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Through a Glass Brightly #1

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This is the first draft of a soundtrack to a glass manufacturing video.

I've tried to give the impression of industry and manufacture but with a gentle edge.

Let me know what you think.

The (almost) reversed-sounding strings is supposed to give the idea of extrusion as the glass flows on the mercury, to make smooth plates/panes.
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Uploaded: Aug 08, 2007 - 01:56:07 PM
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michael2 said 4333 days ago (August 8th, 2007)
for your plans. the production is really great too. i like how you end the strings and they kind of sound reversed at the end. you usually hear that kind of thing on the attack, not the delay. very cool and subtle. how'd you do that? really cool song.
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Reinholt56 said 4333 days ago (August 9th, 2007)
Hey Michael........
Thanks for the kind comments. It's good to know that someone appreciates this sort of piece.

The tune is made up purely of orchestra loops, from a set I've had two or three years. I've just used different loops to get the current effects.

The strings were a happy coincidence. I previewed the loops in the string section and some had the effect we both referred to, the almost reverse sweep. I thought that they were ideal in conveying the message I was trying to put across.

My main work was in the production and mastering of the piece. The timings for the sections were just roughed out in this version but will be made more precise in any further variations that I complete.

Take care.

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Mcboy said 4333 days ago (August 9th, 2007)
the bell like tones
do sound like those glass cups struck by a small mallet .....and yes i can imagine a factory of elves working on glass.....blowing, shaping, checking for defects.....i think u succeeeded......
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Reinholt56 said 4333 days ago (August 9th, 2007)
Thanks for stopping by....
Thanks for taking the time to listening and leave some comments, McBoy.

It's good to know that the work has been appreciated by one or two fellow musicians.

Take care.

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ceilidh said 4333 days ago (August 9th, 2007)
dear Rein
I like the melody VERY much. I think it is great, dramatic, interesting, changing all the time, so it doesn't have a chance to get boring. Love the brasses there, they are really fantastic. And have to say I am amazed with the number of instruments you used, and you used so skillfully. It is very rich, exciting music with story, you can actually hear behind (not talking about the image of "hammering the glass bells" ). may I be just a little bit critical now? I don't want to hurt you Rein, know please, that it is just my opinion and I can be completely wrong. Those bells feel to me little long. Somewhere in the middle of them I said my self that they could fade away. That break, where they don't play is simply fantastic. It feels very refreshing. I would maybe shorten them, or make them quieter somewhere. (wow! now i hear harp, what a beauty.... ) Do you know, what i mean? But the trouble is, that i will never see that video of glass making, you are composing it for. maybe both together it sound just fantastic. I am just giving you an opinion as an uninvolved listener of the tune. So forgive me please. But again GREAT RICH PLEASING and INTELLIGENT music
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Reinholt56 said 4333 days ago (August 9th, 2007)
Thanks for listening ceilidh....
Your comments are perfect. The glass bells do go on and on. I guess that I was hypnotised by their sound. I will try and lessen the effect in my second version. This was only my first one-hour draft.

None of your comments are wrong or bad. They say exactly what you feel and mean and I totally support pure honesty.

Once again thanks for stopping by, listening and leaving such a wonderful and thoughtful comment.

Take care.

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prototype said 4331 days ago (August 11th, 2007)
Very Interesting
Atmospheric tones. Will it ever be possible for us to see it in its finished state (ie with the visuals)?

Very, very cool

Reinholt56 said 4331 days ago (August 11th, 2007)
The only answer is 'no'........
This is because the original job, to produce the backing to a corporate video for a glass company, has already been completed by someone else.

This project, for me, is the first assignment for a 'Music for the Media' course that I'm just starting, and this assignment is just to produce the music suitable for this subject matter. I haven't seen a video myself, just the description of what the music should depict.

I also work for a company who deal with this glass company, so know what their production lines are like.

This time it's all based on imagination for the first assignment. The timings for the differing sections are not too strictly adhered to in this, the first installment.

I've already made two variations on this tune since I uploaded this version. It's addictive.

Thanks for stopping by.

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