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I am sorry, I never know what to say here...
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[ pact ]

an act of love behind the red curtains / theatrical love he doesn't hurt her / he kisses her with the passion of a raging sin / an act of truth or mental distortion? / to them such words are not important / she speaks to him with her eyes behind a blindfold / cherished desire / mortal sin / life is fire / life is sin / time to go / time to go / time to go where no one ever been before / is an act of love always an act? / no one knows when they join the pact / they sign an agreement without a future or a past / an act of love behind the red curtains / she does not scream and he does not hurt her / she speaks to him with her eyes behind a blindfold
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Uploaded: Nov 05, 2004 - 05:14:38 PM
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Mac, Guitar, Casio, Midi
_nderscore said 5402 days ago (November 5th, 2004)
long intro..
could prolly shorten just a touch. everything seems to be
mixed kinda low-i had to bump up the volume a bit.
VERY cool tune with a beauty chorus. the fuzzy lyrics are
a great sound, but kinda hard to decipher-glad you
posted 'em. you've got a pretty nice batch of songs here
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mikkinylund said 5402 days ago (November 6th, 2004)
long intro..
Thanks for you comments _nderscore... You're right, it is a long intro, dunno
what to say about that, just a feeling I had at the time. This song is for sure
not there yet, as most of my song aren't. I kind of see this as my
sketchbook of musical expressions, and I am very thrilled and excited to
read any post I get. They are all very valuable in the ungoing search of
myself. Now, the musical part, wow! I am learning new things every day,
there is of course a technological part involved (which I still does not
master), then there's a musical and poetical part (I leave that up to others to
define if I master it or not)... When it all comes down to it, we're all here to
have some fun; I am and I sure you do too! I am glad that you liked the
most parts of my song. Suggestion: Never learn to read music (unless
you really, really want to do so)... Learn to listen, feel and play...at least to
begin with. I can't listen to your songs from the system I am at right now,
but as soon as I can I will and I am looking forward to it. Thanks again. /M
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regulus said 5402 days ago (November 6th, 2004)
have a ear for commercial music types. This sets
right in w/ a lot of what's out there. That's good.
but your a lill short on the production as yet. i concur
w/ -nderscore on the lengthy entro and the volume
is a little down. Esp. on the voice. I like the delivery
of the wordage but feel they could be a bit more
dynamicly exicuited, (accentuated), for a song like
this in some parts. Cars and Talking Heads come to
mind for quick reference. Check out the Taxi.com
write ups on delivery, singing, presents or the such.

you have some real talent and lots of voices. thanks
for sharing. I enjoy what you doing.
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mikkinylund said 5402 days ago (November 6th, 2004)
Thanks regulus... I totally agree, the mastering and the compositon lacks
big time. I don't have a very good microphone or input capabilities (audio
interface etc.), but just plug it right into the computer and play. I try to use a
minimal amount of loops, and use as much "live" recordings as possible.
I personally thinks that my voice sounds like singing in a can, and I wish to
get out of that limitation. Maybe a good microphone and a good input unit
will do it, I am just going to contiuing experiment and hopefully one day the
levels will be evened out... Any suggestion (cheap) will of course be very
helpful! Thanks for your post!
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regulus said 5401 days ago (November 6th, 2004)
I paid a buck for mine on a last chance table @ a GroceryOutlet store. A
lot on the quality is in the settings w/ the VST. Record low, use the amp
or overdrive, after, enriched w/ reverb and a touch of echo. Chorus will
fatten it up but don't use to much. What really fills in the beef is
dubbing another track of the same voice. Pan a little on each side of the
center. W/ 2 tracks, that gives you 4 major effects to work w/, 2 to each
track. Don't overdue them and don't forget the AUMultibandCompressor
really puts some punch contol over vocals. Sometimes the
AUdynamicsProcessor is what you need. Most of these have in and out
control for gain and release so watch you levels. U Can contour you
voice using the parametricEQ. With all theses goodies and more you
should be able to overcome the handycap if it is one. Keep up the good.
Work, will stay tuned....later


++ Desiderata ++
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the dennex donor said 5374 days ago (December 4th, 2004)
i like the long intro . . .
but i'm funny like that . . .
and it seems to fit in with the idea of a pact too . . .
. . . not to be rushed into.
nice one . . .
i like the voice too, and although the production
could be 'better' it seems to me to fit perfectly . . .
in the kind of digital/analog sound you've got going
. . . takes me back to the early eighties

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