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It's Difficult

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Another song about life.
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It's Difficult

It's difficult, sometimes, to stay together
It's difficult at times to show your love
It's difficult at times to speak the truth
It's as difficult as to lay down a lie

It's difficult, sometimes, it's difficult
You're the paint behind the paint
It's difficult

Let's walk this road together forever
Let's build a sky and float around in time
Let's open up to one and each other
Even though we don't know our language yet

I love you,

It's difficult sometimes to be alone
It's difficult at times to feel alive
It's difficult where are you're from and why are you're here?
It's difficult; you just want to hide, away
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Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Microphone
FEEL said 3940 days ago (June 5th, 2007)
I like the
way this builds up. And then the way it quits down. You managed to express a lot of emotion. It sounds like a Beatle influence in this song. It's much different than what I normally hear at macjams but that's what I expect when I hear from you. Thanks for sharing.
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mikkinylund said 3940 days ago (June 5th, 2007)
Thank you
I don't know where my songs are coming from generally, but I am listening to a lot of sixtees stuff at the moment (maybe that the Beatles influence?)... I like that you don't expect anything in particular while listening to my music - I don't when writing it! ;)
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jiguma said 3940 days ago (June 5th, 2007)
No problems having a Beatles influence!
Definite Sergeant Peppers feel here Mikki - I really enjoy your songs because they are always refreshingly different in content, structure and instrumentation.
This is no exception.

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mikkinylund said 3939 days ago (June 6th, 2007)
Thank you...
I think whether you you like it or not, want it or not, Beatles are going to be an influence in all of us. Not aying they where the only ones, but they've added so much to the history of modern music, that it's almost impossible to not be inspired by their music.
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said 3940 days ago (June 6th, 2007)
I love this
I am impress of your lyrics writing... and you always have so nice music to it... Cheers my dear friend.... TAKE CARE, Kenta
mikkinylund said 3939 days ago (June 6th, 2007)
Thanks Kenta!
Your comments and commitment to this site and it's music is always much appreciated. Thank you! Peace, Mikki

PS How is Sweden? :)
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thoddi said 3939 days ago (June 6th, 2007)
cool graphics
I just have to tell you that I noticed your banner, and thought it looked pretty tasty. Also the graphic for this song is good:)

The song has loads of the same qualities. You make it interesting and dynamic with the different phases of energy you have poured into it.

The mix seems very light... almost like floating on a little white cloud on a sunny day:)

The lyrics is also good ones... One thing comes to mind reading them... That things may seem especially difficult when we say they are difficult. There is always other points of view to look for...

Thoddi - the optimistic one;)

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mikkinylund said 3939 days ago (June 6th, 2007)
I appreciate your valuable words, and the liking of my song. To me, there's no real happiness without sadness... This is a song that to me speaks a positive outlook, but perhaps with some uncertainty behind. Of course, nothing can ever be granted. I think this is a song about love – that it does exist – but that it needs pampering and hard work to remain and to grow. To me – I can not be truly happy until this planet joins me – that's what my art is mostly about. Take my words for it though; peace must come. I am glad you stay positive, it's so needed these days. - The positive Mikki :)
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paddler said 3939 days ago (June 6th, 2007)
Very quirky original sound you have.Quite a sparkly backdrop you create there - I like the bell sounds.Ironically enough as I was just listening to this the guy downstairs was repeatedly shouting at his girlfriend to &%$ off.There have been alot of slamming doors in this building I live in this week.Thank goodness I have places like MJ and great songs like this to escape to.Thanks,RG
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mikkinylund said 3939 days ago (June 6th, 2007)
I hear you... Been a lot of that here as well; slamming doors. A lot of of times I just hide away and dream, and somehow manage to tell myself that others share my dreams. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. I am happy to have saved your day. Why don't you burn a CD for your neighbours? :)m Just kidding! Peace Brother!
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said 3939 days ago (June 6th, 2007)
Ya know
I relate, it is diffucult... it gets harder and harder as ya get older love the build up in this then the break down when you sing I love you. It makes it worth while to listen all the way to hear the changes so much feeling in this great work!!!
racerat said 3939 days ago (June 7th, 2007)
difficult dissonace
certainly hear the Beatles influence. And yes, you are right, no matter what you have to deal with their influence if you like it or not. The stereo panning on both the piano and the drum tom rolls are great, sublet and refreshing. You voice is excellent on this one, very dramatic, yur vibrato is sweet. "the paint behind the paint" is a brilliant line. Nice movements, soft louder, soft, louder yet, tender. Really nice.
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bud said 3939 days ago (June 7th, 2007)
I'm in awe of this one Mikki
you've really gone to another level with this song. I love your production - some of the most original music I've heard here or anywhere. Phill is right about "the paint behind the paint" - that line just knocked me over.
I really appreciate the freedom with which you approach your work.
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JOAN said 3929 days ago (June 16th, 2007)
this one is truly a beauty!!
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ktb said 3926 days ago (June 19th, 2007)
big range
Mikki, great track. A real honest tune. Your vocal seemd to grow in power as the tune played. Luv the two disparate sections and the way you tie it all together. bravo
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