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Spicy Hot

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Here is the final posting choice from Washington School, where I just finished a drumming unit in music classes with my 6th graders. After we worked together for 3 weeks, the students split into smaller groups of 4 to 6. They practiced (using body percussion first) then wrote out their rhythms, then structured their pieces, and finally performed for the class and were recorded 'live.' The recordings were put on CDs for each student, and finally, the kids voted on which composition should represent Washington School in this posting on the internet. So, I present the group 'Salsa Dancers' with their composition 'Spicy Hot.' The photo is the cover of our CD. Students submitted art for the CD & cover.
EDIT- I don't have Brandon's cover art here at home, so I'll post a picture of shekere's from a different student.
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PowerBook, Snowball mic
paul f. page said 4308 days ago (January 1st, 2008)
That's the way to begin a new year. Kudos to you for your patience in teaching 6th graders to do anything! What a great project. Thanks for waking me up on New Year's day with the sound of children. (This tiny laugh at the end of the track is perfect...and, of course, the applause.)
Peace for a new year.

(And, I see, I am the first here. Whooo Hoooo!)
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kristyjo said 4307 days ago (January 1st, 2008)
Paul -
Thanks for stopping and commenting! The students were excited to get their performance posted, and it's great for them to know that people are listening. All of the groups (there were nine separate groups) did well, and it was a really fun unit. I'm not sure they'll enjoy the January unit (which is music fundamentals including writing a major scale by the whole/half step pattern) as much, but it's all music!
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Feter said 4307 days ago (January 1st, 2008)
Spicy Hot
this is nice and bravo ..I wonder what the name
of the drum ..it sounds very close to tabla !!
thnx alot for you for posting and all and the kids
for the name performance !!

Happy New Year !!
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drakonis said 4307 days ago (January 1st, 2008)
Can't beat that!
Great fun... they did very well. The rhythm and combination of clanking and big drum sound reminded me of some of the Japanese Taiko drummers... it would be fun to show them some of THAT exuberance... probably some YouTube videos you can find. Might get them even more excited about drumming :-) Although now that I think about it... the idea of 6th graders trying to drum AND throw/catch each other's sticks is probably not a good idea, uh, never mind :-) Great recording!
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kristyjo said 4307 days ago (January 1st, 2008)
The Daiko/Taiko clips of various professional groups is part of my summer school offering for kids going into 7th and 8th grades. I only have a small, red hand drum that's used in another type of Japanese movement/drumming. (can't remember the name right now). While the African drums are moderately priced and have a lower learning curve, the Taiko drums are incredibly expensive. I did get to play some Taiko once, in a music teachers' workshop, and they were great to use!

As for the students' work, I'm quite proud of all they accomplished during our 6 weeks of drumming! Thanks for listening.
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said 4306 days ago (January 2nd, 2008)
What fun!
Using Garageband seems like a great tool for teaching. What a great way to motivate the kids! I know both of my girls (3rd and 5th grade) enjoy working with Garageband, but the music teachers don't use it very often in the classroom.

I thought your students did a wonderful job and I enjoyed listening very much!
Aaron David said 4306 days ago (January 2nd, 2008)
Very good :)
You can tell them to be proud. Who knows, in a little while they might get some phil collins action going (singing and playing drums that is :)
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Ed Hannifin said 4302 days ago (January 6th, 2008)
Another one!
Ultra-coolness in the 6th grade!

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Enrique Gil said 4290 days ago (January 18th, 2008)
listening to your kids brings a smile to my face! I really regret that many schools have cut the budget for music and arts.
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Roxylee said 4289 days ago (January 19th, 2008)
You are a great music teacher
How you draw out the music in your students is great. They not only play, but they are enthusiastic about music, thanks to you. This was fun to listen to. :-)
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John Stebbe said 4286 days ago (January 22nd, 2008)
Way cool!
Your kids are awsome, Kristy. Interesting rhythms and good structure.

And your recording is very good. You must have some good mics. I like hearing the comments and the applause. Adds a real human feel to it.
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thetiler said 4272 days ago (February 5th, 2008)
artwork and music from the kids. I think it is great that you posting this. It is nice to hear music from your students It gives a fantastic dimension to your musical talents. Were would Bach and Chopin and others be without fabulous teachers !

And of course no teacher then uploaded Bach or Chopin's tunes on the internet.
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Doadars Uncle said 4234 days ago (March 14th, 2008)
What a great project! They did very well. How many kids were involved with the percussion ensemble?

Great live performance!

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composerclark said 4204 days ago (April 13th, 2008)
We will rock you
You are obviously doing wonderful work, and I think it's especially exciting that you are facilitating the development of composition skills in your students. The opening rhythm reminds me of "we will rock you!" by Queen... cool!
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kristyjo said 4204 days ago (April 13th, 2008)
We will rock you -
is what my second graders 'play' on their music books on their laps when they come into class, and I'm finishing up something with my noon recess group. I really enjoy doing these things with students, and it's been fun to see them enjoy both composing and performing as well as critiquing (gently) and appreciating the efforts of other young musicians. Thanks for listening!
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saymme said 4136 days ago (June 20th, 2008)
Wonderful !
Much enjoyed !! You should enter this at the MJCOFFEESHOP :) ! Kudos to You All Thanx !
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