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My uncle Ricky and some of his friend came by to lay down their latest slow jam. I'm very inpressed by the lyrical nuances that add to this beautiful tune. The chord progressions reflect the spirituality, love and tenderness that was needed to make this song possible. In addition to that they are loosely based on an F# minor mixolydian dominant/aeolian chord progression. This is one of the most passionate and caring songs I've ever heard.

Featuring Vocals by:


Uncle Ricky, Dominick Cortez, Sebastian, Raul, Q-Tipp, Big Nasty, Lil' Nasty, Barrington Benton, Julian, Ortega, Vishon, De'Marcus Christopher, Busta' Hymen, AKON, Leonard, Xavior, Emanuael, Victor, Velvet Touch, Bigg Stuff, Huge Stuff, Adrian


Na-Chilla Washington.
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Oh yeah that's right, (umm hum) Do somethin' good, yeah do it just like that. Yeah that's right, (umm humn) Let me do somethin' bad to you Um humm that's right, we're gonna' get real dirty, you bad, bad girl Hey baby, tell you something (I screwed up) lick my nutsack


Baby, gonna butta' yo bread
Hey baby, gonna' butta yo bread
Baby, you bread be butta'd
He baby, your bread's all buttery

Verse 1:

Baby, you like that (um humm) I know I do
Touch me in all the right places
Pressin' all my buttons
One more for good luck
Not bad, I need you right now
For some good old-fashioned lovin'
You, me, bed, NOW


Verse 2:

Girl, I've been thinkin'
I could use some of yo English muffins for a sunrise surprise or goodnight delight
You know baby, If the feelin' is so right
I'll be your dynamite
Kapow, kapow...


Phone Bit (Interlude)

-Uh hello?
+Ohh yeah, uhh, skiddilly boo, I like it
-Who is this?
+You're my little stack of pancakes,
I'm gonna' smother you in maple syrup,
Before I pound your smooch
Ohh make my heart race so hard I could feel my pulse through tens pounds of lard
I'm your lathered super love baby, and I want you to put on my butter gloves
Halmark anin't got nothin' on me baby
Cuz I got you..uhhn



(Inaudiable Moaning throughout)

Ohh yeah, that's what I'm talkin' bout' baby, you get up in there and you do somethin' real nasty, ah yeah

(More moaning, more powerful)

Show you the way home baby

(Moaning continues)

Let's go..

(Moaning increasing still, inaudiable)

That's right, I'm gonna give you somthin to eat on yeah..

There are NO girls in here yeah..

(More powerful moans followed by some audiable sounds)

Holy Crap!

All right!

(Moans continue, begin fade)

You gonna' have ta' wash dat

You gonna' have ta' wash dat, cuz dat is, dat is, dat is nasty..


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MJG said 4480 days ago (July 12th, 2007)
Really enjoyed the ambience of that lead guitar.
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eleveneyes said 4480 days ago (July 12th, 2007)
Butter your bread
Uncle Ricky ROCKS! He doesn't by chance have two nephews named Jean and Dean Ween does he? Not only did this song "get me in the mood" it also made me a little hungry. The electric drum fills were perfrect. And that phone bit was hilarious!
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DJ WERD said 4480 days ago (July 12th, 2007)
im hungry for a ricky sandwich
this song turns me mad on. i want a little stack of pancakes covered in mapple syrup. lovin' the F# minor mixolydian dominant/aeolian chord progression. beautiful lyricism and vocal work with air guitar.
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Dj French Toast said 4480 days ago (July 12th, 2007)
You gunna have to wash that
cuz that is nasty ......: ) frickin hilarious kids . Shit had me gut laughin and theres alot of gut over here .....it wasnt pritty let me tell ya , . loved it . Possably of the finer F# tunes Ive ever heard . Rare and delinquent . Very substantial fortay . Had me comquating in the ferbollas . LOvely indeed.
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MKVX said 4480 days ago (July 12th, 2007)
I can imagine this as an ad for some sort of milk product. This is hilarious!
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DJ WERD said 4479 days ago (July 13th, 2007)
i cant beleive its not butta
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Moviz said 4479 days ago (July 13th, 2007)
This is a really good comedy tune and no-o-o it didn't turn me on ( I lie LOL). Love the voices, but would have liked a script, so I could get every word. Funny I'd just had a couple of buttered buns... Cheers M
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DJ WERD said 4478 days ago (July 14th, 2007)
the lyrics are up so you can check it out.
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Cheese Pantz said 4455 days ago (August 6th, 2007)
great song
great, i was one of the black guys and made the chords, but i'm not actually black. Gabe, are you going over to Andrew's on Wed?
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