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Something About You

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I was inspired to write this piece while driving down Pacific Coast highway just north of San Diego California. I just had to stop to walk on the beach. It was a brisk spring morning, with the breeze strong, chilling my face. While you are listening to this instrumental work, allow me to interpret what each instrument represents . . .
1) The Guitar is foamy water circling near the shore.
2) When you hear the piano arpeggios, it represents the sandpipers running to and fro on the shore.
3) The bass is the distant rumble of the waves returning to the ocean.
4) The strings are the ever changing winds.
5) The drums fills are the waves crashing on the beach.
Close you eyes and listen with an open mind and you will truly say to the ocean, there's "Something About You"
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Feter said 3366 days ago (December 1st, 2008)
Something About You
Very relaxing and laid back music indeed ...a real
windy awesome shore music ...with al the sand and smiles
wonderful to dream and listen to this ...a true gem !
very nice arrangment ...felt so crystal clear ..thnx
alot for sharin !!!!
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kristyjo said 3365 days ago (December 2nd, 2008)
Great, laid back tempo, and instruments really mix well. Love the sandpipers.
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scaustrita said 3365 days ago (December 2nd, 2008)
I am happy you could close your eyes, and visualize the little sandpipers running too and fro on the shore . . .
I had a blast playing the drums on this piece.

Thanks Again!
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thetiler said 3357 days ago (December 10th, 2008)
Very interesting description
Like how you describe the instruments with the beach scenery. Plus nice mix of instruments and melody!

Thanks for sharing!
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sschedra said 3320 days ago (January 17th, 2009)
I can almost feel it . . .
As you pan the scene I can hear the different elements as they meet your gaze. Its all represented here. I always love when God's creation just overwhelms us with its majesty and beauty.
Well done,
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scaustrita said 324 days ago (April 1st, 2017)
God's Creations
From his hand, God's creations are AWESOME!
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psexnyc said 3302 days ago (February 3rd, 2009)
How Do You Like That....
....I'm sitting here with my eyes closed on the beach, enjoying the waves and what not and guess what.....I got wet! Uh-huh.....I got a cup of water knocked onto me. I was about to freak out!!!

Excellent Post!!
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scaustrita said 3302 days ago (February 3rd, 2009)
He, he ,he
I am glad you enjoyed a dip into the sea. While in college in a class called music theory the professor would play some music, our job was to close our eyes and listen. We then would write down how we pictured the music. This is called tone painting. This is the basis for this tune, my favorite part is the drums and the swelling of the strings. The strings were the most difficult to incorporate, because they needed to change like the wind. They are very dynamic and change from pianissimo to forte. I am glad you enjoyed. Now go get a towel.
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magnatone said 3287 days ago (February 19th, 2009)
Something About You
What a great walk on the beach! Interesting idea to tie specific instruments to specific beach sights and sounds - cool! Terrific laid back beat - good job!
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scaustrita said 3287 days ago (February 19th, 2009)
Happy you like my imaginary walk on the beach. Next time bring beach blanket!
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shavingronaldscar said 3287 days ago (February 19th, 2009)
really 70s...
love that chill vibe, great chord changes. ever consider making porn music?
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scaustrita said 3287 days ago (February 19th, 2009)
My musical instruments would not look too good in their birthday suits!!!!

I guess you missed the point of the song . . .
However your interpretation will not go un-noted, thanks for your comments.
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Kody106 said 3023 days ago (November 9th, 2009)
jazzy! love the beggining..and the drums have a good clear nice effect to the whole song...maybe some singing would be nice...
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