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Macaroni Eastern (Forest Mix)

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This is a spoof cinematic soundtrack, where someone smokes a cigarette, wears a poncho, shaves rarely, sometimes calls people 'punk' and hopes people feel lucky.

Somehow the climax fails to materialise.

Go figure.
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Uploaded: Dec 01, 2007 - 02:42:18 PM
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paul f. page said 3758 days ago (December 1st, 2007)
...rise at the top of the number...oouuu the 1/2 steps are great and I am enjoying the rocking, subterranean loop that's holding this together. If there were a major chord change or two, I'd experience some "lift"...but as it is, you're kind of presenting a loop within a loop. That's actually kind of hypnotic...No. It IS hypnotic. I can see this taking off somewhere. But where? (I don't "get" your description. I DO "get" something atmospheric or maybe even stratospheric. Can this "move" somewhere? I'd love to see that. ... You have such wonderfully unique and creative ways of looking at sound, always coming up with something that is sui generis. Glad I listened.
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Reinholt56 said 3757 days ago (December 3rd, 2007)
Thanks Paul......
I'm working on another, less 'one-way' piece but it's fighting back some, so I don't know when this will appear on MJ's.

Currently I'm producing banks (and banks) of presets for various VSTi (instrument) plugins (that will be available for free via another web site), so I've been sidetracked again, but I need to get the banks out of my system before more serious musical creation can happen and some of these new sounds capture me for a while because I hear music evoked from the sound my preset creates.

Your 'sui generis' comment made me think of someone who'd told me, years ago, that I was always marching to a different drum and that I burned the candle at both ends.

To me both of those activities add flavor and color to a sometimes drab world, as long as others are willing to see where I'm going or wait and see if I arrive.

It's always interesting to read you comments.

Take care.

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michael2 said 3758 days ago (December 2nd, 2007)
oh man
someone wearing a poncho. classic. i like this one. actually kind of reminds me of Vangelis. great tune, nice touch when the snare comes in towards the end. beautiful
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Reinholt56 said 3756 days ago (December 4th, 2007)
Hi Michael....
I'm glad you thought it similar to Vangelis. He's up my list of favourites, well way up if I'm truthful.

I thought that the poncho would give it all away. Who'd dare wear a poncho except some tough cowboy with attitude (and a six-shooter in his belt).

Take care.

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Doug Somers said 3757 days ago (December 2nd, 2007)
For some reason this reminds me
of Mars from Holst's The Planets, because of the repeating rhythm and the slow build of tension (and there are lots of differences too, but no matter). In that piece there is a key change that helps build the intensity, and the rhythm carries on even louder from there. Maybe that is what Paul is referring to.

In any event, I clearly get all the references you make to the squinty-eyed, unshaven, cigar-chomping, never misses a shot guy living in the land of pasta. You even have the choir and occasional bell/metal strikes that Morricone used so effectively! At the same time the choir has this ethereal quality that takes this out of the pure cinematic and puts it into what I will now call "Reinholt Space" for the n-dimensional head-place your music makes us all go. :o)

In case its not clear, as with your other work, I do like this a lot.

Take care Paul,
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Reinholt56 said 3756 days ago (December 4th, 2007)
Hi Doug...
One of the classical albums on my ipod is The Planets by Holst. My favourite is Venus but each of the tracks gets a play now and again.

From the other clues and suggestions above, you may now realise to what I was alluding to with my theme and hints.

This is almost a one-off number, as I don't want to make a habit of keeping the tension high and offering no relief in my musical offerings. It gave me the willies always hearing the piece never go anywhere and then repeat.

Take care.

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said 3756 days ago (December 4th, 2007)
Hove cool is this
Wow my friend time for pimping a good song.
I hear Enigma in this one I really love it, this is the music I always go back to, when I want to relax and just fly away. Bravo my friend what a great piece of work you have here.... And you come like an angel from the sky.
I need many songs like this right now.

Peace, Love & Respect
Reinholt56 said 3756 days ago (December 4th, 2007)
Thanks Kenta.....
Enigma helped me get through 5 years in Yemen, with no family around, just work all day, every day, and long evenings without even Garageband, just Ejay!!!!

There will be other meditative pieces coming, over the next few months, so stay tuned my frined, I'm in that sort of mind at the present time.

Take care.

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damiengh said 3756 days ago (December 4th, 2007)
the right stuff
You've got all the right cliche's here. I'm lovin it.

Bigger than life cinema sound, that would go great with any of the big space pictures or fantasy flicks.

Nice build with dreamy choir like sounds in the distance but with a definite drive forward with those tympani sounds.

I was immersed at the beginning.
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Reinholt56 said 3755 days ago (December 5th, 2007)
Hi Damien...
Thanks for stopping to take a listen and leave a comment.

I didn't really do a lot. The project was a 'best take' out of half a dozen mixes, of varying arrangement, length and production. To me it's a toy sound, because all the instruments and voices were synthesized but hey, if it fits together and doesn't sound too cheesy, then upload it and see what others think.

Take care.

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