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Just in time for MacWorld : ) I'd been working on this song on and off for a long time, but finally had to draw the line somewhere! The title combines the word "rap", "Apple" and "history", which is what this song is - a history of Apple in song form. It's been both a lot of fun and a lot of work to put this together. I hope you all enjoy it. It looks like the system won't accept all the lyrics so as of the date of this posting, I will also have the song and lyrics on my website shortly, at www.daphna.ca.
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Rapplistory Music and Lyrics by Daphne Kalfon ©2007

Once upon a time
there came together two minds
they were both called Steve
and with their talents would achieve

a real milestone
in technology
the first personal computer
in our history

it was 1976
the price six hundred sixty-six
they built two hundred in all
but soon the first Apple would fall

to make way for the next
a new machine with more finesse
but there was just one catch
and that was how to get the cash

M. Markkula
he co-signed a loan
thus was born Apple Computer
and a third of it he owned

once you get a mac
there’s never going back
it’s all you ever want to own
puts your mind in the zone

there were problems down the line
it was a turbulent time
there was unrest in the ranks
and tribulation with the banks

Apple was breaking down the door
to make a comeback
with somethin’ called the Mac

they got a hold of Ridley Scott
and bought a Superbowl spot
it was a marketing smash
innovative news splash
and things really got cozy
when they hooked up with Adobe
was a perfect kind of match
DTP would hatch

Stevie got outta line
things were gettin’ real crazy
he was asked to resign

from his own company
how could that be
but it really did happen
and I hope no one’s laughin’

he was feeling quite dejected
from having been rejected
but it soon turned out to be
the thing that helped to set him free

to buy Pixar
and found the company NeXT
he was doing what he loved
and it was all for the best

once you get a mac
there’s never going back
it’s all you ever want to own
puts your mind in the zone

and as the apple tree grew
from the Apple number two
came forth the Apple II c
and then the Apple II g

and the Mac pack
was its own family
with the Mac Plus, II, SE
the Classic and the LC

in 1991
was a landmark product
a new chapter had begun

Apple was doin’ really well
everybody feelin’ swell
but they needed to upset
the IBM PC threat

so they came out with the Quadra
the Centris and Performa
but they didn’t do so well
they lost a lot of clientele

so in 1994
they knocked at IBM’s door
and came the Power Macintosh
it was a beauty oh my gosh!

and the Newton
the first PDA
it didn’t do so great
but the idea was here to stay

then in 1996
they were in need of a fix
so they brought the Steve back
to get the Apple on track

and bought his company NeXT
it would become the new OS
they made him CEO
he was in charge of the show

it was a real fine move
it would help to prove
that he had all it would take
to reclaim the Apple stake

once you get a mac
there’s never going back
it’s all you ever want to own
puts your mind in the zone

get the iMac
it was a real mac attack
the Mac was getting on track
sophisticated comeback

in came the iBook
and the Power Mac G4
everybody take a look
how about the new AirPort

two thousand one
enter the Mac OS X
what a beautiful thing
well you can say that again

behold the iPod, Powerbook
the Power Mac G5
it was clear for all to see
Apple was very much alive

they got their very own store
they’d never had one before
now they could get with the biz
well you know how it is

with the iTunes Store
Apple is right at the fore
of a new way to the music
and the way we’re gonna use it

and it’s growing by the day
as a revolutionary way
to get your movies and TV shows
podcasts and videos

lookin’ swell Macintels
bootcamp and parallels
pullin’ out the masses
from the Microsoft molasses

what’s on Apple TV?
everything you wanna see
that’s on your Mac or your PC
now it’s on the big screen

iWork, iLife
everything to make it fun to
digitize, harmonize
capitalize and organize

Apple’s done it again
this pioneering product
gets a ten out of ten

it’s a household name
things‘ll never be the same
just one more thing to say
Apple Inc. is here to stay!

and if you want anymore you can sing it yourself
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Ed Hannifin said 4263 days ago (January 13th, 2008)
Okay, Daphna....
I am SO imagining the dance routine that goes with this...

Although for some warped reason it seems in my mind to be heavily influenced by that faux-rap thing at the end of Mel Brooks' Robin Hood: Men In Tights...

This is one of those ones where you put it out and, as long as it already is, people are going to be giving you suggestions for their own verses, mentioning their own favorite products...

Man, how I remember being so jealous of the wife of a friend of mine who had access to an Apple IIg... You could do MUSIC on it... And if I remember right, it had REALLY HUGE floppy discs...

Glad you got the Newton in there... wouldn't have wanted to have missed that...

What fun....

Are you going to MacWorld with this?

Writing new verses after the keynote?


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daphna said 4260 days ago (January 15th, 2008)
new verses
thanks for your comments Ejh! No not going to Macworld - would love to someday. As to new verses, that'll probably be for another song or who knows, maybe I'll update the song over time. Thanks again : )
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sloparts said 4263 days ago (January 13th, 2008)
This may start a new trend in education
Who knows, you may have found a new way to help kids learn history. What a concept. Just think about the possibilities Daphne. At the very least you should be put into the post of Minister of Education.

Love it love it love it. What a delightful piece you have here. Thank you for posting it, but you really need to send a copy to Apple. Maybe they'll do a commercial base on all or part of it. What a hoot that would be.

And as Ed pointed out above, pretty soon everyone you know, and probably some you don't, will be suggesting new verses. Can you see Mel Brooks doing a Rap video of the history of the world based on this.

Ok, enough already. Anyway I think it's just simply great Daphne. Thanks for posting it for our enjoyment.

Be well my friend

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Feter said 4263 days ago (January 13th, 2008)
this is new agree here ..loved the rockin back up
good work on this song ...I can hear a real nice
voice wish to hear more from it ..thnx for sharin !~
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thetiler said 4263 days ago (January 13th, 2008)
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow and more wow
This to is the best rop i've ever heard. Not that I am a master of rap by any means. But Daphna you are a musician, singer, writer that a greatly admire. I am flabbergasted, bowled over, really taken back by this tune. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are indeed one of the very best talents i've ever heard hear at MJ or for that matter on the internet. You do you homework, it's like you put your whole heart and soul into something. I['t almost like you take on Bach type high quality content and you do it in the classical I've heard you play and compose, soft rock singing, pop catch classical, cowboy-classical. Such high quality. I feel I could go on and on. I dearly love what you do cause I know you are truly a great talent and you have shown it here.

I really, really hope you can get this in the hand of Steve Jobs, this is a piece that he need to hear!!!

It is to good for him not to hear it. I hope you obtain very high scores for this and downloads. And the fact you are letting us download this precious gem is so gracious of you! This really is just about bringing tears to my eyes cause I think you have put in hours and upon hours of work, maybe weeks, months of time through out I am sure you have a very busy schedule.

Daphna, I wish the very, very best for you because you really deserve it.

You do amaze me. You are soooo talented to a high level.

High scores from me for sure!
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thetiler said 4263 days ago (January 13th, 2008)
I've listened to this a bunch of times
What a treat in mac history!

You should make a living dong commercials for apple Daphna !

I and know if they were to hire you, you would MAKE them money. They wold be the losers if they don't hire you for (musical public relations) Daphna!
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singingshrink said 4263 days ago (January 13th, 2008)
great fun
very creative - and the best history lesson I have ever had - I love it!
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drakonis said 4263 days ago (January 13th, 2008)
Woohoo Daphna...
So good to hear you back, as always, great piece of music, gorgeously thought out, put together, and articulated lyrics... the chorus should probably be put in the music dictionary as the epitome of the word "Catchy"... but that may be a little unfair, since most of your other stuff is terribly catchy too. Fun stuff!
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DeputyDoofy said 4262 days ago (January 13th, 2008)
This is excellent.
What a great track. Think I may have to plug it in other forums. :)
Check out my latest song called A-hole F'er
J.A.Stewart said 4262 days ago (January 13th, 2008)
I hope Apple...
at least gives you a free Mac for all your hard promo work...


Funky, Daphne. Nice to hear from you again. ;)

--- Joe
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Jim Bouchard said 4262 days ago (January 13th, 2008)
Really great!
I just can't wait to hear the German version of this one! It had me doing the Robot!
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digitalnirvana9 said 4262 days ago (January 13th, 2008)
This should be the center piece for the next Apple advertising campaign....3D Animated in those brilliant colors and morphing in and out of each other.....Brilliant!....Norman
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craft said 4262 days ago (January 14th, 2008)
Nice vocals and a catchy chorus... Well done..
Dig the lyrics..
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dajama said 4262 days ago (January 14th, 2008)
This is great
Not only is the rap well done, smart and funny, the music is very nicely done. Nice beats, lovely backing vocals, and great mix and arrangement. Very cool. Peace.
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ajnorth said 4262 days ago (January 14th, 2008)
I hate rap music, but this works so well and is so much fun to listen too! I have been using Macs for a long time and found it both interesting an entertaining. Good job!
Check out my latest song called The Last One
Cameron said 4262 days ago (January 14th, 2008)
Excellent concept. So much Mac history packed into one song!

Catchy accompaniment and very expressive vocals. Occasionally the enunciation was indistinct, but not enough to detract.

The last 30 seconds seem a bit redundant after such a lengthy history, but overall this is a well-crafted song with an effective message.
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tinytime said 4261 days ago (January 14th, 2008)
thats all i can say

eleveneyes said 4261 days ago (January 14th, 2008)
the apple of my ear
Catchy songs that are a sonic treat to my ears plus the history of apple inc. laid out in a most delicious way, all makes for one outrageous number. I love this song almost as much as I love my macs, which is quite a bit. Stellar performance, production, everything!
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daphna said 4261 days ago (January 14th, 2008)
everyone for your comments and feedback - I really appreciate it. I forgot to mention that I originally got the idea for Rapplistory from all the fans who had written to me at the time my song "I Love My Mac" became popular; many of them wrote "Once you get a Mac there's never going back". So, thank you fans for the great song idea : ) Keep the ideas coming...
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Moviz said 4261 days ago (January 15th, 2008)
What a
wonderful concept Daphna.. no not just the Mac, but this song: so cleverly written, especially performed and arranged and nobody is going to disagree with that... it's just brilliant, regards M
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echoroom said 4260 days ago (January 16th, 2008)
Really hooky little tune this ... sell it to steve j and make millions. Could be the next 'Mickey'!
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guitapick said 4260 days ago (January 16th, 2008)
Late on this...
...can see why it's so popular. Congrats on a great tune...
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Warren Smith said 4260 days ago (January 16th, 2008)
super song
Ha-ha ... fun stuff! It's great to have your clever sense of humor ... and catchy melodies ... back at macjams, Daphna.

Love those piano riffs zipping through the song.

I thought you might have a little more to say about "garageband" as an application - and all of the music it's generating in the world - but we all have our favorite programs we want to hear exulted.

However, until I can "cut and paste" on it, I'm only giving my iPhone a 9 out of 10 : >
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bud said 4259 days ago (January 17th, 2008)
What a hoot!
If this were only as funny as it is - it would be great - but it's so well done it's fantastic. I hear some Cibo Matto in here and I love it.
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said 4258 days ago (January 17th, 2008)
Can you do one about
Can you do one about Red Hat Fedora or Ubuntu Linux next please??

Joanna said 4258 days ago (January 18th, 2008)
Woo hoo Daphna!
This is a tour de force! Love the chorus, such tight, wonderful harmonies. Great lyrics (and so informative, too). And to pull it all together is your amazing talent on the keyboard. Man oh man, I LOVE to hear you play piano!
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rtcooper said 4258 days ago (January 18th, 2008)

I forgot half that stuff, but it's all part of The Math of what happened and, more importantly, what is about to happen with Apple and the New Macs.

Who's The Band? They're Real Good, too!
Fabulous Piece and Top Production.
with high appreciation and best regards,
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rtcooper said 4258 days ago (January 18th, 2008)

And That's You on the KEYS.

Check out my latest song called The Loon and the Hula Moon (mstr)
said 4257 days ago (January 18th, 2008)
You go girl....
... hello Apple?... a history lesson. Get this girl and her song and do the commercial....

I love it!

Dj French Toast said 4256 days ago (January 20th, 2008)
: )
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Tadashi Togawa said 4237 days ago (February 8th, 2008)
I use Mac.
This is a machine of the excellent one.
It was happy time.
Very good song.

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psexnyc said 3867 days ago (February 12th, 2009)
This Song is Awesome
and it is awesome on so many levels!! I love it!!
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