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A love song. Electric/acoustic guitars, and yes, that's my whistling...

I find it hard to keep the sound intact from GB. I get a small change when exporting to iTunes,and, of course, a more substancial change whe I make the MP3. Some levels seem higher, others lower. I've tried to compensate. Someone suggested that the Idierock genre would be more suitable, so I'm changing this to see if i can get some more feedback!


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Private world

On my arm you sleep/
But still sadness You find/
And You silently weep/
From that world in Your mind/

Still young and so calm/
I gently caress/
That restful face/
So slowly i kiss/
No one can follow/
I can’t enter with You/
In Your private world/
I can’t be with You/
I know You so well/
And I love You so much/
But what is a kiss/
A smile or a touch/
When i cant follow…/
And Your'e with me again/
When You open Your eyes/
And You sparkle of love/
You give me a smile/
No one can follow…/
And I’m in my private heaven/
That You gave to me/
Where the light shines/
Only for You and me/
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Yamaha steel stringe acoustic, Fender Telecaster, keystation 49e, a Sennheiser mike and a TiBook 667.
GB only. What an application.
chikoppi said 5311 days ago (October 6th, 2004)
Great song!
Great vocals to accompany very interesting melodies...not to mention the whistling! Love the cadence and content of the lyrics. The opening seemed a bit strange to me. I liked the lone vocal quite a bit, but that first bass lick seemed entirely off as a prelude element to the song.

I agree with you, GB isn't very accurate at approximating the final mix. I often have to go back to make adjustments several times after mixing down a tune. (7-7-8-7)
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algabatz said 5310 days ago (October 7th, 2004)
Great song!
Thanks! I ll have another look at the bass riff. Maybe I should keep the Fender in it s place?
Thanks again for Your comment and points!
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TobinMueller said 5310 days ago (October 7th, 2004)
iTunes sound redesign
Yes, iTunes makes things more bassy and seems to alter
the mids somehow too, and sometimes flatten the sound,
converting to mp3 decreases bass and makes the sound
slightly metallic and harsh. Try playing the itUnes
converted AIFF file in your Finder first, as a QT file or
something, and hear how people might hear it not using
iTunes as a player. Sadly EQ and stereoization is very
equipment and software specific. Trying different mixes
and trying to guess ahead is the only way. I wish
everyone could hear my tunes the way the sound in my
studio headphones before is bounce tracks or mix down!

As for the song, I liked the voice and bass in the intro and
was hoping you would have used it again somehow to
justify it and develop it. The whole sound is unique. Very
unique groove. Nice use of drums, by the way. The
flange-chorused guitar is ok, but I would have layered it
with an affected acoustic during your little non-drumming
bridge. The whole thing has this ethnic feel that is so
unique and fascinating. Your whistle is great, and vocal
technique (especially when you kind of Scottish yodel up
high). Nice track.
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algabatz said 5309 days ago (October 8th, 2004)
iTunes sound redesign
Thank you very much for your kind and insightful comments. Even though i
find myself in a dilemma, two comments, one likes the intro, one does not :-)
The bass rhythm does return at the end, but maybe you're right, maybe i
should return to the screaming at the end, finishing as i started? I'll see if i
can find another bass-beat also.

I'm not sure that i know what you mean with "layering with an affected
acoustic", do you mean another acoustic track, or should i have a cleaner
sound to the one i have?

As for the yodel, i found that i had trouble reaching that high note, so instead
of trying to cram it, i just let go, i kind of liked it myself, i didn't think
anyone would notice...

Again, thanks a lot for your comments. They are really appreciated!
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algabatz said 5309 days ago (October 8th, 2004)
iTunes sound redesign
Sorry, i realized that i cut the bass at the end in the uploaded version.
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michael2 said 4356 days ago (May 19th, 2007)
use some really cool rhythms. and that whistling part is awesome. i like your voice too. have you ever listened to the masters of reality? doesn't sund like this, but the voice makes me think of them (strong,clear and unexpected). nice work.
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speedonl said 3343 days ago (February 25th, 2010)
Like It!
Great voice, great music! I like it a lot.
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