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 Genre: Classical
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This is a 'bit of fun' music. I started out trying to come up with a piece of music sounding vaguely classical but with the hands, playing the keyboards, being constrained by action, movement and tone space.

Maybe this works, maybe it doesn't. Please let me know what you think.

My hands never left my wrists although it was touch and go (in more ways than you can imagine) for a while.

(The answer to the question, in advance of anyone asking, is NO).
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Uploaded: Apr 30, 2008 - 01:45:25 PM
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EnergyXT2, a couple of Zebra's, other accoutrement's of the musician's sad trade, and a few after-effects
michael2 said 3614 days ago (April 30th, 2008)
i like this. i am listening on the crappy speakers on my PC laptop and it sounds great. loud, full, and eminently listenable. i'm thinking this experiment succeeded. nothing really to say about it other than I am enjoying listening to it while I look out the window.

didn't know you recorded on PC; I just posted something I did on PC (which is a little confusing for me). it's probably second nature to you, judging by your results.
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Reinholt56 said 3613 days ago (May 1st, 2008)
Hi Michael.....
I have been working on pc's since before they were pc's!! Ha ha. My work is pc's alone but I have both pc's and Mac's at home, to bring some balance to my life. I mainly choose a Windows laptop to do my music as it has the most resources available and I need lots of resources for most of my music. I do feel more comfortable with a Windows-based system though, so maybe I could be a little biased.

This was a hoot to do. I had been listening to a couple of pieces on MJ's and I had some decent sounds and so I set to work!! The result is what you heard whilst looking out of the window. (The window of my flat looks out over the downtown area of Sheffield and so I can gaze out and watch the world go by whilst I make music).

Take care.

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paul f. page said 3614 days ago (April 30th, 2008)
I first thought of...
...Captain Nemo playing like mad in his submarine. This is such a cool track, Paul. I love the disjunct quality of the chords bouncing all over the keyboard. And your choice of "stops" provides a very pleasant overall sonority to the whole performance. Does it work? Sure. Why not? My only thought is that it may be a tad long-ish.
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Reinholt56 said 3613 days ago (May 1st, 2008)
Hi Paul....
You think this version a tad long.......there's a two-hour version somewhere on my hard disk!!! Not really. I do know what you mean though. It drives me mad when I listen to the piece in it's entirety. It took me ages to listen over and over again until I had the music and then the mastering done enough to upload it.

Captain Nemo in his sub... Now that conjures up an alternate reality for me, but one not too far from where I am sometimes. My father calls it my Enid Blyton Land. My party piece used to be Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor, so maybe it rubbed off on me a little over the years.

Take care.

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said 3614 days ago (April 30th, 2008)
How great is this and how great would a rumbling bass and chaka chaka guitar sound bouncing around in there somewhere?

Excellent and very Phillip Glass-like (to my untrained ears)

Reinholt56 said 3613 days ago (May 1st, 2008)
Hi Bryn....
I have to admit that I have some of Philip Glass's piano music on my ipod. I find this sort of music easy to appreciate. I don't know much else though about his music, but one day.....

Bass and Chaka Kahn guitar. Now there's an idea. My ears are still sore from listening to this over and over, to get everything right in the mix, so I'll wait a while before more work on the mix. I find I bounce around on my couch whilst I listen to it!!! Not too good for those in the flat below mine.

I appreciate your listening and your inspirational suggestions. One day soon.....

Take care.

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Reinholt56 said 3613 days ago (May 1st, 2008)
Or even chaka chaka guitar. Actually, I can hear this already.

I must try and remember things for longer, when I'm replying to comments on here.

I did enjoy Chaka's one hit though, in England.

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LunaTrick said 3614 days ago (May 1st, 2008)
After a couple of serious listens...
This is a damned clever work - with very sophistocated and precise rhythm and metre. I love the overall effect - some demented modern day Buxtehude going through polyrhythmic amalgamations. Love it!
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Reinholt56 said 3613 days ago (May 1st, 2008)
Hi Daniel...
This did take some working out but seems to work out well in the end.

I'm none too familiar with Buxtehude, but I will be soon!!! Then I will be able to comment on your comment with more knowledge.

I enjoy this sort of piece but I feel the real work is the way it's presented to the listener. The mood of the piece and the style both lent themselves to the organ format, in my opinion.

We'll see what comes out in my next classical piece. Maybe just piano and flute, in a 21st century Bach style, hopefully.

Take care.

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