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New York City



 Genre: Rock

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This song is an ode to NYC. I was inspired to put this song together after watching Weezer at a concert in NYC playing the song Beverly Hills. Everytime I heard the song afterwards, I would supplant the word Beverly Hills with New York City. So I just had to eventually compose my own song about the city I live in. If the song sounds a little Weezer-ish...well...you'll understand. Oh yeah....I actually got my wife to contribute her voice to this one!!
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New York City
by psexnyc

New York City is the place for ne
Livin my life with no luxury.
But that's really okay with me
Cuz it's all right here for me.
People out here don't give a damn
About who you are or who I am.
They expect you to be a friend
And make the best out of all you can.

New York City
That is the place for me!
Livin in New York City.
New York City
Footloose and fancy free!
Livin in New York City.

Now when I go out about Downtown
I'm always surprised
By the funky sounds
Blasting out from all the cars.
Music Video stars
Hanging out in bars.
And I keep me good company
I got my lady right here with me.
And we just go out to be seen.
If there's a party happening
We Bling the scene.

New York City
That is the place to be!!
Livin in New York City.
New York City
Home of the sexy ladies!!
Livin in New York City.

Now here's a little something you need to understand.
New York City ain't a place for
every girl and man.
You gotta come here with a solid plan.
And if you fail,
You better know how to stand.
New York City is a place of Goals and Dreams.
But everything in the city
Ain't what it seems.
Hold on to your goals
And don't be rude
Cuz New York City will check your

You know what I'm saying Man??
This is New York City!
We ain't playin here!!

New York City
That is the place for me!!
Livin in New York City.
New York City
The place to raise a family!!
Livin in New York City.

New York City
This is the place to be!!
Livin in New York City.
New York City
Home of the New York Yankees!!
Livin in New York City.
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said 3807 days ago (October 20th, 2007)
I concur
I love NYC, been around the world, no place like NYC, there is something missing in every other place, always good to come home... cool song P...Keep Rocking!!!
Mcboy said 3804 days ago (October 23rd, 2007)
my former home....u sure do bring the raw energy of tthe city to life on this track...i hear not only the weezer sound but also joan jetts's i love rock n roll...hehhe......fun track my man!!!!
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said 3803 days ago (October 23rd, 2007)
Yeah WEEZER! Woo-hoo!
Nice job man! Great rockin guitar sound (although I'd prefer the drums were a tad louder). Vocals well sung and perfectly mixed!

I have heard Weezer since my sons used to listen to them in the mid-90's (I think?). This was great fun!

Be well bro!
lengold said 3801 days ago (October 26th, 2007)
rocking song - very enjoyable listen. I agree that the drums could be more forward.

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racerat said 3801 days ago (October 26th, 2007)
Rawk On!
Great Weezer tribute. definitiely hear the influence. Actually one of my fav's and always will be is "Sweater Song". But now to the matter at hand. the energy is all here. Cool lyrics, great guitar. Michael's comment is right on though, the drums need to be louder and possibly panned a little more center (?). But most of all the bass is getting totally lost. You almost can't hear it, except towards the end. The guitars are so rockin' they need a driving bass to back them up. Are you mixing through bass-heavy headphones? leading you to back off on the bass when you shouldn't? I would A/B your mixes with a weezer song you like and listen for the EQ differences and correct to suit. Just a thought. good work! fav'd.
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psexnyc said 3801 days ago (October 26th, 2007)
Would you believe...
...that I am mixing the song with a pair of headphones I got for .99c at the Dollar Store? It's all I got. For me to get a better understanding of what my songs sound like, I have to burn a disc, take it to work with me and play it in the CD player of my company car. The car is a 2006 Chevy Impala with its stock entertainment system. Other than that, I listen to my tunes thru my eMac's built in speakers.

Yeah....I know....I need to make an investment into a decent mic, a mixer, maybe an amp modeling device and some decent speakers. That would require some dollars. My wife is already complaining about the amount of time I invest into recording music....I can just hear her when I bring up the subject putting in some money too.

I did kick the drums up from 0.0dB to 4.8dB. The drum's peak point puts it clearly in the red, though I hear no clipping in my headphones nor on the eMac's speakers. I gotta burn a copy to double check. I'll also tweak the bass a little more. Maybe I'll double the track or something.

And by the way, I love that Weezer song too. The Sweater Song. If you listen to that song I posted called "It Don't Matter"....it's chord structure is based on the opening four chords from the Weezer song.

Thanks for the comments!! I'm working on it!!
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said 3769 days ago (November 27th, 2007)
good tune
remember, tho, compression is your friend. use it wisely, young jedi...
psexnyc said 3768 days ago (November 27th, 2007)
Hey AD!!!

You are my Hero, so whatever you say is Gold to me. Compression? I've seen that before, how do I use that stuff. I use the distortion presets loaded with GB...in particular, that "Glam" preset. I really like it, but it is really Noisy!!! It's making noise even before I pluck a string. I notice that the more compression I apply, the more it cuts off the sustain of the notes I play. So, I'm really thinking about that PodXT Live thing you spoke of in one of your posts. I briefly played thru an amp modeling thing at a guitar store a while ago. But now that I am recording, it seems to make a little more sense. Whatever knowledge you bestow upon me regarding this will be acted upon....Cuz I heard your stuff and you freakin rock!!
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Bob Rodgers said 3763 days ago (December 3rd, 2007)
is a good rockin' song and is one of my fav's!
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said 3746 days ago (December 19th, 2007)
Crazy crazy
What a twist on weezer! Love this raw and ruff but rockin it still!!!! Got in to this the sliding bass and lead classic!
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