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Marine Bio-Hazardous



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap
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I did the beat on my computer, whilemy friend quinn and i rapped.. It's an educational,dope, and funny song. we did it for our marine bio class last may and its pretty sick. i also suggest u check out the lyrics cuz they're pretty amazing.. peace
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Seinfeld Intro

ok mic check 1,2/here we go again t-lick and big q
flowin on the underwater side of the street/rappin 'bout marine bio to t-lix beat
Mic check 5,6/one more 'gin its big quinn and t-lick
from the bottom of the sea we're live and bustin'/
brace your eardrums this my production...

Phylum chordata has 3 main characteristics/single nerve and noto chord and pharingeal gill slits
these are the traits of chardata/however they share them with sub-phylum vertebrata
only difference is vertebrates have spinal chords and back bones/vertebral columns called dorsal rows
they're also known to be bilaterally symmetrical/ they're quite the spectacle
24000 vertebrates are known to man and there's expected to be 3000 more by 2010
This is not a joke how I'm so in control/now big quinn's about to jump up in the ocean and flow

Most sharks have teeth that are sharper than nails/and skin like sand paper full of placoid scales
it'd be easy to say that chondicthyes are vicious/but truth is that some act like giant bitches
whale sharks are a perfect example you see/the 60 foot giant doesn't hunt it filter feeds
on plankton all day and all night long/like a marine version of vegitarian king kong
sharks are designes to hunt better and swim faster/and when they mate it's strait up cloaca to clasper
females give birth once a year and get this/some even give birth ovoviverous
that means they keep eggs inside for a while/
and birth their young babies strait live with a smile
there's plenty more to learn about cartiligenous fishes/but t-lix on the mic now the topic switches


Marine mammal reproduction is incredible shit/whales be packin 1o foot rods up in a genital slit
which kinda brings e to shame but i command it nice/pinnipeds like to breed on either land or ice
copulation occurrs briefly after ovultation and gestation has less than a 1 year duration
delayed implantation allows female egg carriers/to time to the birth of pups upon arrival at breeding areas
cetaceans are born tail firs and remember/that this is done so they remain attatched to the placenta
and so calves and there mothers do not get seperated/because in order to survive their blood must be oxygenated
cetaceans don't have any boobs or have any hands/but they produce milk with there two mammary glands
erotic and exoctic interestin in deed/all of which describe mammals having sex in the sea

It's time for some info on the whales of the sea/some big and some small odont or mystecede
the biggest of'em all the femail blue whale/over 86 feet from her head to her tail
now she may be big but definitely not the baddest/cuz the orcas in the group and every killer whale's a savage
1 nibble from tis punk and your ass is probably dead/gettin pierced by 50 teeth rippen flesh like bread
they hunt seals fish and other shit as well/given reason to the name recognize the killer whale
the blue whale's the big bitch the orcas the mean kid/and sperm whales got hunted for oil like moby dick did
so all whales have blow holes/son you know I know so and a pleaded throat will classify your ass as a rorqual

Seinfeld Outro
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g-band 3
Dj French Toast said 4397 days ago (September 8th, 2007)
This is frickin off the chain ! Really nice mix and great flow ! Love the lyrics for sure ! Sweet sample and pretty cool beat ! nice song ! Downloaded
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zoswater22 said 4397 days ago (September 8th, 2007)
thanks man i really appreciate it
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craft said 4397 days ago (September 8th, 2007)
hell ye
love the flow and the lyrics... great prodution and permormance.. faved
Check out my latest song called Valarty & AJ Craft - Burn (Alternative version)
DJ WERD said 4396 days ago (September 9th, 2007)
horay for marine biology
yo! i love this song! wonderful production and fantastic lyrics with smooth flow. this song is great.
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