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Keep Looking for Jesus (MJRF)

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In 2005 I posted more than 50 songs on MacJams. Looking back now, it's hard to imagine. Where did I find the time?

This is one of the first songs I posted, and I remember being nervous about how it would be received, since very few people had ever heard it. Hope you enjoy.
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I used to think I was Jesus
Come again to save the world
I used to think I was Jesus
Come again to save the world
Not a broken bone in my body
I could be the chosen one.

Did you ever think nothing is real
Except in your mind?
No people around you, no world,
No stars when you close your eyes
Did you think were Jesus
Come again to save the world?
It could be true
It could be true.

Keep looking for Jesus
Everywhere that you go
He could be a man on the street
He could be the Man in the Moon
Keep looking for Jesus
He may come back soon
If it’s true
If it’s true

I mean no disrespect
Singing this song
I know I might be right
Then again I might be wrong
I’m just looking for Jesus
Don’t you want to come along?

(repeat chorus)
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Alvarez guitar
TobinMueller said 3295 days ago (February 13th, 2009)
A delight
...and brilliant as well. Man, I love this song, on so many levels. Thanks for reposting.
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Cori Ander said 3295 days ago (February 13th, 2009)
Lovely! So great to see and hear you again!
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Tom Atwood said 3295 days ago (February 13th, 2009)
Tobin and Johannes for visiting this old song. Hard to believe it was 4 years ago...
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composerclark said 3295 days ago (February 13th, 2009)
Jesus Complex
Here's a funny thing: I have heard this before and loved it, and I thought I must have left a comment to that effect on the previously posted version of this song, but I just checked and I didn't. Apparently. Then I thought perhaps what I'm remembering is having heard it on your CD, "Songs from the American Plain," but nope, it's not on there...

So then I thought, maybe nothing is real, including both the thought that I have heard this before and the thought that nothing is real, and this was starting to hurt my brain, so I just listened to the song again and decided to leave a real comment, as opposed to the unreal one I evidently left or didn't leave the first time I heard this.

And here it is:

This is a very clever and wonderful song.

It's kind of off-beat — what does he mean, he used to think he was Jesus? — and quirky — a "things are real because we can see them, therefore they cease to be real if we can't" kind of logic.

And there's this business about Jesus; put that name in a song and buttons get pressed for a lot of people, but this is a song about Jesus (or at least a Jesus complex) that is unlike any I've ever heard, which is very, very cool.

It is great to see/hear you around MacJams once again. 50 songs posted in one year is extraordinary; I have no idea how you did that. Really. But it would be great to hear more!
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Tom Atwood said 3295 days ago (February 13th, 2009)
Complex response
Clark -

Thanks for your thoughtful, funny comment. This song did not make it onto the American Plain CD in part because of its lo-fi production, and also because I still wonder if it's too off-beat for most people.

The funny (or shockingly pathetic) thing is, when I was a teenager, the thought did enter my mind that I might save the world, since I was at the center of the Universe at that time, and the Universe revolved around me. Somehow, that has changed.

But - this song is really not about me. It's about two ideas: first, that someone could be egomaniacal enough to think he is the messiah, and 2nd, that the messiah could actually be living among us, that we all have a piece of him within us. That's three ideas I guess.

Anyway, it is an odd song. I'm just glad some people like it, and that the days of stoning suspected heretics are behind us.

Good to hear from you again, Professor!
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composerclark said 3295 days ago (February 13th, 2009)
I really think you should put this on your next CD. For me it is a great example of "Indy" music; it's not mainstream, it's quirky, clever, etc., and i think LOTS of people would love it if they could hear it.
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Peter Greenstone said 3295 days ago (February 13th, 2009)
It's back!
Glad to hear this great tune again, Tom.
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Tom Atwood said 3295 days ago (February 13th, 2009)
Green Man
Thanks Peter. If I'm not mistaken, you were the first person to leave a comment when I posted this piece four years ago. I have appreciated your support and help in various projects over the years. Hope all is well in Texas.
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Dadai.2 said 3295 days ago (February 13th, 2009)
Gosh Tom...

I love your vocal harmonies. They are so... harmonious! Helps that you have such a pleasing voice to listen to. I liked this song then... and still do. And I'm looking...

thanks and nice to hear one of your songs.
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Moviz said 3295 days ago (February 13th, 2009)
Love the clean
sounds of your voice and guitar and the lovely 'lighthearted ' approach in this song. It really is a clever song with those timings and you got it across beautifully, regards M
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Feter said 3294 days ago (February 13th, 2009)
Keep Looking for Jesus
WO ..what a folkie sound ..this reminds me of early 60s bravery lyrics ..
great great one my friend ...its my kinda songs ...when a guitar and an
honest vocal is all what it need to say the word ...kudos ...thnx alot for
sharin such gem !!!
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SmokeyVW said 3294 days ago (February 14th, 2009)
And it's five, six, seven...
i like the lyrics, deceptively lighthearted, yet holding a more serious observation. very nice.

thank you
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The Orbiting said 3292 days ago (February 15th, 2009)
You really should have known you weren't Jesus. He didn't own any ponchos.

I hadn't heard this one before, which is bizarre because I'm such a big fan of yours, but it's delightful to think there are treasures in your back catalog for me to find still. Your voice is so beautiful (in all the senses of 'voice') and I miss it here more than almost anyone else's.
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Tom Atwood said 3292 days ago (February 16th, 2009)
Underloved (this song & ponchos)
Thanks Lisa. I posted this piece again because I felt like it needed love. I wrote it years before I discovered Macjams, recorded it on a digital 4-track, and hid it away. So, I am glad it is being "born again" (to borrow a well-worn phrase).

As for ponchos? Remember, one of the many people you mock for wearing them could in fact be Jesus in disguise. Keep looking...
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blindsidedpoets said 3261 days ago (March 19th, 2009)
Wel written, well presented, well played, well sung. Reminiscent of Raffi... that is a very good thing, btw.
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awigze said 3141 days ago (July 16th, 2009)
this reminds me of one of those text thingies that ya get on your phone... it said, Jesus is coming back, look busy.
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Bob6stringer said 3111 days ago (August 15th, 2009)
You're the man, or something more?
As you hoped, I enjoy, I enjoy, despite my devout non-belief in this particular cool, long-haired carpenter. Then again, 50 songs in 2005? You could be that Jesus.
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mandolinquent said 3093 days ago (September 3rd, 2009)
Your voice is so beautiful. And your songwriting is exceptional. It's lovely to hear this stuff again...
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lekii said 3012 days ago (November 23rd, 2009)
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michaelkoppenheffer said 2967 days ago (January 7th, 2010)
jim bouchard recommended your
music to me--and he steered me well-- your playing & singing is expressive as well as polished, and this song is really nicely done: interesting and original.
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Heidi_E said 2811 days ago (June 12th, 2010)
Loved the harmonies on this particularly. It's a new style for me, i don't listen to much folk music but this was nice. I enjoyed it!
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ktholliday said 2671 days ago (October 30th, 2010)
Sweet, Tom
I just tuned in.........what a nice song, and your voice, is uplifting! Very happy to have you sing this song!! I will listen in on more of your music! ~ great lyrics ~ Take good care ~ Katy ~
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