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Stop War - Plague



 Genre: Ambient

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Music and production by Dirigent

I continue my series "Stop War" with the episode "Plague"
I did without marking it as "explicit" - but it is quite a dark track, which I made after reading this article:

Plague is not only a disease of the Dark Ages:
During World War II, the Japanese Army developed weaponised plague, based on the breeding and release of large numbers of fleas. During the Japanese occupation of Manchuria, Unit 731 deliberately infected Chinese, Korean, and Manchurian civilians and prisoners of war with the plague bacterium. These subjects, termed "maruta", or "logs", were then studied by dissection, others by vivisection while still conscious. Members of the unit such as Shiro Ishii were exonerated from the Tokyo tribunal by Douglas MacArthur but twelve of them were prosecuted in the Khabarovsk War Crime Trials in 1949 during which some admitted having spread Bubonic plague within a 36-km radius around the city of Changde.
After World War II, both the United States and the Soviet Union developed means of weaponising pneumonic plague. Experiments included various delivery methods, vacuum drying, sizing the bacterium, developing strains resistant to antibiotics, combining the bacterium with other diseases (such as diphtheria), and genetic engineering. Scientists who worked in USSR bio-weapons programs have stated that the Soviet effort was formidable and that large stocks of weaponised plague bacteria were produced. Information on many of the Soviet projects is largely unavailable. Aerosolized pneumonic plague remains the most significant threat. The plague can be easily treated with antibiotics, thus a widespread epidemic is highly unlikely in developed countries.
(Taken from Wikepedia)
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dolby said 3292 days ago (February 15th, 2009)
Like you say, a very dark track. But the quality of each sound is impressive. There is great space in here, and the ambient vocals are very moving/disturbing. Love the mix, and the arrangement - really great orchestral sounds. Terrifyingly good!

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LunaTrick said 3291 days ago (February 15th, 2009)
Enjoy this series...
This is a wonderful composition Andreas!
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DWL said 3291 days ago (February 15th, 2009)
Dark indeed
but very involving and evocative.



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Feter said 3291 days ago (February 15th, 2009)
Stop War - Plague
Ye I think the Organ reminds me of Massinet (spelling) ..indeed which is
very much dark and very much giving the spirit of darkness ...this is brilliant
and genuine ...the horns with the organ just a match of depth here ...
excellent my friend ....thnx alot for sharing !!!!

*I just wonder for whom all the evil ways of killings..big question mark *
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davajonah said 3291 days ago (February 15th, 2009)
Wonderfully full and evocative sound. Heavy stuff!
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futzpucker said 3291 days ago (February 15th, 2009)
An amazing artistic statement, very effective, very expressive, very creative...

You are a major talent, Andreas. Thanks for allowing us in.

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davisamerica said 3290 days ago (February 16th, 2009)
Andreas ....
impressive ....
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tokai said 3290 days ago (February 16th, 2009)
i like this theme you are making, it is thought provoking. Well done sir.
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Moviz said 3290 days ago (February 16th, 2009)
Very ominous
and dark sounds/music descriptive indeed of the words above and the carefree yawns and whistling, laughter interspersed here and there, bring it home as to how callous and inhumane some of the most powerful people in the world can be. Awe-ful in the true meaning of the word..... and the execution/playing of the instruments is wonderful, regards M
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Roxylee said 3290 days ago (February 17th, 2009)
and the story in it should make even the athiests pray. After reading articles like the one above, and Robin Cook novels, it is all too real what this music describes. You did a very creative and effective job at portraying what it would be like, if these germs get unleashed on the world.
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sloparts said 3289 days ago (February 17th, 2009)
Dark it is
but then again they do call it the "Black Death".

Very well done Andreas, even if it is hard to listen to because of the bleak nature of the subject. There can be no doubt about your musical composition skills though after listening to this.

excellent my friend, Bravo for you courage.

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jiguma said 3289 days ago (February 18th, 2009)
The combination of the picture, the short passage and your sinister composition conjures up a scene of dread and fear. I can't remember being so viscerally shaken up by a post at MJ before - or by any other music for that matter.

Wirklich fantastisch!

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Willywagga said 3289 days ago (February 18th, 2009)
Amazingly atmospheric, interesting organic happenings unfolding.

Love it.

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sonnyjim said 3272 days ago (March 6th, 2009)
Very 'Shinjuku Thief'
Rich, dark and orchestral; beautifully produced. File under "Post Industrial".
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Doug Somers said 3272 days ago (March 6th, 2009)
Darker than black
And with a unique unsettling sonic environment. There's a lot of creepy evil flowing through this piece. Well conceived and executed. If it would only stop the kind of insanity you wrote about....


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