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Love Revolution

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inspired by the unknown rebel that stood in front of a tank in tiananmen square in 1989.
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we got the masses
they got the guns
their laws keep us crawling
in a world we run
but were growin the roots
of love, love, love

lines been drawn
borders on maps
passports and paperwork
its all man made venus fly traps
but we know what they dont know
love is a magnet that attracts itself
now here we go...

its alright
if you shine through
your defenses are immenseless
as the love force field around you

the mathmatical equation
for the moment now is phi
some of you know what im talking about
some of you left behind
but right NOW is the moment
and the moment is in the past
find the joy in this moment
cuz these bodies dont last...

Liquid, solid, gas
love is kickin ass in any matter,
form, or any mass
one day we all lay our bodies
down in the grass...
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Mac Mini Solo Core, Fender Squire
Apple Garageband
said 4453 days ago (June 12th, 2007)
held me!
I dug this alot man this realy pulls the punches!!!!!! ya gots it goin on realy good I mean that in the best of intentions!!!!
leapfrogunicorns said 4453 days ago (June 12th, 2007)
hey thanks
EB... wait, it pulls the punches? isn't that a bad thing? :P mahalos for listening, man!
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Dharma Logos said 4453 days ago (June 12th, 2007)
You have overcome the Squier!
I can't believe you got those tones out of a Squer! I have a Squier Strat but rarely play it now that I have my Carvin. This is an outstanding song, highly creative. All of the transitions are particularly exciting. All of the instruments sound good. Even your shitty keyboard sounds cool - like a fucked up mellotron or something. You have a good voice that fits the song well, but you frequently sound unsure of what note you're going to hit next. I think you just need to sing the song a few times until you can sing it without thinking about it and just throw your emotion into it. I'm not sure of your lyrics. I give you serious props for writing original and creative lyrics, but there is a definite cheese factor. Sometimes the cheesiness makes it cool, but other times it's just cheesy like the first three lines of the last verse (although I really like the last two lines). Overall this is a damn good song. You just need to develop some confidence in your voice and find some way to harness your creative lyricism to make it a little more focused.
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leapfrogunicorns said 4453 days ago (June 12th, 2007)
for listening and mahalos for the feedback!
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michael2 said 4453 days ago (June 13th, 2007)
great song. love the way everything sounds. i would like to hear the vocals up just a hair in the verses (although i ike the slap-back lennon-ish echo on them). great instrumentation too. you guy sare getting better and better.mahalos (or as we would say in Echo Park: "orale homes" )
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HISTORY: Born Geethan Sangakkara & Janakawad Vithanayagamarana, The Leap Frog Unicorns have been playing music together since they were young children in their native country of Sri Lanka. As children they begged for circus peanuts and grubworms as t... [see more]

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