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In Short, a Sonata for a Piano and Cello in D



 Genre: Classical

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Completed this with a tweaked Fitch Cello, and kinda learned how to EQ in Garageband. I want to hear whatchy'all think. Picture stolen off deviantART... sorry nnoik, whoever you are. It's called "cello on the beach".
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Uploaded: May 27, 2009 - 05:18:24 PM
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M-audio Ozone Keyboard, Mac Mini.
Garageband, Fitch Cello, AUMatrixReverb
davisamerica said 3742 days ago (May 27th, 2009)
right then ...
This hits me more as "ambient" ... lol ... maybe classical ambient. Your production sounds really nice .... the Fitch Chello is nicely done ... what keyboard do you use ? ... and what tweeking did you do cos honestly the mix is very cool. Really simplistic but interesting flow. :-] ... actually I found it quiet a lovely work.
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SlideOfHand said 3742 days ago (May 27th, 2009)
re: right then
I suppose it could be ambient... I just got the classical feeling due to the cello & piano.

Yeah, I really do like the fitch cello. I only weakened the attack so you couldn't hear every bow stroke and made the release longer. I also used AUmatrixreverb and drowned everything. I also eq'ed it a bit. I learned a lot about that whole underside of garageband.

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LunaTrick said 3742 days ago (May 27th, 2009)
The lower fitch isn't bad for a detache bowing sound... the upper register starts to sound like a wind instrument though. But I realize it's one of the better software cellos around. This piece reminded me of Harold Budd... I enjoyed it a lot.
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Boundless said 3742 days ago (May 27th, 2009)
Love the minimalist approach of the piece.
Classical ambient - sounds right.

Thanks for sharing.
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filmscoremike said 3741 days ago (May 28th, 2009)
Every note counts...
I agree with the comments above. It's very atmospheric; but in no way do I mean that as a bad thing. Actually it's awesome :) The EQ you did do, makes it sound great. You definitely took your time with this piece; you make every note count. Which I love.
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composerclark said 3741 days ago (May 28th, 2009)
Very nice. It definitely has an 'ambient' vibe, as others have said, but no reason it can't be classical too. My only suggestion is that it seems like it could have gone on longer... ambient music often goes on at great length, almost drawing you into a hypnotic state. That piano sample you have is remarkably percussive; sounds a bit like a period instrument, like a fortepiano, or even a regular piano with thumbtacks on the pads. Nothing wrong with that, just not the usual piano sound!

Hope to hear more of your music.
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Char said 3741 days ago (May 28th, 2009)
It is methodical
and has the sound of a heroic piece that might back the Argos sailing off for the Golden Fleece. Jason and the Argonauts. I have a link for you, if you like. You might find similarities. Thanks.
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magnatone said 3741 days ago (May 29th, 2009)
that Fitch cello has a gorgeous sound - i should start using that with my music. your song here really shows off it's luster. this is a very enjoyable listen, and you're certainly getting the hang of the process fast! Welcome to MJ - I look forward to hearing more of your music!
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hooverfry said 3740 days ago (May 29th, 2009)
nice! really enjoyed this. thanks for sharing.
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Livingstone said 3740 days ago (May 30th, 2009)
it does have a very Nautical sound.. I can see a man and woman pushing off their little sailing dory, and rowing out until they can raise the sails and catch a light breeze, then they disappear into the fog.. In black and white..

Steve Poltz made a comment to a young fan who claimed to be a song writer.. he said; write something everyday, JUST WRITE, be it music, or lyrics, work your art daily.. I know you dont have access to a mac every day (oh how I wish you did) BUT, I`m seeing people on here creating with Audacity.. do you have an adapter so you can just plug your guitar or mic`s into the 1/8th inch jack? WIll it work that way on a P.C. as it does on the mac`s?

all these questions and still I havnt commented on your song..

It has a great feel, all the notes are very well placed, and very thought out.. as I said before and as all your new fans suggest..WE WANT MORE FROM SLIDE!!!

how about creating something that coincides with your Profile name? how about a SLIDE tune? or better yet TWO!!

one tune in a bluesy feel
and another in the WORLD genera that you`ve been studying!!

SlideOfHand said 3740 days ago (May 30th, 2009)
Interesting image scott. I don't get such a sea-faring impression from it, but I like to hear how others interpret it.

My PC is a wreck, really. I can't import things from within a program, it doesn't have much ram, brother downloaded a virus, etc etc. I'm sure I probably could manage something, but I'd much rather just use a mac. Besides, audacity just can't compete... It's not the same LOL

Create one with slide.... well you see, I don't plan these recordings, they just happen XD I get an idea and run with it. So far none of them have been slide pieces.

Oh yes, there will be more.... and thanks everyone... I wasn't expecting all the good comments :)
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drakonis said 3740 days ago (May 30th, 2009)
soft and gentle
A little bit simple, but pretty and dreamy. That Fitch cello is awesome, isn't it? There are many things you can do to it to make it sound better too, by playing with the different GB automation curves... I've always wanted to play with the curves of a cello :-)
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Doug Somers said 3739 days ago (May 30th, 2009)
Spacious, lots of room to breathe
This is so impactful - the repeating theme in the percussion and the piano stabs, the pauses, the feeling of waiting for something. I like how the cello and the silence seem to stitch this together like an undercurrent. You have not rushed this at all and it works really well as a result.

Be well,
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