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Same Mistakes



 Genre: Rock
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It is my intention to post a bunch of unfinished or "needs work" material here at MacJams, to see if there is any interest in it. Maybe to collaborate and make something new and better, or maybe just to introduce folks to the man behind the curtain. However, there is a definite risk of being seen as terrificly amateur. While that may yet be, I wanted to post a song or two that is current in my repertoire to at least demonstrate what has been done recently. I can't guarantee everyone will like it. I could dare to hope! But I know realistically that's not going to happen. But at least I can show something more presentable so you aren't ALL scared away! This song is one that I wrote just a couple of years ago and completed re-recording this spring. Of course I would like it to "be better" than it is, but with limited time juggling work and family, I think it's alright as-is. It's a classic demo of what I'm going for lately: A solid rock/blues framework, acoustically rendered, but hopefully with a very modern feel and a liquid flow. This song is my personal favorite from the last year's work. And for anyone that might want to check out more or support the work of the artist, remember to check the offsite homepage or search CDBaby for "Polly PUt the Kettle On". ITunes etc are not up yet (but will be). If you would do me one favor I'll try to repay: What other act does this make you think of? The "if you like A you'll love B" type question. If this song is B what is A? If that's as hard for you as it is for me, don't worry about it. Thanks!
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You let your innocence deceive you
you let your dark perspective dig your grave
Your reputation must precede you
'cause everything you've done gives you away

I know that I have sung this song before
So what do I have left to say
I wonder have I even lived this life before
Am I reliving all the same mistakes

Digging deeper down through sifting sands
All the promises you've broken
Washing your hands of all your lies
Your past will never see the light

There's nothing else that feels so empty
as knowing you won't even try
to save this man from constant failure
You dare to look me in the eye
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Gibson Les Paul lead, Marshal half stack, mic'd with two mics, a Sure SM 281 or something like that, and the SM58 instrument mic. I think it's the 58. The electric is essentially improvised, going with a general "formula". I don't know what the formula is, basically "try to sound cool" or something like that. Acoustic Breedlove rhythm Guitar, mic'd with the same SM whatsit. Yamaha bass with a RockTron Hush, because it's old and noisy, put through a fender bass amp. Mic'd with the sure instrument mic. Full Yamaha drum set, acoustically mic'd with a standard Sure drum mic set, using two PV6 mixers and a preamp on only the kick drum. Vocals minimally processed, just a little reverb and the TC Helicon "engineer in a box" gadget with pitch correction turned off because that's silly. I probably did double the vocals in some way, as a complete re-performance. Everything recorded on a Roland freestanding digital workstation (not a computer but nice digital recorder). From there the song was transferred to a linux workstation with some basic leveling and noise reduction in audacity. Now you have it. You are probably playing it through computer speakers. Ew!!!!
Audacity, but only for final "mastering" tweaks (ie normalization and noise reduction).
Feter said 3859 days ago (October 28th, 2008)
Same Mistakes
WOW man your song is really need alotta guts and
challenge to add to it ... great guitar work
listening to it through my headphones so its not
yuky that much ...good guns and roses song .
cool rockin here ...thnx alot for sharin !!!
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craft said 3858 days ago (October 29th, 2008)
Really like your voice... Well played guitars too.. Well done
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guygrooves said 3855 days ago (October 31st, 2008)
Brother ....
The last thing you should be worried about is being thought of as amateur. This song shows that you definitely are not. Very well done on all counts the production has a rawness that adds to the song in my opinion. Great vocals on this. I am playing it for the second time (both on my studio monitors). Are you playing all the instruments? This has a permanent spot in my itunes rotation now. I really love this song man, it will stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of the best at this site. Very strong!!
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chronologic said 3850 days ago (November 6th, 2008)

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your kind words. I am thrilled to be wanted on someone's ipod. To answer your question, yes I did all the instruments myself. A real drumset, real bass guitar, real acoustic and electric guitars etc. I placed all the mics myself, mixed myself, "mastered" myself etc. I am not in any way against using computers and MIDI programs and that sort of thing, it's all art in my mind, but nonetheless for the purposes of Polly PUt the Kettle On I have tried really hard to focus on recapturing the sound and skills of a live 5-piece band. That's kind of my intent. If it couldn't be done live by 5 people, then it doesn't belong on my album. I try to have a generous amount of rock-improv. I play every part start to end - no punch-ins or other stuff. I will allow multiple takes of course but only full takes. So I guess I'm just saying it's not always easy but I work hard to produce something natural and genuine. I am sure I have more learning to do, but hopefully I'm starting to get close to presentable. I've been at this for years. Would go faster if I didn't have to work for a living! But you know that I guess! Thanks again for stopping by -- I welcome your kind and constructive comments anytime.
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lengold said 3824 days ago (December 2nd, 2008)
Really like
this - great live sound and production. Love the vocals - really stand out.

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