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Paradigm Lost


Warren Smith

 Genre: Art Rock

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In a different approach to songwriting creativity, I first jotted down a dozen titles for an album's worth of material ... and now I'm trying to write the actual songs based on those titles.

This represents the first finished piece of that list.

In it I have tried to incorporate a variety of sounds recorded while moving around the city, with the idea of using those snippets for adding percussion and atmosphere. In some places it seems to add interest ... and in others it may just muddy the overall clarity.
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I'm searching for my paradigm lost
I'm worried what it’s gonna cost
I didn't think it would be so hard to find
it's a battle for peace of mind
I'm searching for my paradigm lost

Strategies that worked before
feel deader than a dinosaur
like vinegar that once was wine
my soured thoughts have turpentined
I know I fought this battle before
but it's not a game where you keep score

I feel like I'm being terrorized
by phantom fears I can't describe
I need a pardon to escape this prison
I grown adept at indecision
Oh where oh where can my paradigm be?

Nothing is clear and nothing seems certain
in fact, if anything, things have worsened
my assets simply evaporated
I can't even afford to get medicated
I don't want your charity
I'm just looking for some clarity

If you see my little lost paradigm please send it home ....
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Feter said 3914 days ago (January 26th, 2009)
Paradigm Lost
This is impressive ..your theme is totaly syd barret like then your vocal work
is all N Young ..the guitar work all king crimson then choosing a banjo like
sound thats just terrific my friend ...best way to interepret the lyrics this
way ..this is way too cool ...thnx alot for sharin such Art !!!!!
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paul f. page said 3914 days ago (January 26th, 2009)
Very Interesting Concept
I think you have come up with an idea that's not been tried before. I wonder how difficult it will be to actually finish the project. Wonderfully playful "sounds" punctuating the whole orchestration. I envy you the variety of your choices for their originality. A most-interesting percussion section throughout...And I really like your use of strings, esp. the imitative writing there. A really clever concept that is well-realized, too. Glad I heard this. I learned some new things.
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Char said 3898 days ago (February 11th, 2009)
This was
kind of "buy one and get two more free". This is an ambitious piece of music. I enjoyed it and appreciate all the work you put into it. Was your paradigm wearing a purple hoodie when you last saw it? Thanks.
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saymme said 3898 days ago (February 12th, 2009)
ArtRock !! KUDOS its DL !!!
"...If You See My Little Lost Paradigm PLEASE Send It on Home " HahahHAHA WOW......this is making my day !
GREAT SONG love the diff styles /( ARTROCK!!! thankYoun-dl
Bob6stringer said 3828 days ago (April 22nd, 2009)
prismatic Jello mold
Note to self: Must add to playlist alongside the early Moodies' "Timothy Leary's Dead," the Ventures' "Telstar" and "I'm not your stepping stone." Predates Zappa's "Saint Alfonzo's Pankage Breakfast" by a decade or more, but has something of that angular zippiness. And here we go, down the synth-sitar slide. Nice Revolution No. 9 backwards masking, even... Weeeee!

Crazy, choppy, symphonic, jaunty... a cheerful, psychedelic and ever-prismatic jello mold! Don't let yer acid evaporate next time. And for pure blues-meets-psychedelia, I recommend an old fave of mine, Nektar's first album, "Journey to the Center of the Eye." Just spun that old vinyl on a couple weeks back!
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Boundless said 3828 days ago (April 23rd, 2009)
In its own way. Creative. Fun.

Merci !
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Calchas said 3773 days ago (June 16th, 2009)
"Help I'm a rock!"

Like the early Mothers Of Invention meets Neil Young.

A very interesting piece Warren. It took me back several decades.

Enjoyed VERY much!

Be well friend!
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crissew said 3712 days ago (August 16th, 2009)
Another good one
Very well done. I love the creative syd barrett meets zappa meets neil young approach (never thought I would say that). Enjoyed it. I am a fan.
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crissew said 3708 days ago (August 21st, 2009)
By the way, clever
Milton referrence.
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Location: Brooklyn NY USA
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Born in a Minnesota blizzard, I'm now residing in a coastal heat of Brooklyn, New York City. I recorded my first original composition as a teenager using a reel-to-reel tape recorder back in 1967, and I'm still finding it a creative challenge... [see more]

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Art rock is a sub-genre of rock music that is characterized by ambitious lyrical themes and melodic or rhythmic experimentation, often extending beyond standard pop song forms and toward influences in jazz, classical, or the avant-garde. The art rock

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