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Southern Fried
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Uploaded: Apr 20, 2007 - 07:53:56 PM
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said 4448 days ago (April 21st, 2007)
Love it Man this is driving Dont know what it is but your sounds just grabs the most primitive aspect of life . It gets your foot moving and makes you want to swing and stomp Greatness
Three Cat Clem said 4444 days ago (April 24th, 2007)
Blues is pain...
Blues is pain. We all have it from time to time. Music helps get it out. The blues are what everything comes from. Thanks for listening.
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rover101 said 4442 days ago (April 26th, 2007)
Blues ain't pain
Blues is overcoming pain

Cheers, Shaky

Wherever you go, there you are.
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8piscean8 said 4447 days ago (April 21st, 2007)
Nice. I really like this song. You remind me of The Black Keys. If you haven't heard of them you should look them up on iTunes. Their music is right up your alley. Your music is very soulful and blusey. I was waiting for a blistering solo though. I have a couple of production suggestions that are really just nit picks on your fine song. I am not sure if the distortion on the kick drum is intentional or not but I might back that off a little bit. I would also bring your vocals up slightly in the mix, you have a nice voice that suits this style of muisc well. The vocals also sound like they are mostly panned to the right. I would make them front and center. And I love the 2nd guitar in the left channel, but it makes the mix sound a little lop-sided. I'm not sure what the best way would be to fix that. Maybe if you just put that guitar in the center also, and then EQ the two guitar tracks a little differently that might work. I hope my comments will help you on your future songs becuase they are really nice.
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Three Cat Clem said 4444 days ago (April 24th, 2007)
Yeah, thanks. I have seen the Black Keys, love them. I like a lot of the artists on their label...Fat Possum. Real blues stuff, some with a modern bend. But not that uptown Chi-Town polished stuff.

And thanks for the thoughts on production. Appreciate the comments. I am after that very basic, simple, underproduced type of thing. Any advice always welcomed.
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rover101 said 4442 days ago (April 26th, 2007)
Great feel, sound;
Hate what you're doing to the vocals. If it's worth singing, it's worth hearing. Pisses me off 'cos the rest of what you're doing is truly great. And if it's an artistic comment you;re making, I heard it before. Didn't impress me then and doesn't now. You and I should drink some beer together some time.

Cheers, Shaky
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Three Cat Clem said 4441 days ago (April 27th, 2007)
Get one cold...
Working on it... hey thanks for listening and the feedback...and get one cold for me.

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said 4433 days ago (May 5th, 2007)
Rock ON with that two ton!
Continually loving that two ton guitar!
Three Cat Clem said 4431 days ago (May 7th, 2007)
When it's big...its gotta swing. Thanks for the kind words.
Check out my latest song called I'm Goin' Down
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The blues is a vocal and instrumental form of music based on a pentatonic scale and a characteristic twelve-bar chord progression. The form evolved in the United States in the communities of former African slaves from spirituals, praise songs, field

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