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The Rain Is in My Brain



 Genre: Folk-Rock

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I'll get fast & loud again soon - but check out my new, demented little shuffle...

This grew from a music & 1st-verse improv done in a blank mood, alone on the road in December 2007. I have thoughts behind the lyrics; mainly it's an existential moment I passed through, or passed through me. (You can hear the sore-throated original improv at http://tinyurl.com/2ka8up .

Big thanks for drums by James Moore (james.moore) @ iComps.

Is this the best genre to put this in? Beats me.
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The rain captures what I know
Beats upon the roof of every thought I've had
It ain't even running and I'm thinking that it will
Down the drain
Down the drain

Tell me, why does it have to be
Such as it is?
The rain

The rain channeling me through
A thousand years of hydrostatic happenstance, this pool
Marvelous blue marble so much runoff roll me down
Down the drain
Down the drain

Tell me, why does it have to be
Such as it is?
The rain

© Bob6stringer, B6s, Bob Sperber, "hey you," etc.
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Uploaded: Mar 26, 2008 - 03:25:10 PM
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> Martin D-28 panned left, recorded into my MacBook's pinhole mic.
> Hofner Jazzica (archtop) panned right, also for watery lead parts
> Lead and bkg vocals are through the pinhole.
> DRUMS are e-padded by James Moore (james.moore at iComps).
GarageBand 3.
Ibstrat said 4228 days ago (March 26th, 2008)
twisted-I like it!Are you influenced by Commander Cody? I remember seeing them years ago, the singer was playing an SG with no strings which I thought was brilliant! Anyway,Great song!
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Bob6stringer said 4228 days ago (March 26th, 2008)
Commander Nopey!
The unstrung SG is dastardly brilliant... the "rock star" who plays air guitar. Not at all like that shot of Duane Allman on your 1-man jamband post!
I do have a commander Cody album on Vinyl... but can't remember what it sounds like, it was so long ago (and my turntable isn't set up)! But for southern-fried guitar good-humor, I love Dan Hicks. A live Hicks show is a real treat. Thx, Mark
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guitapick said 4228 days ago (March 26th, 2008)
Quack, Quack...
...this bends my mind into some very unique but familiar shapes...the guitar line at the very end is sweet...

Cool and funny...like it a lot.
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MarkHolbrook said 4228 days ago (March 27th, 2008)
This is through the pinhole! Thats amazing.

I like it!
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Bob6stringer said 4227 days ago (March 27th, 2008)
Pinhole! Lo-Budget! Eek!
I did my best to...
--reduce room noise, by recording in a closet full of clothing.
--reduce fan noise by shaving a touch of the high end off.
--reduce noise the Griffin iMic caused in my archtop guitar by doing some really detailed fade-ins and -outs, also EQ. This was especially critical in the beginning and end, where there was more air in the mix.

Finally, I bought a PreSonus Inspire 1394. Firewire on the cheap! I just started using it; so far so good.
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said 4227 days ago (March 27th, 2008)
You rock!!!
Excellent !!
I really loved it and what a good voice too.
loved it all :)
l And thanks for your lovely comments on my song smile.
i certainly smiled to this one too. Excellent.
Peace Dee.
Feter said 4227 days ago (March 28th, 2008)
The Rain Is in My Brain
wat a cool pickin and singin my friend !
loved you singin and indeed a real groove
fit the 60s ... hfner jazzica WOW ~!~
thnx alot for sharin !!
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Godchaser said 4226 days ago (March 28th, 2008)
Unconventionally cool
I love when artists venture off 'path obvious'.Bob there is a lot elements to celebrate here.Clever lyrics,that gritty growling vocal delivery,your touch,tones and voicings on the guitar.Wonderful vibe and subtle surprises without overstating any of it.Loved it!

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BossHook said 4222 days ago (April 1st, 2008)
Back porchin'
love the simple mix, the isolation of the guitars and watery guitar mix is real cool. Has those cool quirky moments that Harrison got so well in Octopus' Garden, etc.
said 4221 days ago (April 2nd, 2008)
That is a good one -

casual atmosphere with the rain, nice guitar work... I think folk-rock works...

Enjoyed it!

. - Harold
screamalexz said 4212 days ago (April 11th, 2008)
this has some awsome creative lyrics. the low singing gives it a very unique feel to it. nice track.
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SJB said 4207 days ago (April 16th, 2008)
Must be the only song ever to mention hydrostatic in any usage - love the lyrics and the sound of the guitars and music is refreshingly so different.
I really liked it!
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Bob6stringer said 4207 days ago (April 16th, 2008)
RE: hydrostatic
Hmm... I guess that means I had watewr on the brain! Seriously, though, thanks for the compliment.
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woofer3 said 4201 days ago (April 22nd, 2008)
this is the second track-
of your's that I've listened to and of course it's perfect. You have once again managed to capture that 50's spirit or is it atmosphere I mean, so perfectly, something that is not easy to do convincingly. I prefer - Why You, - but that's because it's the style of rock and roll I particularly like, but this is beautifully done as well. When listening to your music and music like it, - I can see why some think that a lot of today's music is generally losing altitude. This track is the sort of track that would have been on the B side of a smash hit, but that's a compliment because back then even the B sides were A sides, - remember? 10 ten of ten Bob.

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Daugrin said 3853 days ago (April 5th, 2009)
Damp Brain
Thank you for this wet thing. If you leave it here like this it will probably mildew and get even better.

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abfkingsport said 3842 days ago (April 16th, 2009)
This really cool. It has that "Alice's Restaurant" feel to it. Awesome job. Good clean mix. Great lyrics and vox.
The King
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Char said 3835 days ago (April 23rd, 2009)
I used
a pinhole too. Then all my collaborators had to clean it up. Like the laid back and gritty vocal. Thanks.
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sloparts said 3812 days ago (May 17th, 2009)
Man I like this new version Bob
I heard it before you did all the harmonies and neat effects on the vox and guitars. Still the song I've come to know and love, but now better than ever.

It's amazing what you can do with a pin hole mic on the MacBook if you decide it needs doing. Audio quality is damned good Lil' Bro.

You keep this up and you're gonna be a engineer and music producer, and very soon from the sound of it.

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Bob6stringer said 3811 days ago (May 17th, 2009)
If I knew then...
Thanks, Ed - it's a pleasant surprise to get a comment on this one! If I could go back and make a correction I'd smooth-out some of the guitar EQ. There's some annoying midrange popping and pinging due to my so-so fingerstyle technique on I think the "D" string. But I'm pretty pleased overall... thanks again for the listen.
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tmcfate said 3753 days ago (July 14th, 2009)
great tune.
great tune. i love this find of picky style. reminds me of jorma from jefferson airplane and hot tuna. i like this a lot
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abfkingsport said 3732 days ago (August 4th, 2009)
People in Tennessee can rock a guitar. Love the whistle, I always wanted to do a whistle in a song. Very cool feel and love the back up vocals with you. Very cool. I love the unusual. You rock dude. DL'ed thanks for sharing.
The King
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Bob6stringer said 3732 days ago (August 4th, 2009)
Whistle inside out!
Hey, anthony, I really appreciate you stopping by, and your support. About the whistling, here's my trick: Whistle "on the inhale" to avoid mic "essing." You won't even need a screen on the mic! This was all sung into the pinhole, btw, since I was sick of my Griffin iMic and hadn't yet bought the PreSonus Inspire 1394 Firewire interface I later got (and have used since).
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RAVENS said 3357 days ago (August 14th, 2010)
Whistling Dixie again, huh?

This is cool, warped in so many ways but cool nonetheless. I dig when you play guitar, so it's all good. Interesting lyrics indeed.

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Bob6stringer said 3357 days ago (August 14th, 2010)
I never know what's going to come out. This one was a wistful view of tough times looming... I have a little soft spot in my head for it, it's like a little underdog friend. And I'm glad to share it with you, because you always seem "get" my music and the "crazy" behind it. Thanks, Dani.
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hackneybloke said 3329 days ago (September 12th, 2010)
rain in my brain
love the loose feel of this. i would like to hear you sing this straight - i think you think your singing isn't your forte...and maybe you're putting on comedy to hide that. but i'm sure this would be so much more effective if you re-did with more emphasis on getting the vocal up front and tightly harmonised. it's a lovely tune.
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Bob6stringer said 3328 days ago (September 12th, 2010)
Sunlight on my mushroom.
It had been 2+ years since I recorded my voice (for the "Why You..." tracks). Also I wanted it to sound like my original sketch, shot throat at 3:00 a.m. on the road. The song is like my little mushroom baby... not sure how to consider the straight-sing of it. But I'm thinking about it now... thanks.
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