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This is a song about the good old days of smoking cigarettes.
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[ cigarette ]

he sit in this bar / it is almost dark / he wants to get on a train / he talks to this lady / can i buy you a drink / please come and sit down / tell me your story / or if you prefer / please shut up / shares to you baby / you look nice tonight / may i have one cigarette?

love is everything / loves is everything / tonight
love behind a cigarette / love behind the light

they sit in the bar / and they talk and they talk / between drinks and cigarettes / they're cruel and they're rude / they're nice and they're prude / when they take off in the night / they walk on the tar / on the sidewalk / they stop and they kiss / they drink from a bottle / one more cigarette / and they walk again

love is everything / loves is everything / tonight
love can change things / love will change things / behind the light of a cigarette

they find a good place / a place to wind down / a cheap hotel room / they sit on the bed / the TV is dead / it's a kiss on the moon / this is is his train / and it's going nowhere / the stations are empty tonight / she says something / about a cigarette / she disappears behind the light
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Casio, midi, guitars, mic, etc.
Sista Mac said 5373 days ago (September 29th, 2004)
Very Cool
Very Cool song! The chorus has a David Bowie feel. This song has alot of potiential. In the verse some of the vocal is lost a little from the panning(if that is what you used) and possibly a more distinct bridge. Other than those thoughts, I thought the song was great and really held my interest!
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Iseae said 5372 days ago (September 30th, 2004)
Muffeled lyrics
I thought this sung was really neat. You vocals are really
muffeled though. I had a big problem with this, but I
found that by place my mic in a vertical position and
singing under it really helped. Not sure if that would work
with your set up but it's worth a try. You also might want
to bring them up in the mix also.
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mikkinylund said 5372 days ago (September 30th, 2004)
I agree, I have some problems with the vocals, although it
is getting better, I really think the next step for me is to
buy a good microphone and an audio interface, plugging
this cheap $10 microphone directly into the computer is
not cutting it. I think that's why I tend to 'hide' my vocals
a bit, because of the low quality of them. I've tried all
different position on singing into the mic, different input/
output options etc. Of course - that said, I am glad my
music still is coming through and some people like
yourself are finding the real quality behind a somewhat
low production. It is encouraging to me, and there's soon
more to come...
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Suzanne said 5372 days ago (September 30th, 2004)
burn like an old steam train, relentless
i love the square beat, the pounding repetition, the use of the train horn. very cool. the short phrases. wish it was sung. could use a tearing guitar solo somewhere in the middle. to rip it up and flick it away, like a cigarette bruning. very nice track.
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idunno said 5372 days ago (September 30th, 2004)
from another perspective
I don't know enough about the technical end to make
an educated comment, but I have an emotional
reaction I would like to share. First, I love the tone.
Very easy to get lost in that "head bobbing, eyes-
closed groove" thing. But the lyrics were what got
me. There so few vices left in this country that one
can indulge in in public. It's all so very dishonest.
The liquor, the cigarettes, the verbal brashness that
comes at he bottom of your third drink when the
walls of pretense come down. There's something
very powerful in the moment of locking eyes that
only comes from behind a martini glass, or through
the cloud of exhaled smoke. Something naughty,
shared, honest and intimate that may last a moment
or a lifetime. I think you've captured that naked
meeting of souls here.
Love that it ends on a note you take away in any
direction you like. "Tonight love can change things..."
but, does it? We don't know. The artwork is right on
as well. Beautiful.
TobinMueller said 5344 days ago (October 28th, 2004)
love the train wreck image
Nice. The groove is infections.
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Epileptic Gibbon said 5307 days ago (December 4th, 2004)
Good stuff!
Kind of made me think of Bowie, Peter Gabriel and
Lou Reed. Quite like what you've done with this
overall. I agree with earlier comments about the
production but you're probably sick of hearing about
that. It's a really good track overall.
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