thinking about over and over (love that with your lyrics). Some of the panning (little harmony-vox bits and occasional guitar bits) were only on the right side, which on headphones felt a little unbalanced (I'd prefer the dupe-and-pan-full-left-and-right approach for those), but again, really minor points for a very lusciously rich, heart-tugging song.
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Jim Bouchard said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
I like intentional imbalance!
If you listen to the Beatles and other well-mixed music you always find parts that are only on one side or another. One reason is due to technical limitations at the time, but the other reason is that normally in any auditory experience different sounds come at you from different directions. If someone to the right of you says something it will be heard on the right side. In an intimate mix like this, where the vocal effect is is fairly dry, that panning effect should be more pronounced. The lead guitar is panning wildly, and some phrases sound on the right more but they move to the left, and that's a little artificial to me, but I didn't want to place that decorative element on one side or another, and I wanted to keep the center open. I never use that duplicating tracks and panning them equally to either side technique because I'm a firm believer that that ends up with a net effect of placing the sound in the center. Some people believe it should leave a space in the center, but I don't see how that's possible, especially if they are really duplicated tracks. If you shift them you get a phasing or delay effect, but you could probably just use a phased or a delayed effect and save on file size. And a delicate song can get lost in too many effects.

A couple of commentors have mentioned the dissonance, and that's also intentional. The basis of the song is the descending progressions, which go from a major decscending motif in the first verse to a chromatic descending thing in the second verse. To me it sounds like going from major to minor and the strings were sort of floating around playing with that as a contradiction, echoing the contradiction that is in the lyrics, where there's a bit of ambivalence at first in the asking that turns into a more firmly convicted begging. The first "please don't go" has a minor feel, while the last one is a major feel. Little things like that are things I wanted to keep subtle but insistent, so there's an edgy-ness that is not totally comfortable but also reassuring. The story was already there, and I just wanted to find the right frame!

Thanks for your comment!
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rtcooper said 4587 days ago (March 31st, 2007)

That's a Keeper

FINE explication and Production overview.

Very Cool. Generous.

Man, that Rocks, Jim.


"What you Don't use, You Lose." Get Rockin'
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said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
This actually made me all misty-eyed...Very lovely collab here. This tune evoked the image of two butterflies flying in a helix pattern over a candle flame...I love it. (BTW, I empathize with you Lisa. I was sick the entire month of February with a clinging virus. Just now getting back in the saddle. Good to have you back girl!)

Be well!
ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
You big misty-eyed softy, I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks again for the empathy.
Rebsie said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Rich and lush
Beautifully delicate and fragile singing combined with a silky arrangement. What more could anyone ask?
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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
What More Could I Ask?
...maybe to be Rebsie when I grow up.

I'm so pleased you like it, because I really look up to you so much.
said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
realy nice
great collaboration. Your singing and harmonies are done with great care. The song is a touching story. The lyrics are well writen. Good song!!
ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Thanks, mister and I like your structure!
echoroom said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Sweet skin, sour core
Well, okay, production, playing is great yadda yadda yadda. Typically with a Ledeb post, it's only been up a few hours and quite rightly has had massive interest.

You excel at songs that are quite ordinary on the surface, but are a bit ... off.. underneath. This is one of your best, I think. The vocal delivery is so great, Lisa - a mixture of under-surface sorrow and resignation ... i don't get the feeling this woman is in love, and she still doesn't want her husband to leave, which is so ... tragic.

I'm gonna stop now, casue I need some more listens to comment properly, but really great to have a new track from you.

And Jim ... sweet playing, man.

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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
Sweet and Sour
You know, I've been told that before...someone used the phrase 'sweetness and menace' to describe my songs, once. Was it you? I always found it interesting. I think I'm pretty much a very upbeat, happy person, but I also feel emotions pretty strongly and, at the times those emotions are negative, there's always a war in me between being my more naturally optimistic self and allowing myself to feel sad or angry or hurt, etc. I tend to try to glue a sunflower onto the side of lots of situations when it might be better not to repress my feelings. Of course, if I stopped stuffing things down, I wouldn't need to write songs about the dark stuff. :-p

Could you just bill my health insurance directly for this therapy session?

As per usual, it means a lot that you like the song and I always look forward to reading your comments.
Scott Carmichael said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
some songs cost us more than others...
the resignation in your voice sets the tone for the piece... That posture speaks as loud as the lyric.. (Bonnie Rait "I can't make you Love me") That resignation is as powerful an element as any other part of the production, which by the way Jim, is brilliant... All the other things that make a vocal good are there too beside the emotion, you know pitch & phrasing... an excellent job... I love the line "but then again neither is she... speaks volumes about we humans... Well Jim, they say the difference between men and boys is the size of their toys... then you are quite a man... cause your toy department goes on for a mile, but you obviously know how to use them... all the equipment in the world doesn't teach someone what you seem to know... and that bass plugin is killer, really convincing... I really dig the placement of the guitar soloing, and the rythem choices were perfect... you showed the restraint that this song required...

bravo.. you 2

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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
The Cost of Songs
You're right that not all songs are equal in the toll they take, either before or after they're written. It really does seem that the expensive ones are the ones that really end up reaching other people and tapping into something difficult, but really wonderful, too.

Being compared to Bonnie Raitt's performance on "I Can't Make You Love Me," just about made my life, Scott. Thank you so much for everything!

Jim really does have lots of toys, doesn't he?

said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
I courtsey for You Ledebutant.... : ) With one knee on the ground...so beautiful.....can't believe You just sang it in an hour on Monday !!

I'M HAPPY YOU ARE BACK this feels especially like a gift as Today I've been a member here for two months

ThankYou You're Great!! : ) Happy for You & All who get to listen to Your amazing voice & lyrics !
ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and I'm so happy to have given you some happiness on your two month anniversary here. You've certainly jumped in very enthusiastically and it's cool to see you enjoying yourself so thoroughly.
Peter Greenstone said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Lovely song. I think you and Jim combined your talents in a wonderful way, complimenting each other. Your words and your gorgeous voice have so much heart. Jim's signature sound with its hints of haunting dissonance and rich tones put it all into context.

Beautiful work. I enjoyed it greatly.
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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
Thanks so much, Peter and I can't tell you how happy I am that you enjoyed the song. Jim and I have another one in the works since this one went so well.

It's always a good day when I get a PGree comment on a song. Thank you.
perceptualvortex said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Incredible update
This mix is fantastic, so much more full of expression and life than the original (which, needless to say, I loved). The mix and Jim's playing make a lot of difference, and your singing just keeps on getting better, Lisa. You did the right thing, getting a real musician to play on this :-) I love your writing and singing; more emotion is coming through your voice with each successive posting. This is a totally solid, professional song, bravo!
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ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
It ain't got a thing...
...if it ain't got that swing. Jim really got so much energy out of the song in a variety of ways, many of which I still don't know about. Nudging the bass timing is just the start, I'm sure.

Actually, this original GarageBand file was absolutely hilarious. Everything was panned dead center and everything had the Live Performance preset and apparently I'd never heard of EQ, because there wasn't any I could see. It was all single tracked with reverb as an extra. At the time, I knew absolutely nothing about production and it really showed. I still like the original just as a snapshot of where I once was, but I can't thank Jim enough for giving this song new life.

Thanks, Mr. perceptualvortex
perceptualvortex said 4587 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
Yes, I know what you mean... I go back to my ancient mixes and they seem absurdly beginner to me now. I think it was chikoppi who clued me in to panning things away from the center. Yay, school of MacJams!

<a href="http://www.macjams.com/song/30232">Nothing Will Die</a>
Check out my latest song called Mercury (RPM 6)
ledebutant said 4587 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
Oh Yes...
I also chiseled my mixes onto stone tablets.
thoddi said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
I went to this songs page, started the player without reading the description, and browsed through some stuff in another tab... As the tune played, I stopped doing what I was doing to listen... Beautiful singing Lisa, and I noticed that the guitars sounded familiar... Went back, and found out it is Jim playing...

What a treat:)

This is just something to love. Wonderful. A must D/L!

Check out my latest song called How can I make it up to you
ledebutant said 4587 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
Mind Control
So happy to hear that the subliminal message "If your name is Thor, stop what you're doing and listen to our song," that we put in at the last minute paid-off. I think I might try that again with the next one.

Seriously, Thor, thanks so much for taking the time to stop and listen. It means a lot to know that the song grabbed you in that way.
said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Ok, Ok, Ok....

I'll stay!!! If you'll still have me:)

Nice song Lisa.

. - Harold
ledebutant said 4587 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
Finally Harold!
It took you long enough. I've been waiting all this time!

You're silly, mister.
bud said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
You gotta get up real early to be among
the first when there's a new Ledeb tune up, and for good reason. This is a beautiful track and well worth waiting for. I agree with you about forgiveness, and you've expressed it so well here. Hard to believe this tune came together in virtual space - it really feels like you and Jim are vibing off each other in the same room. Wonderful arrangement, singing, playing. Great truth and emotion - after all what is music for?
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ledebutant said 4587 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
After all what is music for?
Hah! Very funny, bud.

Thanks for saying it sounded like we were playing in the same room. I give most of the credit for that to Jim, his musicianship is fantastic and I'm sure he made lots of tiny adjustments to make it seem that way. I've noticed the same feeling in his songs with Kelli King as The Fritters.

I'd love to sing this in the same room with Jim, maybe at a great big macjammers conference one day.
musichead said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
vrey very nice
Great job!!!! top collab if ya ask me!!!
The bass does sound very real, nice writing!!
The singing is very smooth and right on. Nice guitar solo and strings

Check out my latest song called slow exit
ledebutant said 4587 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
I'm so happy you liked the song, musichead!
Parichayaka said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
Simplicity at its best
So many good things to say about this song, I just loved the genuinely laid back atmosphere here. The simple chords work beautifully, the strings are gorgeously woven into the guitar soundbed. And your voice sounds fantastic in this setting! Your best vocal performance yet in my humble opinion (Norah Jones and 5 Grammys...right:) What a charming song! I'd tweak the drums a little (around half way through) but let me just congratulate Jim and you for another truly outstanding MJ collaboration!
Check out my latest song called Solivagant
ledebutant said 4587 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
Macjams is Magic
Thank you so much, Parichayaka. You know, I always love seeing you because your profile photo is so happy and gives off great energy.

I'm glad you enjoyed the laid-back quality. I really have a hard time singing any other way, to tell you the truth. Sometimes I listen to myself singing and I sound like I need a good goosing. :-)
Mcboy said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
a beautiful thing......
the song...the vocals....the music......a beautiful thing........
Check out my latest song called Bluesphemy (MJRF 2010)
ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
It's a Mcwonderful day because we haven't seen you for a while. How cool to see you pop up here, McFella.

I'm thrilled that you liked the music and it's always great to know you're around keeping an eye on things. I'm sincerely very happy that you took the time to comment.
said 4588 days ago (March 30th, 2007)
when i saw this was...
just released, and saw the number of fans, I had to check it out.
am i ever glad i did. this is really something. great guitar work. great vocals, great lyrics, GREAT SONG! again, really something. count me in too.
ledebutant said 4587 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
I know what you mean about that number. I'm kind of blown away by everyone's generosity with the fannage.

Thanks so much for checking the song out and I enjoyed hearing your song the other night, very much.
echoroom said 4588 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
After a few more issues
.. the production on this is just great guys - the guitar mixes sound like they're playing next to me ... love the use of percussion on this (the brushes work really well). The backing vocals .. so haunting. The space you've achieved on this ... I don't know how you did this ... I aspire to making tracks sound as open as this.

I read your description of the lyric again ... I had a very different take on this ... and lyrics are always filtered by the views of the person hearing them .. I do get that this person still wants there husband to sya.. the line

'be careful if you go'

is a killer in this context.

Check out my latest song called Light Sleeper
ledebutant said 4588 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
Actually, Steve I think your take is a very legitimate one. I can't go around with the song explaining to every person what I feel the song is truly about, so people will, as you said, filter it through their own experiences and I think your interpretation is a very valid one, well within the spectrum of reasonable takes.

She very well may not be in love with him, still. Many people hold on to relationships for reasons that don't have to do with "in love," and I think she could care for him still and feel connected and as though she needs him and be holding on to him because she's afraid of being without him. That "be careful," could be just be a sign of caring for him still, loving, but not necessarily in love.

I can't be sure, because I still can't figure out exactly what made me write this two years ago. So, I think the meaning's a bit flexible.

It's so nice of you to put the energy into giving a closer listen and more feedback after the fact. (Which reminds me that I still haven't commented on They Come with Smiles because I'm substandard!)

I really appreciate all your support, Steve.
Cori Ander said 4588 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
Check out my latest song called O store Gud
ledebutant said 4587 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
Kren said 4588 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
very dreamy and hypnotic.
Love the vocals, and the guitars are too sweet.
Thanks for the download

Check out my latest song called MAWULI HABIMANA LIOLI1
ledebutant said 4586 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
Thanks, Karen and may I say I think your photo is really cool, very rock and roll.
paddler said 4588 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
Lovely vocals - you have a very sweet voice.Original song - emotional,intimate - Brings me closer to the thing I love most - human intimacy - makes everything worthwhile
Check out my latest song called Wild Volcano
ledebutant said 4586 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
You're right, paddler. There's nothing better than taking a risk and really opening your heart to another person, being vulnerable and trusting him or her completely. It's the only way true intimacy happens. It's a risky proposition, but something that can make life so wonderful, especially when it works out!

I'm so glad you liked the song. Thank you.
Macaudion said 4587 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
Beautiful beautiful beautiful...
What else is there to know...

All the pieces...

The singing...

The playing...

For me, more words could diminish what this is...

Thanks to both of you for your very passionate talent and what was obviously, an intensly focused effort! This is just so wonderful! Macca
Check out my latest song called Picture country living
ledebutant said 4586 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
I'm happy you enjoyed it and I'm thinking of you and sending love, babycakes.
dajama said 4587 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
Very sweet, and affecting song. I love the chord progression (you could drive yourself mad trying to figure out where a progression might have been used before!) and the harmonies are outstanding. The singing in general is outstanding, and the lyrics are thought-provoking. Nice.
Check out my latest song called Across the Wire (MJRF)
ledebutant said 4586 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
Thanks so much. I'm glad you liked the harmonies, too. That is such a trouble spot for me, but they came out easily with this one. I think it's that magical chord progression, which Jim did change up a bit, I believe. One probably can't ever go too wrong borrowing a progression from those guys.
Magritte said 4587 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
Mazel tov...
...on your new "baby"! Projecting myself onto that woman put a lump in my throat, as did the beautiful performances and production.
Check out my latest song called Tango Macabre
ledebutant said 4586 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
Oh Lordy, Magritte, you're getting married this year. Do NOT project yourself on this song. May your married life be "this song" free. ;-)
Ed Hannifin said 4587 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
I think this was the song...
...whereby I first met you, Lisa, and it's still a great song...

Proof of a great song is that it can be a platform for multiple versions, viewpoints, extrapolations.... It's got layers, like an ogre...

This is a really great chance to reflect on the changes in your vocal approach, and I think just overal vocal confidence, since those early days... I've always loved your voice, but with this as a comparison piece, it shows that you've been honing your vocal craft right along...

Jim's production, as a lot of folks note, does slide into Beatles White Album territory, and that's hard to argue with... It's a smoothness that stops short of the ultimate polish... I like the unbalanced bit, also a feature of another of my favorite bands, World Party... Adds to the 'real feel', I think....


Check out my latest song called Chime (Alone) (Inspired by Particle Dots)
ledebutant said 4586 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
You're Right
I think this is the song where we first met. At the time, majams didn't have a folk-rock genre and I had this listed under folk and there was a bit of a dust-up over whether the song was categorized correctly. I still remember you coming in and defending me.

I'm glad to hear that the song's an ogre, not an onion. :-)

I can definitely hear that there's a change in my voice, though there are technical factors that really don't have to do with me getting any better as a singer. One is that the original was sung into the pinhole mic and I literally had to kneel on my office chair and do contortions to be able to get my mouth close enough to the mic. This time, no pinhole, but a Rode NT-1a in a mic stand (thankfully). I also hadn't discovered the monitor feature, at that point, so I was basically singing deaf the whole time. At the time I was also a one-take kind of gal. I would just sing the WHOLE song all the way through and wait until I got one that was mostly right. It never occurred to me to do multiple takes and then replace bad phrases with better ones. With this version, I mostly used the second take, but I still had to cut in two or three phrases.

I'm also two years older, so I'll bet my voice has changed a bit because of that, too.

I do definitely feel more confident as a singer and am more relaxed now. I still get butterflies on the first couple of takes, but they even out more quickly these days. I tend to feel more comfortable singing in a less puny way because I know I can go back and fix lines if I need to.

I love Jim's production, too.

Thanks Ed. I always look forward to what you have to say.
Vic Holman said 4587 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
my my my
thank you for giving this a redo. unfortunately (for me) i never heard the first version. fortunatley i have the chance to hear it now, a nice beatlish reference in the structure, way cool and well, your vocals, no one could give you more praise then the mj community here. jim did a excellent job. production is massive yet intimate. the song still reverberates through my mind as i comment here. thanks again for giving us a chance to hear this.
Check out my latest song called Life In A Car
ledebutant said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
The MJ Community
You're right, Vic, that everyone has been insanely kind regarding this song. I'm very happy that people seem to be enjoying the song so much and the support from everyone really means a tremendous amount. March was possibly one of the most upsetting, sad months of my entire life and to have had it end (and April begin) on this note is a lesson in how quickly life can change and get better.

It's okay that you didn't hear the original. I'm just glad that you took the time to listen to this one and leave a comment. Thank you!

apb said 4587 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
Superb ..
what a collab! I haven't heard any previous version but this is really finely tuned, polished production as one would expect from Jim, really eloquent and really fitting for the song on all counts. I hear those shades of "Dear Prudence" too (darn that descending scale) but that's tiny in comparison to what is distinctively you, with some lines/harmonies/phrasing reminding me a little of Saturnine. Kudos to you both, a real MJ gem this. Thanks for sharing. Love it.
Check out my latest song called Stowaway
ledebutant said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Yes! I hear the resemblence, too, in spots, especially the echoing background vox at the very end of the song which really reminds me of the backwards vocals in Saturnine. That's just a little part of Jim's genius, pulling in references to other songs I've done. He's just wonderful.

Thanks so much for saying you liked it, APB.
Estella said 4587 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
this is really beautiful. I read the description of the song, and I really connect with your feelings on forgiveness.

starting with the line, "hearing you breathe/feels like something to keep" and on I was really, really moved by the lyrics. I started to cry. Gorgeous song.

The guitars are sweet and the mood of the song is beautifully resigned, like the character of the song. I love it!
Check out my latest song called Insomnia
ledebutant said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
I'm so glad that you were moved by the song and am grateful that you engaged with it to such a level that you cried!
Komrade K said 4587 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
This is a gorgeous song made all the richer with a damn fine vocal performance (I just love those harmonies) and a sumptuous arrangement. That breathy vocal delivery is just perfect for the song's nocturnal setting - a real sense of angst in the wee small hours.



PS - Have you heard of a band called Dubstar? You might enjoy them - they wrote excellent songs as well and there's a similarity in feel particularly in the vocal style.

PPS - Sorry to read you were stricken with the lurgy for so long but glad you've recovered. I've had similar bugs too but then I couldn't really sing in the first place!
Check out my latest song called Urra Moor/The Leckie/Reel CJ/Willafjord
ledebutant said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Martyn, I know you didn't know it when you said it, but I have long wondered if "lurgy," was just a word my family uses or if it's something that stuck with us after we left England. Seriously, thanks so much for saying it, because that has bugged me for years!! One can't really go up to a random Brit and say 'lurgy,' and see what sort of reaction ensues...or you'd have to braver than me, at least to try it.

Now, I'm wondering if it's safe to try to find out if 'gudge' is a family word or real slang...

I hadn't heard of Dubstar until you mentioned them and have done a little googling since then. It has really been difficult to find much in the way of audio, but what I did find intrigued me. The lead singer is in a new band that seems interesting.

I'm so glad you like the song and the arrangement. I LOVE Jim's arrangement.
BAMPOT said 4587 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
So good ,it hurts.
Check out my latest song called TIME IS THE ENEMY
ledebutant said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
First Aid
Band-aids and bactine are at the booth to the right.

Thanks for saying you liked it. :-D
rtcooper said 4586 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
Can't Vote again, so I'll just listen a few more go rounds.

Still Superb you guys, (as it were, Lisa).

Check out my latest song called The Loon and the Hula Moon (mstr)
ledebutant said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Extra listens are always encouraged and they're FREE.
craft said 4586 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
great collab
professional sounding... Love the smoothness of this one... Everything... every touch sounds perfect... Great song!!!
Love is a gift... love is a bless... love is life... we all are love

Check out my latest song called Valarty & AJ Craft - Burn (Alternative version)
ledebutant said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Being told by you, Craft, that something is professionally done is a huge compliment. Thank you so much.

said 4586 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
me down as a true lover of your voice and I already know what Jim can do make a song sing. Great job!
ledebutant said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Thanks, jibes. I agree with you that Jim has a little magic something up his sleeve and I'm so glad you enjoyed the singing.
DOCTORBIZARRE said 4586 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
This is an amazing song and this version just rules! I love the stand up bass and the brushes as well as the lush guitars! I am so blown away! This is so beautiful. You voice sounds top notch! You have out done yourself! Applause!
Check out my latest song called STORM
stooey said 4586 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Now I have to redo Episode 4
I just finished Episode 4 podcast and I had slected the original of this. I think I may have to re-edit the podcast. (Or do you think I should leave it for a podcast of MacJams cover tunes?

Thanks for posting. This was great!
Check out my latest song called Loop It Oldfieldlian
ledebutant said 4586 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Cool! Thanks for including me in the podcast, Stooey. I'm just happy to be part of it, but if you're really on the fence about which to include, then this one seems better to me, plus then Jim gets to be in the podcast, as well. Plus, this is technically not a cover and I don't want to get cut out of the covers broadcast once the judges get wind of me flaunting the rules. ;-)

Thanks, man!
stooey said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Hi Ledeb
I didn't see your response until after I decided to leave the podcast as is. I will mark this one for another episode for sure.

That's not my real hair....and the guitar is a fake too!
Check out my latest song called Loop It Oldfieldlian
ledebutant said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
No prob
I'm just grateful to be included in any way, Stooey. Thank you!
rover101 said 4586 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Lovely, but
I'm going to be picky here, 'cos I think you guys can do this better.
1....intro....too bland; a little spice would surely help
2....throughout the tune, on and off, I got the feeling of the lyric rhythm not quite sitting with the music. This could be a familiarity problem...or it could be the bass drum
3...that's about it...lovely lyric, sympathetic arrangement, some lovely musical moments

Cheers, Shaky
Check out my latest song called Idle No More
said 4586 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
good song
if he cannot pick up his own shoes, you don't need him anywayz, i always say.. what is it about the northwest that can inspire such beautiful, introspective music ? the years i lived in olympia were creatively the most productive of my life. keep dreaming, and loving..thank you for this tune.
ktb said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Lisa's lighter than air voice with Jim's master producer chops. What a gem. This is simply sweet. Strong melodic feel, infectious, with great production. My favorite thing is the dissonant strings. They're not too far outside but they're brilliantly mixed to add the deepest ambience. Awesome well crafted track.

Check out my latest song called Blackwater (by Tokai)
Willywagga said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
OHHHH that breathy voice does things to my inner ear that I thought could only arise under the influence of external chemical forces. You sound really great here with a lovely coyness that, well... effects the very back of my throat. Georgous.
Check out my latest song called The Jes on Sea Road
jamorama said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
terse comments
This song is so beautiful, and the comments that have gone before are so knowledgable and reflect so much skill, that, well, I am feeling cowed by it all. Wish I was more like that.

Anyway, here goes.
* I occasionally heard boominess in the bass.
* A pop filter would improve things -- the very first line of the show is an example.
* To my ear, the ending sounds abrupt.

Ptui, I got it all out, damn me. I wish I had half the musical skills and exquisite timbres in this song.
Check out my latest song called Longing - with SISTERS - from a SinJams solo
jamorama said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
I'm blaming it on the headphones.
Of course I was listening through my headphones; maybe that's like examining great art with a glass.

Simple ain't easy
Check out my latest song called Longing - with SISTERS - from a SinJams solo
cchaplin said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
I am a fan
Lisa, over the time that I%u2019ve been a member at macjams, I%u2018ve been quietly listening to most of your music without ever commenting on it. And I apologise for such pedestrian behaviour. So let me just say now that this is just one of your many pieces which I%u2019ve really enjoyed. And your voice, of course, is to die for. I have been a happy fan for quite a while now.

Check out my latest song called IV
cchaplin said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
just in case: %u2019 = apostropher
Check out my latest song called IV
FEEL said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Really good stuff here
Very nice song to start with. The whole structure with a dreamy texture and Lisa your voice fits it well. I was a bit taken by surprise to hear it just fall away and I wanted to hear more. Nice job everyone...
Check out my latest song called A Second Life with Scott Carmicheal
renecalvo said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
wow... wow.... uh... wow!
Check out my latest song called Another Mother's son
ledebutant said 4585 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Good to see you! You left your beef jerky here the last time. :-)
BranDaMan said 4585 days ago (April 3rd, 2007)
probably one of the better songs i've ever heard, and I don't mean just on macjams. Just excellent all around
Check out my latest song called Giving Up (Instrumental)
Dixie Mason Band said 4585 days ago (April 3rd, 2007)
Production Values are a High Water mark, here.

Looks like this one is for thr Record books.
Check out my latest song called SLOW BURN
midiman said 4584 days ago (April 3rd, 2007)
As others have said repeatedly, this is an excellent piece of songwriting. What is most amazing to me is that a song with such a sophistication of lyric quality and music comes from someone who began writing songs just 2 years ago because they like to "dabble in all kinds of creative things" You are quite talented indeed. I very much look forward to more great songs from you!
Check out my latest song called You Changed Your Hair
Brian Weiland said 4583 days ago (April 4th, 2007)

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

I don't really think I can come up with words to describe or match the delicate poignant painful honest beauty in your lyrics, in Jim's playing/arranging, and in your gorgeous singing! What an unbelievably gorgeous song!

I love what you wrote about the inspration behind the lyrics. One of my little life philosophies is that, basically, life is one big adventure in forgiving. Your lyrics are beautiful.

I need to go do some work, but I am looking forward to exploring your entire catalog.

Did I mention that this whole thing is, from front to back, simply beautiful?


PS- Beautiful!
Check out my latest song called The Gentle Maiden/Planxty Fanny Powers
ledebutant said 4583 days ago (April 4th, 2007)
So, I'm sensing that maybe you thought it was...beautiful?

Thank you so much for enjoying it so much and for the wonderful comment. If you like this type of music, you should absolutely check out jonx. He's probably the best lyricist on the site and what a songwriter/musician/producer. I'm pretty sure you would really love what he does.

Thank you again. I'm going to go and eat a rainbow sandwich now. :-)
MissChaos said 4582 days ago (April 5th, 2007)
a beautiful ballad. Wonderful job, both of you. The ending seems too short somehow... hard to say why. Maybe it's that I want it to linger a bit longer. Lisa, your vocals are never forced and I love that quality.
Check out my latest song called Sleep Through
JOAN said 4582 days ago (April 5th, 2007)
sad and beautiful
great singing . perfect playing. we are fan 69 YAA
Check out my latest song called snotty featuring Moussaka Mary
ledebutant said 4582 days ago (April 5th, 2007)
I knew that 68 would be irresistable to someone! :-)
SmokeyVW said 4581 days ago (April 6th, 2007)
wow wow wow
it brought a tear. or two

the vocals are fabulous - i really like the strings backup - and the guitarwork is flawless

i was totally unaware of the arrangement on the first listen: it just carried me away

My take on the form: A - B - bridge - solo - C - A - bridge ...
I almost wanted to call B something like B C because of how it evolved.
then the bridge and mini-solo were just right at the right time.
C is an interesting blend of ideas in both A and B. What did you do exactly?
Then the reassuring return to A,
and the (perfect!) bridge to nowhere - brilliant!

at first i thought the ending, wasn't one. but that is the point, isn't it? wow.

Check out my latest song called Farther
Jim Bouchard said 4581 days ago (April 7th, 2007)
very perceptive!
I did blend a bit in there. I like that C section too. A lot of what is in the structure is from Lisa's original version, since she wanted me to stay sort of close to that. I did want to give a little more of a chord sequence in parts and tried to introduce that sort of subtley. Thanks for your perceptive comment!
Check out my latest song called Big Yawn (Apogee One mic demo)
atonalis said 4581 days ago (April 6th, 2007)
the best.
wonderful. the best track i've heard from you. period..... had me in goose bumps.....on the 'please don't go...'......magical...outstanding......
Check out my latest song called lit with a wet match.
timothy devine said 4581 days ago (April 6th, 2007)
When i was a teen i use to draw peace signs...and write Love in bubble letters and such...at that time my fav expresion...i thought i coined was...'give and forgive'
it was all over my book covers and notebooks...you know like a kid.
anyway now i'm older and well ...listening to you song while reading your dicription, really hit a chord inside me. The lyric is a great insight to such a concept of giving and the true peace that we get from forgiveness.

The music here is exquisite. Guitar notes placed pefectly and harmonies so beautifly placed and sung with such grace. I think the reason you sang it so easily is it became part of you in the last two years. Plus you have a real quality to your vox, that seams natural. some have it...i don't.
You are a talented singer and songwriter.
a great work thru n thru soup to nuts
I see you have lots of fans and i have been a MJer a few days short of one year... and I don't know how i have missed you thus far.
you now have one more fan
another tune for the best of MJ playlist in my Pod
Check out my latest song called Inside of You
zallaz01 said 4581 days ago (April 7th, 2007)
Okasy here's a thing I aint read anyone else's comment, just so I draw my own thoughts on this beautiful track, Lisa your dead on the money, you may have been 'hibernating' slightly but wow, spring has sprung in magnificent fashion, this just oozes quality.

Take a bow Jim too, this is a fabulous track, the instrumentation is stunning, that combined with some heartfelt lyrics, Lisa's vocals it just cannot fail, and it don't!

Love it, thank-you both, my soundtrack for Easter 2007... hmmmm chocolate, seems like a rather good idea, what you guys think? hehe!!

regards Laz :)
Check out my latest song called Litigation! Litigation! Litigation!
SickTransit said 4580 days ago (April 7th, 2007)
Very nice
That's quite a nice song. The lyrics are very poignant and heartfelt. Lots of soul going into it. (Not something you dashed out in a bar with a cigarette dangling from your lips, I'd imagine). Bravo. I sense a cigarette lighter (or cell phone) moment...
Nice understated musicianship throughout (with nice warm electric guitar tone).
Check out my latest song called Godsend
S.G.U. said 4579 days ago (April 8th, 2007)
After all
This song is great. Cool lyric's
elektronix said 4579 days ago (April 8th, 2007)
So many comments, but i have to say:

I am magnetized by your voice.

It is one of the best songs I've heard in the last time, not only at MJ.
The guitar, the arrangement, the mood. Just perfect.

Begging for more.

Take care of your marvellous voice!

Greetings from Germany,

Check out my latest song called Night Theme
Willywagga said 4577 days ago (April 10th, 2007)
this is the first time I've ever gotten exausted scrolling to the bottom of a comments page, as I said already, Great song, thanks for your support, you're a dear.
Check out my latest song called The Jes on Sea Road
RacerX said 4576 days ago (April 11th, 2007)
what everyone said...very nicerest.
All-time no.1 song!!! whoa!
I am fan no. 77. ...lucky 7s
I hear you play a pretty mean guitar on your own.
hope to hear soon,
small-time, occasional member
Check out my latest song called Fall Down King (Mcboy/RCAndrews)
Doadars Uncle said 4572 days ago (April 15th, 2007)
and sad. Great presentation!
Check out my latest song called Don't Leave (remix)
buckhorn said 4571 days ago (April 17th, 2007)
134 errr 135 comments must be some kind of record. I can't think of any thing clever to say except that I enjoyed the song. It sounded real good and that is how music should sound. I did think it ended kind of abruptly, like some one rousing me from a pleasant dream.....but it was a very pleasant dream. Regards
Check out my latest song called when you smile
Peter Bauckham said 4561 days ago (April 27th, 2007)
Lovely Song
With so many comments it's hard to really add anything! Excellent all-round. Peter
Check out my latest song called Reality TV MJRF2010
Drew Kopr said 4536 days ago (May 21st, 2007)
This song is about to make me cry. By the way, f' him. Doesn't know what he's missing.
Check out my latest song called IfIWereHigh
ledebutant said 4536 days ago (May 21st, 2007)
Thanks, Drew. I really like this comment, very much.

said 4520 days ago (June 6th, 2007)
Blackmore's Night...
Lisa i don't know what to say ...
Your voice sent chills up the spine ..
your voice is nice and clean with the folk-rock playing genre ..
i'm hearing the Blackmore's Night in this song ..
it's truly great and wonderful ..
i wish to accept me as a new friend
thanks for posting

Yeman Auf Al-Rawi

timothy devine said 4276 days ago (February 5th, 2008)
back for another listen...
great tune...
u must b proud of this!
Check out my latest song called Inside of You
ledebutant said 4275 days ago (February 6th, 2008)
Thanks, Tim. You came by on my birthday, too.
timothy devine said 4275 days ago (February 7th, 2008)
Happy Birthday
Check out my latest song called Inside of You
damiengh said 4267 days ago (February 14th, 2008)
uh. oh. hmmph. whewwwwwwwwww.
I cannot tell you how much this song hit me. I'm still reeling.
How superb. What quality. Whether real or imagined, the pain and love expressed in this tune is so believable with your voice and the beautiful instrumental lines weaving through it all.

Great job folks. This one is really felt.
Check out my latest song called Tea and Scones
said 4267 days ago (February 14th, 2008)
ow ow ow
ooo - these lyrics hurt my heart and the vocal heals that hurt. lovely, lovely, inCREDibly lovely!
saymme said 4125 days ago (July 6th, 2008)
( : Lisa
This strikes me once again.. incredibly beautiful sweeps ya away : ) : )

back for dl thankYou both !

P L R (PeaceLoveRespect)
CrazeeFlootGrrl said 3440 days ago (May 21st, 2010)
is really pretty! I got sucked in from the start! And such a pretty voice!
Check out my latest song called The Way
Philip18 said 2949 days ago (September 24th, 2011)
Lovely flow to the song. Sweet vocal with a wistful feel to it. Has some 60s British pop, some folk-rock, but with a modern sound. The layers of sound are a delight. Much enjoyed.
Check out my latest song called Refuge
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I've been writing songs since 2005, which I tried initially because GarageBand made it possible for me to play with music for the first time since college, and I found very quickly that I really loved songwriting and in my time here at Macjams, I've ... [see more]

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Folk-rock is a musical genre, combining elements of folk music and rock music. In the original and narrowest sense, the term referred to a genre that arose in the United States and Canada around the mid-1960s. The sound was epitomized by tight vocal

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