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Birthday Song

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My first submission is a cinematic treatment of the origin (and subsequent unfurling) of the individual universe.

In the beginning was the word.....
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davisamerica said 3852 days ago (October 7th, 2008)
Mother you rock ...
really does begin in the cold black and "unfurls" with amazing sonic power. Have been waiting to see what you would put up and this was worth the wait. I am assuming there is more so I am putting you on my email notification. This is just wonderful. When the orch comes in it sets the tone in a most amazing way ... then the transition back to electonica ... works really well. Love the bass riff and life has begun indeed. Very nice work and will wait for more. Just great!! BTW the whole production feel is fantastic!
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MotherofMeursault said 3852 days ago (October 7th, 2008)
Thanks much!
I'm very honoured, and appreciate the listen and the comment. I hope to have more soon.


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said 3850 days ago (October 9th, 2008)
Well...In spite of apparent differences in cosmological belief, I think this is a brilliant soundscape!

Wonderful first post friend!

Be well!
MotherofMeursault said 3849 days ago (October 10th, 2008)
My approach was intended to be a little more biological than cosmological (you can hear all the little guys come swimming in right before the big flash...)!

Thank you for listening, Michael. I have been slow in getting around to visit my new fan base, but am working on making up for my lapse.

Thanks again for the generous comment.

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said 3849 days ago (October 11th, 2008)
A philosophical treatise in sound. Mechanistic determinism (machine without a purpose) meets teleology (machine with a purpose) and finally settles on determinism (cause/effect) based on quantum states (probability). All created under the tutelage of axiology (study of the nature of beautiful things). This composition is a wonderful esoteric deployment of sound. And you thought you were just having fun!
MotherofMeursault said 3847 days ago (October 12th, 2008)
'Just having fun' is always the way I like to begin anything. It's only later that I begin adjusting the results of my playing around. I'm very glad you hear the beauty (or at least my interest in beauty) in this. And I thank you for providing an apologia that would put any academic to shame!
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IbotenicParadigm said 3848 days ago (October 11th, 2008)
Another spermy song!!
Have you heard this:


Anyway, this is great (especially the first few minutes). How did you get those sounds?

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MotherofMeursault said 3847 days ago (October 12th, 2008)
On my way to listen right now.

Thanks for listening!
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WildlifeAnalysis said 3816 days ago (November 12th, 2008)
Nice atmosphere!
I love it. Seriously!
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MotherofMeursault said 3811 days ago (November 17th, 2008)
Thanks for listening
Always a pleasure to meet such nice new people!

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egobandit said 3763 days ago (January 4th, 2009)
crazy 2nd part good arrangement
but its everything up to about 3:00 that really grips me. I like the transition and the childrens voices Excellent post!
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MotherofMeursault said 3762 days ago (January 5th, 2009)
Thank you
I hope you'll drop in again very soon.
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SISTERS said 3144 days ago (September 15th, 2010)
i ADORE the string sound at 3:00 - it packs a wallop.
i like the way the kids' laughter is cut off so abruptly.
to listen to the world's creation unfold this way was a trip - the race track reference at end was spiffy. and we thank you!
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MotherofMeursault said 3143 days ago (September 16th, 2010)
Thank you so much for listening, dear! I had fun making it, of course, and it really tickles me when people enjoy listening to it.
You're welcome at MoM's anytime, Anne.

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