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Beyond the Horizon

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This is me playing around with time signatures, especially the mix of 4/4 and 3/4, using a lot of ideas I had when on a music seminar this fall, and a bit inspired by Peter Gabriel. I think this sounds a bit different from what I've usually done, but not too different.
I really hope you enjoy this and please, give me your honest feedback, however brutal it may be!

Also, I hope to upload a live track in February, seeing as my first classical piece (written for piano and violin) will be performed in a school concert in January - so... stay tuned :)

©2008 Einar Sverrir Tryggvason
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Uploaded: Dec 22, 2008 - 04:42:55 PM
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thoddi said 3898 days ago (December 22nd, 2008)
Got hooked on that flute melody immidiately. The different time signatures are pretty hard to handle, but you have pulled that off brilliantly. Very good composition. Guess you do all this via your keyboard... ? It sounds perfect. Could have done very good as a soundtrack to a TV series.

Impressive stuff Einarus. Very impressive:)
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composerclark said 3898 days ago (December 22nd, 2008)
You're right, this does have a bit of a different feel from your previous work, but it is wonderful nevertheless, and bears many of your characteristic traits, namely excellent production, and a great hook. This is excellent, Eniar, and I am really looking forward to hearing your duo for violin and piano!
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magnatone said 3898 days ago (December 22nd, 2008)
Beyond The Horizon
EINAR!!! What a treat so see something from you - as usual, you're blowing my mind. Every measure of this is fascinating - I love the flute melody throughout, the blending of time signatures - how i wish i could think this way! This is just fabulous! Sigh......you're incredible!
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Feter said 3898 days ago (December 22nd, 2008)
Beyond the Horizon
WO ..my friend ..this is so impressive ...the intro then the jump into
another mood ..definetly a superb work ...my honest take is its too much
sync while you can keep it more classical ( I am biased ) ...the mixing
brilliant ..all so dimensional ...a real successful piece ..thnx alot
for sharin such gem !!!!
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richard13 said 3898 days ago (December 22nd, 2008)
A lovely melody and exciting rhythm: this tune gets my pulse up. Very nice.
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scaustrita said 3898 days ago (December 22nd, 2008)
I love the way you take a simple melody line and play it over different backgrounds.
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drakonis said 3898 days ago (December 22nd, 2008)
Hey Einar, really great piece of music here, as is usually the case from you... the unusual time-signature-skipping does give this a unique lilt, very nice. As for negatives, I thought the piece started too abruptly, you gave me the initial flute melody right away, no lead-up... I want to be teased, give me some intro sans flute! And of course, you fade out, which I usually don't like... perhaps a real ending would be good :-) That's about the only suggestions I can think of, otherwise, this is a great piece, wonderful flute grace notes, sounds like you let the flautist breathe here and there, so its playable, and sumptuous melody and harmonies.
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VicDiesel said 3898 days ago (December 23rd, 2008)
Great stuff
That's a good flute riff. The time signature stuff is not too jarring, since you're mostly in 12/8. Very well arranged, with sounds filling up parts of the spectrum without it becoming cluttered.
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Bowman said 3897 days ago (December 23rd, 2008)
First time...
I've heard you music Einar and what a pleasure it is.
Smooth, exciting and totally enjoyable.

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Ed Hannifin said 3897 days ago (December 23rd, 2008)
Instantly one of my favorites...
...among your pieces... There's definitely an acoustic Jethro Tull feel in the flute intro, although this goes by the board as the underpinning changes throughout the piece.... Really nice playing with the time signature without ending up sounding like a music school project... This sounds natural and musical...

I've written this a hundred times here, but I love music that sounds like it's just a whisker shy of having a vocal line... You certainly have a vocal ready melody line, if you wanted one...

Get Enya and Annie Lennox to team up on it and get it into the movie of The Hobbit...

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thetiler said 3897 days ago (December 24th, 2008)
christmas feel with the flute, but you are really good at adding a nice contemporary feel to your music. Your an inspiration to me to immerse myself in a contemporary sounds.
Really enjoyed this, I am not sure that there is anybody at MJ that I've heard do cool pop john tesh sounds like you. But forget John Tesh, this is all YOU! And Wow it is !

Quite breathtaking for me !
Way to Go ! Impressed!
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egobandit said 3897 days ago (December 24th, 2008)
hear the Peter Gabriel influence. Your music writing ability is outstanding. Enjoyed this alot
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gisli said 3897 days ago (December 24th, 2008)
Það er skemmtilegur ævintýrabragur yfir þessu. Margt í gangi, mikið líf og fjör, taktbreytingar og læti. Þessi fallega flautulaglína minnir á fuglasöng og krafturinn í laginu öllu hefur hlustandann til flugs.
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MarkHolbrook said 3897 days ago (December 24th, 2008)
I just love
how full your pieces are. So much working and moving around. Keeps you waiting for the next "sound" to appear!

Beautiful, spectacular!
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Kev3136 said 3897 days ago (December 24th, 2008)
Lol reminds me of a Safari. very inspiring. And besides the fact that you used the word Brutal in your description, that makes it all the more better.
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apb said 3897 days ago (December 24th, 2008)
The pacing ..

.. and instrumentation gives that sense of wide open spaces .. perfect soundtrack material for adventures in such wilder areas. The ethnic instruments might need tailoring to the particular region .. but it's a perfect example of music for that genre .. excellent performance and craftmanship.

Happy Christmas Einar and hope to see and hear from you in the New Year.
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jiguma said 3894 days ago (December 27th, 2008)
That flute
sounds incredible - the trills (? - not sure of the tech name, but I'm sure you'll know what I mean)) sound so real. I can hear Ian Anderson singing a counter melody here - and maybe a Peruvian pipe ensemble doing some backup.

Just a beautiful full "musical" sound. Love the rhythmic things happening.

Happy 2009 Einar!
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sky shoes said 3772 days ago (April 27th, 2009)
Excuse me
I was enthralled, and then I was going to just click away. Had to come back and thank you for this sweet piece of music I downloaded. Awesome
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CraizeeMusic said 2519 days ago (October 2nd, 2012)
Sounds Gaelic-influenced
I love Celtic music, and the flute line reminds me of Celtic influences, and the other instrument (Marimba?) is an interesting and attractive blend.
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