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One Bad Dude (His View)

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One Bad Dude's View !

Joanna of Macjams wrote a version of "One Bad Dude". She gave the name "Tyler O'Toole in that particular song. I used that same name as well. Thanks Joanna !
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I practiced my six shooter since I was a kid, my parents died by indians, put me on the skid.

Being by yourself at such tender age, my heart knew nothin but furry and rage.

So I practiced shooting bottles, thinkin those indians would pay. Kept on getting better till that promised day.

The day I find those that killed my mom and dad. lookin back, that terrible scene makes my heart so sad.

So that’s how it started, word got out i got good, I would take all the killin back if I could.

go into town on weekends to see my Elley May, she wanted to be with me, to them shed say.

But no, they were jealous, of me and her.
So that is how my first gun duel did occur.

she was very pretty, a figure to behold. But I couldn’t give her up. More beautiful than gold.

They all wanted her, but she only wanted me. That is how so many became history.

Trying to outdraw me, I couldn’t back out, the more I tried. more theyd shout. Well they'd say Tyler, Tyler O'Toole. She right for me, your just a fool. (twice)

They just couldn’t stand that she wanted only me.
So all I could do is set their poor souls free.

I could see in their faces, that It would make em cry. The smiles she gave me, you could hear em sigh.

They kept a commin, and down they would fall. Parents a moanin, My baby they’d call.

So that is how it happened, when I walk to town. Not a soul in the bar, not even a hound.

Now I’m that “One Bad Dude” never wanting, never wanting it that way. Just justice for my parents and my love for Elley May. (twice)

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Firebox, two mics one for singin and the other for playin
Feter said 4157 days ago (January 2nd, 2008)
One Bad Dude
This is what we can call a master piece .its just
when the music tell a story and the scenes be so true
heard them through the line .Excellenet pick my
friend .thnx for sharing !!
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dajama said 4157 days ago (January 2nd, 2008)
Nice one Tyler O'Toole!
This is terrific. Love the story, and the vocal delivery is spot on. You catch the essence of this kind of song - a mixture of melancholy and bragging. And of course the guitar is perfect - lovely tone and playing throughout. Nicely done, man - a real pleasure to listen to. Peace.
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bud said 4156 days ago (January 2nd, 2008)
Great track
I really like the free form structure and story telling style. Excellent guitar and vocals.
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Aaron David said 4156 days ago (January 2nd, 2008)
I Love It
Thanks for sharing this will me bill. A pleasure. You certainly don't have to worry about your 'mature' vocal tones either. I would certainly not be able to sing this with the same character as you. I guess the saying is true, to each his own :)... but it doesn't mean we can't enjoying each other's "own" :)
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thetiler said 4156 days ago (January 2nd, 2008)
Thanks Aaron
Thanks so much, I get kind of jealous when I see youth sing with those high soaring voices. I guess there really is more popularity with the those great voicing you do. I really enjoy your style, plus those high pitched tones I know I can't reach and won't be able to do in this lifetime, But I got to work with what I got to work with. Thanks so much Aaron. Keep up your tremendous talent and I will hope I can gain some mj popularity with my low vocal, I know it is tough going cause talking country tunes are a bit outdated. Hopefully things will go around in cycles as far as low voice styling popularity.

But I am most, most thankful for the postings on this tune, it means a lot to me.
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said 4156 days ago (January 2nd, 2008)
Instant folk classic...
ala Johnny Cash (you're vocal is perfect Bill)... but Cash could never play guitar like you. Like Feter said... this is a master piece. And you are one bad, guitar finger-picking, story telling Dude!

davisamerica said 4156 days ago (January 3rd, 2008)
right then bill
am getting in line here with all the others...great story telling song and your voice fits like a glove. Joanna's lyrics are wonderful. love the dynamics of the production...ala in all very cool track and your guitar work is amazing!
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thetiler said 4155 days ago (January 3rd, 2008)
Sorry if I made it sound
like Joanna wrote the lyrics on this. No she diidn't, he wrote the words of another tune as a spin off of the original "One Bad Dude", Snowdragon did another as well. You'll have to check out their sites if you are interested in h earing earlier versions. But Joanna, coined the name: Tyler O'Toole. Plus, she wrote a fun version as well. I got a big kick out of hearing it. She is a very fine writer and off course is an author.

Again thanks Joanna for doing so!
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guitapick said 4155 days ago (January 3rd, 2008)
First time I've heard...
...your voice. Couldn't be a better match with your guitar. Which is saying a lot.
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thetiler said 4155 days ago (January 4th, 2008)
I really appreciate that alot
I love to sing, but I really want to do something that has chords that my vocal chords can reach. As I get older my voice is going deeper. I think in country music it is more acceptable to low voicing but I know a lot of younger kids gravitate towards the higher pitched sounds. Should be a study made on that.

Thanks again
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ktb said 4155 days ago (January 3rd, 2008)
I can
smell the cordite. Cool ambience created by some fine playin. Makes me think a little of Jim Morrison at times. Ride on Tyler
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thetiler said 4155 days ago (January 3rd, 2008)
how did that dag gum Jim Morrison creep into my singin:)
I promise I don't do drugs, shoot up and I'm definitely not a rock star even if I wanted, not enough hair. But I have to see he's made a whole lot more money at music than I have. A whole lot more! But a close friend who lived in Texas, went to school with him. He was into swimming at the time and he was shocked when he found out he became so different.

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said 4154 days ago (January 4th, 2008)
One Bad Dude (His View)
Howdy Thetiler,
This has that wild west wind drivin' flames across the desert... it's HOT!!!! Love that guitar style, it's awesome...Thanks ever so much!!!!!!!!!!

Best to ya,
thetiler said 4154 days ago (January 5th, 2008)
Thanks so much
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Joanna said 4152 days ago (January 7th, 2008)
I'm so glad you pointed this out to me. It's wonderful, Bill! A great entry into the One Bad Dude mythos and your performance is, as the others have said, just perfect. This song doesn't need some high, youthful voice. It needs a voice with character and a life lived. There needs to be more than just hitting notes. You did a fantastic job with the storytelling, and your rugged voice fit the story perfectly.

And of course, there's that amazing guitar picking, too. Yeehaw!
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thetiler said 4152 days ago (January 7th, 2008)
Thanks Joanna
I really, really enjoyed your comment alot :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Really!
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caroline said 4148 days ago (January 11th, 2008)
blimey bill...
... i can smell the cigar smoke and the whiskey on you from here and i bet you need a shave!! a great 'dirty' voice and those magic fingers too - what more could a girl ask for!!! LOLOL x
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thetiler said 4148 days ago (January 11th, 2008)
ya, And I don't smoke nor drink. I guess I have to start takin legit singing lessons. Then I would loose my cowboy singin image:)

Thanks Caroline for stopping by!
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