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Black & White



 Genre: Rock

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This song depicts the life of a girl who gets caught up in the shallow world of hanger ons & users that we call ‘Showbiz’, it is based on an actual event that happened to an acquaintence of mine.

The song takes you on a journey through her life & follows the rise of this lost individual which eventully leads to her demise. During the guitar breaks I pictured her living the high life, smoothing down her dress & scrutinising her figure, looking half turned in the mirror before a night out, smiling & laughing, drinking, taking, falling out out of a cab in the early hours of the morning looking the worst for wear after a night out etc. & then picturing her last days.

So, so SAD & a terrible waste of a young vibrant human being. Shame on you producers, dealers & pushers, YOU ARE SCUM! I hope you wrap your Lambo's around a tree at a 120 m.p.h. On second thoughts make that a streetlight coz unlike you, trees are useful!

I dedicate this song to all the people who have lost loved ones to drugs, living or not.

Volume Warning:
(& I strongly recommend that you follow the lyrics)

Both Guitar & Vocals (Apart from 1 over dub on the vocal, special effect & the last verse) were done in 1 take, so it warts & all I am afraid.

Big thanks goes to David (your guitar kicks A$$) Ross for letting me muck about with his song, I found the music really hypnotic which sortta goes with the subject matter.
David’s original song can be found here:
Black & White

Music & Arrangement: David Ross © 2009
Vocals & Lyrics: AbstractVision (Billy Attwell) © 2009
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Lyrics By AbstractVision (Billy Attwell) © 2009

You’ve made quite
A name for yourself
You think you’re pretty cool
Sleeping with the famous
But you’re acting like a fool
Always in the limelight
The flash bulb is your friend
A victim of your own success
& It’s gonna be your end

Paparazzi gather round
DICKtaphones in hand
Drooling at your silocone
As you pose there with the band
Hanging on your every word
& everything you do
You’re their flavour of the day
They feed themselves from you

You live out your life
In black & white
You’re human by day
But something else at night

Take, take, take,
It’s all you seem to do
But your taking far too much my friend
It’ll be the death of you
You’ve sold your soul
For fortune & fame
It seems that you’ll do anything
Just to make you’re name
I follow your shallow existence
Just how far can you go?
I’ll probably find you dead one day
Under a key of snow

Maxed out all your credit cards
To look good with your friends
You’re livin’ way too first my girl
Just a means too your end
Left me in your trail of dust
Forgotten what we had
Smiling for the cameras
But I know you’re really sad

Pushers, users, gangsters
You’ve probably met ‘em all
But you won’t see their hides for dust
When you’re heading for your fall
Heading for your fall
Heading for your fall

Those superficial friends of yours
Got under your skin
Offered you the ‘wonder drug’
To keep you looking thin
Keep you looking thin
To keep you looking thin

Finally made the front page
Finally made your name
But you’re not here to tell the tale
Another loser in the game
Loser in the game
Loser in the game
Loser in the game
Loser in the game
Loser in the game

You lived out your life
In black & white
You lived out your life
In black & white
You lived out your life
In black & white
In black & white
In black & white

I followed your shallow existence
I watched you have your thrill
But you exchanged a normal life
For a mirror & a bill
Watched you have your thrill
Watched you have your thrill
But you exchanged a normal life
For a mirror & a bill
Mirror & a bill........

FOR A MIRROR....& A BILL........!

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sheilad said 3712 days ago (May 16th, 2009)
great lyrics
on a tough subject matter. Great job on painting the picture. Thanks for the d/l
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Char said 3712 days ago (May 16th, 2009)
Excellent lyrics.
Committed delivery of the song in all quarters. Some choices should never have been made. And death administered by doses is a horrible price to pay for celebrity. Thanks.
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Feter said 3712 days ago (May 17th, 2009)
Black & White
Man ....this rock so good ...very nice subject and thoughtful as well ..
great singing ...the guitars so loud and good ...nice bass supporting !!
well done ...thnx alot for sharin !!!!
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DeathArrow said 3711 days ago (May 17th, 2009)
wow very rockin' sound !!

great !!

but though the production is a bit rough ..

fav'd !!

cheers, Luke
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Name: billy attwell
Location: Lancing West Sussex UK
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First & Foremost I must give a BIG SHOUT OUT to all the fantastic & talented musicians that I have Collaborated with over the years, without their IMMENSE TALENT my lyrical thoughts & feelings would have never ever been realised, i owe you all so muc... [see more]

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