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sBassy Brew w/ bass2x


timothy devine

 Genre: Other

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Collab with James Calore ( Bass2x here @ MJs & icomp ) He plays a great horn and i love his tone and styling.Started out a bass line and developed into this. Give it a spin.
Mellow and spacy.
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Same old stuff
thoddi said 4434 days ago (April 1st, 2007)
The little pause after the intro was an interesting choice. Makes you kind of hold the breath while waiting for what comes next. Very jazzy and sensual laid-back mood. It's like a band on stage waiting to start a gig or someone to take charge on a rehearsal, then someone starts playing a theme and the others join the jam, one by one discovering that after a while it has its own life...

Kudos for the great horn, and the tasty spice you put around it Timothy:)
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timothydevine2 said 2928 days ago (May 16th, 2011)
great words
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rtcooper said 4433 days ago (April 2nd, 2007)
Soulful. Spacious.
More questions than Answers, but ain't it the way?

Really like this. Spare, but Totally complete

Seems like there's a slight Track hum looking for a -30dB Gate or something. You hear it?

Smooth, Boys, Smooth.

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timothy devine said 4431 days ago (April 4th, 2007)
hey Coop
Thanks for listening. Your comment about the hiss intrests me, cause I don't know squat abouthow to fix it other than to I.D. where it is coming from and EQ it out as much as I can.. Can u give me more info about noise in GB in general .
Your detail is greek to me.
I am alway hearing hiss and hums, i think that come from the fx. sometimes i think its my istruments or chords or connections but then they are gone and back again..i am at a loss.
got any suggestions or time to give me more detail about gate etc
again thank you for your support.

"Sooner or latter it all gets real...Walk On"
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said 4432 days ago (April 3rd, 2007)
Blew me away
Absolutly great, Its just so balanced. Great bass lines. The horns are fantastic.It works so well for painting. A great tune thanks for sharing!!!!
ledebutant said 4431 days ago (April 4th, 2007)
I can see why you put this in other; it kind of defies categorization. There's definitely a jazz feel, but there's a spaciness and mood that reminds me of ambient music, very much. So that makes this ambi-jazz, I guess. :-)

This is all about the great musicianship and the mood. The mood is so chilled out and relaxing and relaxation-inducing. There's a mournfulness to the playing, but, I don't feel sadness in the song, just peace. I've downloaded this for bedtime and Sunday mornings. Very cool.
timothy devine said 4429 days ago (April 6th, 2007)
Thank you
What a well writen and thoughtful comment. I am so pleased you would use our music to enjoy such a special part of the weekor to relax with at bedtime.... Thank you for listening and spending the time to leave such kind words. It means very much to me to share these works with others.

"Sooner or latter it all gets real...Walk On"
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said 4430 days ago (April 5th, 2007)
Nize Tim!
I like thoddi's description...
it's sorta how I felt when playing along.
all yer stuff is interesting tim, don't stop, man.

timothy devine said 4429 days ago (April 6th, 2007)
Hey James
I got your e-mail about how this song hit you when you put on the head phones.
Its so very cool when you are isolated with the music. I remember as a teen when me and my friends where discovering new music, one would always say ...you gotta check it out in the headphones...
its always a great place to here all the mixing that goes on and panning and subtuties.The late 60's and early 70's where stereo was reasonably new and fresh and a guitar solo would switch from one side to the other...man that was so cool.
thanks for stopping by...and most importantly
thank you for your fine trumpet playing and easy going persona.
The other collab..."Temo" will be ready soon...I just know it.

"Sooner or latter it all gets real...Walk On"
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***itiswotitis*** said 4429 days ago (April 6th, 2007)
just kick back
and chill out to this lovely spacey vibe.......i like this a lot!
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bud said 4429 days ago (April 6th, 2007)
If I'm not mistaken -
the picture is a reference to Jerry Garcia - right? Nice space jam you've got goin - the horns are a cool change and nice to hear. The guitar work is great as well as the bass. Nice collab. Glad I stopped by.
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drakonis said 4428 days ago (April 7th, 2007)
warmly chilled
The muted horn, when it first started, gave me a Hugo Montenegro feel, then it wandered off in beautiful other jazzy spacey directions. Very sweet trumpet playing, Bass2x! And a really well played backing bass/piano bed that continually keeps interest, even though it tends to meander. Fun, thanks for alerting me to this! Sounds cleanly recorded and right amount of room warmth on the instruments.
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peacepiano said 4428 days ago (April 7th, 2007)
I like the unhurried way the instruments come and go with their parts, a little overlapping guitar and horn here, and then some solo. The bass holds it all together nicely. Thanks for sharing.
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ktb said 4428 days ago (April 7th, 2007)
a pleasant journey. induced a communal trance with all within earshot of the imac's speakers. Cool guitar stylings. Love the horn. Amazing to think that this was collab. Its of one mind. Not to mention no one overpowers anyone else. sweet!
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tamdevine225 said 4418 days ago (April 17th, 2007)
Hi daddy
I put this on my leep playlist. Remember how you got me staarted on music at bedtime. I still listen to James Taylor greatest hits at bedtime to this day.
lv u
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timothy devine said 3971 days ago (July 7th, 2008)
hey Tam
I have this on my sleep list also very cool
it works very well
sometimes when i was editing the final mix i fell asleep trying to mix it.
love u
(My daughter)
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stevec said 4112 days ago (February 17th, 2008)
Agree with others that the pause in the intro added a sense of anticipation - what's next!? the horn is fantastic and the bass work adds the perfect compliment. Love the multi layered texture overall. Made me wish for a dark, smoky club.

Thanks for sharing!
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timothy devine said 4110 days ago (February 19th, 2008)
Hey Steve
Thanks for checking in. I love when someone opens an old tune. Made my day.
This is great at the end of a sleep playlist.
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awigze said 2976 days ago (March 29th, 2011)
reaching back
I can see why this is one of your favorite tunes. Really like the simplicity to it- wait the word is minimal. Anymore would be too much. Thanks for the tour! Great trumpet. The bass makes this song what it is.
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richard13 said 2318 days ago (January 15th, 2013)
Beauty collab
Thanks for the d/l.
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