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Summer Storm (with Motu)



 Genre: New Age

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A couple of weeks ago, Motu and I were the new kids on the block. He contacted me about doing a collab - a first for both of us. There were a few bumpy spots along the way - haha. Like my inherent distaste of metronomes and the problems this causes when trying to line up percussion to the piano. Poor guy slaved for hours before I finally relented and sent him a new copy set strictly to 125 bpm. hehe.

Anyway, the piano melody is a little piece I've been kicking around for a few years. Just a fun little solo piano bit that I named after my dog because I'm not very creative that way. Well, Motu took it and ran off in a very cool, new direction - adding a bunch of world/ethnic percussion and voices and sounds.

Aside from my steady tempo disability, the hardest part was coming up with a name for the new piece. We both felt like it conveyed a feeling of both ending and beginning. Somewhere in between the dryness before the storm and the new life after. Letting go of the past and looking forward to the future.

photo credited to sean crawford
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screamalexz said 4181 days ago (May 6th, 2008)
so far i'm liking it. i have issues playing with a metronome a lot of the time as well. because often parts of a song feel right played a little faster and i tend to do a lot of dotted notes subconsciously so i get confused of where i'm supposed to be with the beat. the piece sounds beautiful. i like the use of the storm sounds and the piano sounds good. nice use of the synths to create atmosphere but not over power the song. i like that they aren't a constant through out it breaks up between the piano and synth.
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drakonis said 4181 days ago (May 6th, 2008)
Hmmm.... another affliction?
So you are temporally challenged too? You get all anxious when confronted with metronomes? Sigh... Magnatone, we have another one for your couch, this one's got "Tempos Fidgets" (smirk).

So, let me get the minor nits out of the way first... the mixing of this seems a little muddy and boomy (low midrange?) Unfortunately that makes this less crisp than it could be. The initial low strings (synth cello sound?) that come in sound almost too loud in the mix.

On the positive side, I love the piano melody, even though it is usually constrained, you still find places to weave in an occasional well-placed acc./rit. And I think Motu did a gorgeous job of letting the worldly percussion and thunderstorm and strings blend in and out through this. It creates an overall feeling of anticipation, washing away the dark past, and letting the sun peek out between the clouds. I can almost smell the rich earth.

Very nice you two, and once again, welcome... Macjams just received a couple of extremely talented artists (and such nice people too), woohoo!

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Reinholt56 said 4181 days ago (May 6th, 2008)
This is excellent work from both of you.

I think that all the hardships undergone in the production of this piece were worth it.

Everything seems to fit together OK.

Take care.

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Feter said 4180 days ago (May 6th, 2008)
Summer Storm
very nice music here ..delicate and spheric ..
some gentle out of the piano ..giant work in the back
the nature and the music of it all bound so wonderfuly
thnak you so very much for sharin it !!
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gail60 said 4180 days ago (May 6th, 2008)
I love this piece! I just love it!! Every single note! This is the kind of music that makes me smile. Tons of emotion, great beats and beautiful piano all throughout! What more could I want? Seriously wonderful collab. BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you both for an awesome song. So glad to have you here!
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magnatone said 4180 days ago (May 6th, 2008)
Summer Storm
This is GORGEOUS! Sorry to hear about your metronome affliction - I have the opposite disease. I just can't see how to orchestrate without it, but maybe you know something I don't know. This is fabulous, congrats you two!
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LunaTrick said 4180 days ago (May 6th, 2008)
Very nice
Wonderful piano touch - and percussive treatments!
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kassia said 4180 days ago (May 6th, 2008)
Thanks everyone for your kind comments! Motu really deserves all the credit for this amazing piece. I just sent him a (very difficult to work with) piano track and he worked magic! Thanks to Motu for suggesting this collab and suffering through the 1st-timer growing pains with me!

I'm glad you all are enjoying this. Thanks for listening!
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said 4180 days ago (May 6th, 2008)
this is great, I am really enjoying this right now. =) the piano is wonderful and the voices sounds and percussion.
tokai said 4180 days ago (May 7th, 2008)
very sweet
playing it has a celtic feel to it in places. Great playing. kool chilled piece, the calm before the storm.
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woofer3 said 4178 days ago (May 9th, 2008)
yes it's got it
just a beautiful piece of music with lovely sound.

Thank you,

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Motu said 4178 days ago (May 9th, 2008)
Just wanna say thanks for the support,This certainly was a challange for me to accompany,
days an days of long sessions.
Kassia just has a wonderful way with her fingers...(metronome or not).She can portray many emotions,
an trying to enhance them an not overpower them was a great challange.
Thanks again.

echoroom said 4176 days ago (May 10th, 2008)
My insomnia
I've slept really badly for weeks now... I'm gonna dl this to play in the wee small hours when i wake - great collab guys... soft as summers breath.
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Alannah said 4176 days ago (May 10th, 2008)
I too ....
.. have a distaste for Metronomes ... I get distracted by the little ticking ... and find myself hypnotised by the sound ... and then nothing else happens ... heh heh .... but I luv the tune you guys have created here .... lots of big sounds and emotion all around! Kudos !
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josephgvincent said 4153 days ago (June 3rd, 2008)
Your song summer storm
Wow is that COOL! The ambient moves you into a state of wonder. Beautiful. You need to present this stuff on movie music sites. This could fit in a movie man. I see like Ireland. The cliffs, huge clouds billowing down. Birds coming alive in the now gentle rain fall. A dance of joy. Great job you gals. It is fantastic! And I'm not kidding!....Cool djembe, dunbec whatever type of drum playing. Keep up the great inspiration!....peace!....jgv
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MarkHolbrook said 4145 days ago (June 10th, 2008)
Absolutely stunning and really enjoyable!
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Char said 3822 days ago (April 30th, 2009)
It was
very pleasant to listen to and yes, it was a nice mixture of sounds and music. Thanks.
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Schello said 3789 days ago (June 2nd, 2009)
hai pensato di metterci un CORO qui?
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