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Soul Searcher

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One of my favorites, no loops. Some nice samples including soft synths
soothing relaxed synths, high end strings, solid bass,
and a sax line to add some emotion.
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Uploaded: Oct 23, 2008 - 09:48:07 AM
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elfdaughter said 4009 days ago (October 23rd, 2008)
Not the sort of genre I normally listen to, but...
Pretty cool, Protoype! I love the fact that it's not too over-the-top. This would fit well in a film or game or as a backing track to a rapper, but it also stands well in its own right, though the ending is a little abrupt.
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PrototypeEightyOne said 4009 days ago (October 23rd, 2008)
yea its in the works, i just cut it at the end. Thanks for the listen i appreciate it.
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EZamor said 4009 days ago (October 23rd, 2008)
Soul Searcher
very well written and interesting piece of music! looking forward to hear how this turns out.

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TracyVosh said 4009 days ago (October 23rd, 2008)
Hmmmm....liking this one! I love what the suspense leads up to. It's beautiful P81, as always!
Einarus said 4008 days ago (October 24th, 2008)
Outside my comfort zone...
...but that's just good for you every now and then.

This sounds pretty good, sparse yet effective.
I noticed that it seemed like 2 bass drum hits were missing at the very beginning, which seemed odd to me. Also the ending isn't exactly an ending - but I'm guessing you still have some work to do on it.
The synths work well and the sax line sounds surprisingly good. I normally hate synth brass, but in this case it doesn't really sound like a saxaphone, but rather some smooth synth instrument - which works very well.

Nicely done.

-Einar S.
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Einarus said 4008 days ago (October 24th, 2008)
One more thing...
I kinda thought the claps were a tad too loud in the mix - it stood out a bit too much.

But yeah, again, nicely done.
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PrototypeEightyOne said 4008 days ago (October 24th, 2008)
appreciate the listen and the in depth feedback. I left the 2 kicks out purposely . As for the ending i just cut the end and mixed down. I'll post the final up once its finished. I'll listen to those claps again. Again thanks for you thoughts i'll keep it mind when i go back to this 1.
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PrototypeEightyOne said 3976 days ago (November 25th, 2008)
thanks for taking the time to listen, and i appreciate the input!
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Kicbal said 3988 days ago (November 13th, 2008)
Film Noir
Hey this reminds me of a song by Los Lobos "Wrong Man Theme". Very well produced. I too love the simplicity of the whole piece. I wonder if the combination of natural sounding drums (congas) and snareclash a bit with the more techno style ride cymbol. I don't have a solution other than maybe choose to go more natural sounding all around or more tweaked all around. I also think that the sax line is very cool. The melody fits the mood of the song. As a saxophone player though, I can tell right off that its not the real thing. I wonder if tweaking the sound a bit more would give a different result. It almost sounds like a mid-eastern instrument. Anyway, very nice piece, keep up the good work.
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PrototypeEightyOne said 3988 days ago (November 13th, 2008)
thanks that means a lot having you take the time to break it down like that...Trust me the choice of saxaphone sounds i have is very limited and i had to tweak this one to get it how it is. Perhaps you can contribute your saxaphone skills to the mix and provide me with that true sounding sax that this track yearns for.. i know what you mean about the sound and you can tell its simulated but thats all i have to work with ;P i'll experiment a bit more to see if i cna get it more natural sound..but dont hold your breathe! i can never ge that true sound out of a brass..liek horns, sax, trumpet, etc.. i have added to this track since and changed it a little, ill post it up soon i'de appreciate your updaetd opinion..thanks again.
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leap4rog said 3926 days ago (January 14th, 2009)
Aliens Can Have Mid-life Crisis Too

Thanks for the comment on my stuff (World Burning). Yours was the first comment on a song of mine, so much appreciated.

This comes in big right away. The layers work well together to create a good texture that shares the lead space easily. It's a march=like entrance into the "soul." I'd like a little more of a build into it rather than start out with so many tracks at once. It has a good mysterious sound and, like elfdaughter said, not to over-the-top.

I second Film Noir's comments about the percussion-- it seems to want some synchronicity of style there.

This song made me think about an alien march. Maybe the aliens are searching their souls? Maybe their trying to find meaning in their lives as they tromp along, War of the Worlds style, harvesting humans?
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PrototypeEightyOne said 3926 days ago (January 14th, 2009)
awsome. your last line nailed it. im very influenced by sci fi, the possiblitly of advanced species, well any other unearthly species for that matter. I think it stems from myself feeling "alien" at times. I believe the universe is a fascinating place, thanks for checkin it out and thanks for your interpritation. i love it when others post not only what they "hear" but what they "feel" when they listen.
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DJZSide said 3744 days ago (July 15th, 2009)
Pretty Awesome
Good job as usual.
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