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Street Song No. 33


Warren Smith

 Genre: Classical

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One of the joys of synthesized songmaking is working with instruments you otherwise couldn't play. For over 10 years now I've been composing "classical" pieces based on the sounds of violin, viola and cello. My first cello came through a box called "Dr. Synth." Now I've been using the Jam Pack with orchestral sounds. My particular concern isn't whether the synth correctly mimics the real instrument - like I could tell the difference, those nuances being far beyond my amateur abilities. Rather, I like having access to these different kinds of instruments because it seems to alter my approach to building a song. Even though this piece mixes in percussion elements from the "World" Jam Pack, I've slotted it into the "Classical" genre because I feel that is the mindset behind its construction.
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M-Audio Keystation 49e, Mac G5
GarageBand, with Jam Packs
said 4494 days ago (May 5th, 2007)
Cool Elements
I like the way you lead in with something reminiscent of a snake charmer's melody and expand around that. I very much enjoyed the percussion - I wouldn't have minded hearing an extended section with just the percussion.
Warren Smith said 4494 days ago (May 5th, 2007)
Much to learn
Probably the most-dramatic change for me recently in making music has been learning to incorporate percussion into my songs. I like to think I've come a long way - although I will be the first to admit I've got much to learn : >

While in the past I have made attempts to create my own drum patterns, those efforts have mostly left me unsatisfied. It is something I don't seem to have a knack for. I seem to have more luck working with drum loops, both as they are ... and also trying to modify them to develop variation. (For me, variation is one of the essential elements of making original music - it is something that really engages me.)

Consequently, adding percussive elements to my music represents a tremendous challenge ... which I recognize as important ... because it keeps things interesting. This piece is indicative of the kind of sonic experiments I've been playing around with in GarageBand for the past nine months. I've posted little of it, simple because much of it has an unfinished feel to it.

I appreciate your comments ... almost as much as I enjoy listening to your creative work : >
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perceptualvortex said 4494 days ago (May 5th, 2007)
The percussion and strings have a very middle eastern, or Indian feel to them at times, which I like. When the percussion gets a little science-fiction, it fits right in. I enjoyed listening to this.
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Warren Smith said 4494 days ago (May 5th, 2007)
Drums and such
Hah - if you like the percussion, then I must be doing something right in my efforts to include drums and such into my soundtracks - because you are clearly a master at it.

My goal here has been to move beyond simply orchestrating a melody with the string instruments by opening up a dialogue between the drums, strings and sonics. But I mean this only in a general sense - that there's some kind of conversation taking place between the different elements in this song that feels right, or sounds right, rather than any kind of intellectual resolution.

It's because of people like you here at MacJams that I've been propelled to better myself at numerous aspects of making music - especially percussion and production. Your support and critical feedback are much appreciated.

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dajama said 4494 days ago (May 5th, 2007)
Nice juxtaposition
of the string sounds and the percussion. Everything works well together, and the whole piece gels nicely. I liked the touch of having certain elements of the percussion panned to one speaker, and I love that effect at the end. Downloaded. Nice work. Thanks for sharing.
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Warren Smith said 4490 days ago (May 9th, 2007)
The idea of juxtaposition was an integral part of constructing this composition - getting those classical strings and modern percussions working together, even though they are from different "jam packs." The variable elements in the strings are pretty straight forward - melodic variations, alternative phrasings and soloing. For me, the big challenge was trying to create similar variables with the drums and sonics. Thanks for listening and commenting - it's appreciated.
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Enrique Gil said 4493 days ago (May 6th, 2007)
Keep on mind the synthetyzed sounds don't always pretend to really emulate a real instrument but are rather different and interesting on their own right. I love classical music played on a synt, ever since I became hooked to Walter Carloos Moog playing Bach. Although some synth sounds are rather "natural like", I love the electronic sound like the new instrument that it is. Thank you for sharing.
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Warren Smith said 4490 days ago (May 9th, 2007)
Switched on
I was a senior in high school (1968) when the Moog-synthesized "Switched On Bach" came out ... and while the effect it had on me was multiple (including, certainly, making me more appreciative of classical music in general and Old Bach in particular) ... I think the biggest thing was it imparted a clear realization there can be more than one legitimate way to play a song. Thanks for listening and commenting ... and I will visit your music in the near future.
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five_extra_arms said 4490 days ago (May 9th, 2007)
Experimental Treats
There are a few moments in this song where I felt like you were really pushing the experimental nature of sound combinations to the max, buy without really over-doing it. These subtle out of place electronic noises do so much for this composition. I like how the hand drums and the shakers sound with your strings. Can you imagine what it would look like to see this performed by live musicians?

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Warren Smith said 4489 days ago (May 10th, 2007)
One in five
Ha-ha-hah! It would be even more bizarre to see it performed by one musician with five extra arms : >

Thanks for stopping by and listening and commenting.
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Born in a Minnesota blizzard, I'm now residing in a coastal heat of Brooklyn, New York City. I recorded my first original composition as a teenager using a reel-to-reel tape recorder back in 1967, and I'm still finding it a creative challenge... [see more]

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