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We Will Dance (be_silent_galileah) remix



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A while ago be_silent_galileah asked if anyone wanted to remix her song "We Will Dance Through the Fields." I thought I'd take a crack at it.


This version isn't so much a re-mix as it is an alternate-mix. Once I received the original track recordings from Scottie I found that cleaning them up and arranging them would be a bit of a challenge. I opted to have a go at simply reconstructing the song and reworking some of the original instrument recordings before I eventually contemplate a full-fledged re-imagining. This version is the result.

Thanks to Scottie for letting me play with her lovely song and violin work!
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my daughters
your hearts are broken
but you are whole
so surethey were mistaken
and how you still smile
only the wise know

underground we heard battle cries
and close to the earth but we could not yet see sky
your voice kept us alive
then we saw light
blinding light
we will fight we will fight!

My blessed daughters
live for love and laughter
it will heal any wound
and music, my daughters
flows with the rhythms of the moon
our blood flows with the rhythms of the moon

we will dance through fields
singing gaily to the stars
and the trees will whisper our names
and we'll remember who we are
through the forests were are roots are strong
herbs and flowers we will gather
along our journey to the sacred stones
for spring is here
its not much further
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egobandit said 3976 days ago (October 31st, 2008)
I could only
wish to know all the secret mixing knowlege you have.Its a beautiful song I need to listen to the "be silent" original. Thanks enjoyed it alot!~
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peacepiano said 3976 days ago (October 31st, 2008)
Re Mix
I took the time to hear the original. You have clarified the sound nicely. The violin work is hauntingly beautiful. Vocals are interesting and a lot easier to hear in the new mix. My compliments to Scotty on composing a very interesting song and to you for mixing the original tracks so well.

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Feter said 3976 days ago (October 31st, 2008)
We Will Dance
Ummagumma revisited ...this is giant work you ve done
with Scottie work ..very trippy yet so medievel ...
with all these violins ..her vocal came more infront
than her original ..amazng just amazing !!!! thnx alot
for sharin !!!!
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ktb said 3976 days ago (November 1st, 2008)
mix master general
I salute you sir. Everything jumps right out and stands proud in the mix. Scotties lovely etheral voice just seems to dance over the sound bed. The whispering backgorund vocals come into play in a big way. You added traks to this no? seems slightly deeper and more textured. Great job!
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chikoppi said 3971 days ago (November 5th, 2008)
Added Tracks
Some of the original instrument recordings contained a lot of noise and I couldn't mix them with any degree of clarity. Instead, I replaced them with software instruments. I split the original acoustic guitar into three parts, guitar, bass, and santoor (which injected a lot of texture). I tried to transcribe everything directly, so there aren't actually any notes in this version that Scottie didn't perform in the original.
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kristyjo said 3975 days ago (November 1st, 2008)
original was mysterious and interesting. You've pulled the vocals out beautifully, here, giving it a bit of a harder edge with the stronger percussion and that 'call to war' horn part.
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davisamerica said 3972 days ago (November 4th, 2008)
wonderful finished product ... just amazing ... :-]
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damiengh said 3971 days ago (November 5th, 2008)
After going back between the original and this one, I must say you certainly brought out all the best of it, and came up with a most powerful piece. Right from the onset, you could tell, you were coming from a different place and with much bravado. Nice build throughout, pulsing...pulsing ...pulsing bringing out the raw emotion that was always laying low in the first version, but was able to finally express itself here.

You are a high priest of Magical Mightyness and have cast a brilliant spell upon this piece. Excellence has Educed here!

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Skean said 3969 days ago (November 7th, 2008)
I've faved the original because I love it... But wow you have make it so much better, I'm impressed... GREAT work... TX for sharing... Cheers
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be_silent_galileah said 3826 days ago (March 30th, 2009)
I am blown away.
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kassia said 3807 days ago (April 18th, 2009)
we will fight
excellent work here. what i love most is that you really stayed true to the thoroughly organic feel of the original, while adding and mixing things to really bring out the best of it all. this is a very powerful tune.
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Char said 3803 days ago (April 22nd, 2009)
I bow at the feet
and feat ..of the master. Superb effort. Thanks.
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Bob6stringer said 3746 days ago (June 19th, 2009)
Love everything about everything about it.
To call this innovative makes it sound like too much of a product, when I hear beautiful art--although it could sell a lot of product, I bet. (I told Scottie I expect Daniel Lanois to make her a star! Your production is masterful, though, unless I'm just insane, in which case hold the lithium!) I can't criticize at all. Love everything about everything about it. And I can't believe you're letting us DL this. Thank you so much for sharing this.
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