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Kaleidoscope 2008 [Public Beta V1]



 Genre: Rock

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A re-imagination of an old MacJams tune of mine. I was always dissapointed with the original MacJams version of this tune. It seemed to lack a certain 'energy'. Well I have been getting around to re-doing the piece and I'm at this point right now. It would have been finsihed earlier but I have recently moved home and am in the process of eradicating some serious acoustic problems in my proposed studio space. So, you'll have to bare in mind that there are a few missing vox (see if you can spot them from the provided lyrics), some missing backig vox and some missing acoustic guitars... possibly. Have a listen and let me know what you think so far. Your input has time to have an impact on the finished piece whilst i get around to sorting out those aforementioned bad acoustics. Cheers,
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Words & Noise: Pie

Kaleidoscope of color breaking down the light
and casts it's hue upon the wall
caught in a slo-mo trance
emotion dances and raises a quizical brow

sittin' 'round dodging coffins waiting for their time to come
with luck, perhaps they'll leave together, hand in hand
cups of tea and custard creams, watch the pigeaons fly
park bench sofa, channel hopping, watch the world go by

can you tell me, is this love that i'm feeling?
can you tell me?
or a psychological need to imprint ourselves upon the most available compatible?


can you tell me, is this love that i'm feeling?
can you tell me?
or a psychological need to imprint ourselves upon the most available compatible?

fast cars and margaritas, she opens up on sight of bling
he takes his prize and plays the game of lo-fi dreams and duplicity
ladies nights and business trips, laying claim to time for space
their secret lives, their rendezvous - their ignorance is bliss.

can you tell me, is this love that i'm feeling?
can you tell me?
is this love that i'm feeling? is this love that i'm seeing?
is this love, is this love, is this love?
am i seeing love? (is this what you call love?)
am i hearing love? (is this your dream call love?)
should i believe in this feeling you call love?
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aclarke said 4050 days ago (May 15th, 2008)
One of your best
I've always loved this one, Pie... but this does seem to have more energy.... must be the staccato action adding more emphasis. It's still a bloody brilliant song... and it's so different than the previous edition it's like an all new song.

This is why you are one of the elite singer-songwriters around here. Seriously. I'm very jealous of your talent.
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jiguma said 4049 days ago (May 15th, 2008)
Sheer Class!
Top song, amazing playing and singing. Production and attention to detail is absolutely as good as it gets around here. Your harmonies are always a high point for me on your songs. I've never been able to figure out where this sort of harmony should fit - you seem to do it very naturally.

Another great post!

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ktb said 4049 days ago (May 15th, 2008)
close in
super tight and wildly creative. Especially the vocals and the wonderful back ups. Love the sharp changes and the big tones on the gits. You blaze new trails.
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J.A.Stewart said 4049 days ago (May 15th, 2008)
Bad Acoustics...
my ass. ;)

I'm assuming these bits were recorded in the new space?

Pretty scary-sounding to me... like you're right here in my studio... had me reaching for my... Pie-Swatter, just in case. lol

I've liked all the versions, including this one... in its current form. This definitely has a live energy feel to it and about as neat and crisp as my ears have heard in quite a while. Maybe more would be too much, I dunno.

Perhaps the bad acoustics were meant to be... an opportunity to take stock in the most vital parts of the arrangement. I think we're hearing them in this version. ;)

--- Joe
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TobinMueller said 4049 days ago (May 16th, 2008)
Where for art thou?
Such a fun track. Great lyrics. If I'd never heard the other track, I'd say a really competent pop rock track. Altho maybe too much cymbal. But, since I have heard the first version, I like the theatricality of your early vision much better. I really miss the Shakespeare. If you put out EPs or CDs, you gotta include all these different versions. Its totally fun to hear the differences.
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Pie said 4047 days ago (May 18th, 2008)
You're definately right...
You're definately right about the the cymbals. After posting and re-listening on my iPod they were definately a little on the harsh side. I'll probably move the hi-hat a bit more to the overheads and away from direct also.

But about the Shakespeare I'd have to disagree with you. The song was becoming so stop-start and of course a live performance would just be so pretentious. ;-)



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said 4047 days ago (May 17th, 2008)
very, very goood!
I. Spike said 4043 days ago (May 22nd, 2008)
Did I mention solid...?
It' rockin', it's crisp, it's tasty and I'm diggin' it!
Solid... solid.... solid!
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guygrooves said 4043 days ago (May 22nd, 2008)
I found this by complete accident and OMG am I glad I did. An involuntary click has brought so much beauty into my world. This is one the finest songs on MJ. I haven't opened your page yet but I guarantee I am now a fan. Outstanding song and production, stellar vocal and musicianship, especially the guitars.
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said 4042 days ago (May 23rd, 2008)
Very great song my friend. Your skills are very fine, neat work!

Take Care
- Yeman A. Al-Rawi
psexnyc said 4028 days ago (June 6th, 2008)
What A Really Fun Song This Is
I really enjoyed the vocal performance on this song. I like how it sits in the mix of instruments and backing vocals. The musical performance is on point and real tight, but it is the sound of the vocals that appeal to me the most. Great stuff here!
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12parsecs said 3953 days ago (August 20th, 2008)
i only just discovered your stuff after you posted on one of my tunes. killer production. amazing guitar work. (tasty whammy bar work at the end of the solo.) your vocals remind me a bit (and i mean this completely as a compliment) of the singer from smashmouth. very cool song!
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Bob6stringer said 3902 days ago (October 10th, 2008)
Tobin's comments - hmm...
Since you're so good here and on the v.2, now I'm compelled to hear the prior-prior version... thanks a LOT, Tobin (comment above)--I'll never get any work done!
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