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This composition is very different from what I normally do as well; very thick clouds and silent rain, the ungoing parody of life and art...
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[ said ]

he said:
i'm a strong man / a smart guy / a creative person / and somewhat a fun guy / an honest worker that did not get paid / i've done nothing wrong babe
I know i have my faults / and all / and i know i've yelled at you / i know things ain't been easy / between us two / I don't know if they ever will be / we're both trying to find the truth
so tell me babe / how come we don't find that dream / to ride on / how come we are so far from being free / words are words / huh babe / words is all we got / and they don't tell us much right now / they don't tell us much at all / I think we're gonna fall

he said: you
she said: you

she said:
you're a strong guy alright / and I don't mind your visions / as long as they don't make me suffer / i am not the one to bleed / you need to make the right decisions / you need to be clever, cold and move like a thief / that's the only thing that is going to make me feel any relief
your art is fucked up / it'll bring us all down / art doesn't feed ones mouth / art should be left in ones mind

he said:
i know my destiny / i know
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Casio, Midi, Guitar, Mic, G4
antwan said 5444 days ago (September 28th, 2004)
I Like this!
I'm a hard rock guy but this song has a way of movin ya!
Well Done!
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algabatz said 5444 days ago (September 29th, 2004)
Night music
I like it. Not the most surprising twists in it, but really
soothing in a way. You have a great voice. A little to dim
production for my taste, i'd prefer a clearer approach to
the vocals, for added presence... But all in all the same
high standard as your previous work.

My humble opinion,
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Paul_T said 5443 days ago (September 29th, 2004)
I totally understand this song
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this song seems to be about the struggle of what you'd like to do in your heart (art) and the cold hard reality of what you have to do to feed your family -- work. Conceptually, it's brilliant.

I may have some minor nits about the recording/performance here and there, but I think the substance of the song is what's important. So many people are focused on the glossy varnish that they forget the wood.
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mikkinylund said 5443 days ago (September 29th, 2004)
antwan > I am a hard rock guy too, and soft rock guy,
and a synth rock guy, a punk rock guy and... :) I am glad
you like my song! Advice of the day: Don't let style's fool
you; like what your heart likes!

algabatz > Yeah, I agree on the vocals. It's the best I can
do with my equipment though, as far I know anyway. Of
course, the art of mastering is a huge chapter also... :)

Paul_T > Yes, this about a man and about a woman, not
anyone in particular... The man in this case could be an
artist, and the woman represents the establishement:
wife/gf, work, bills etc. I don't personally have huge
problems with family, but I can yet feel like this a lot of
times... It could also, like the end of lyrics suggests, most
of the times be the artist himself that is the pure obstacle
to his success and dreams...
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_nderscore said 5439 days ago (October 3rd, 2004)
thumbs up
excellent lyrics. the only beef i have is that i think the
chorus could use more punch to rise above the rest of the
song a little better. i appreciate the 'wood' on this one-
you have a great batch of stuff here
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