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Bloofies Blues

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So, I lost a dear friend pet this week...totally a once in a lifetime animal...just a giant cat, that was a lump o love.

2 summers ago i worked really hard on a cd of all acoustic blues material and was virtually finished with it...except i had 2 pieces on it that i wasnt totally sure of, both solo slide guitar things. This is one of them... I had only been playing slide for a month or so, and while I thought I had gotten a pretty good sound on the pieces, the playing was pretty spotty...so the whole cd got shelved, because i never did do the 2 replacement recordings...anyway...as I was working on my slide playing, i noticed that my big fellah seemed to really like the sound of the slide, as he would invariably come into the studio and steal my computer chair, but not to sleep but to kinda watch me...so on this one night we were playing "who's ass gets the chair"...which involves a cat, a human and one chair...and i went to the closet sound booth and improvised this little slide thing. I recorded his purring and put it at the intro...and there it sat...all mixed with no place to go.

Anyway, the playing is even more spotty than i remember, it's actually pretty bad!...but it is one take and it was a really fun night which has always stuck out in my mind because we were having a hell of a time fighting for the chair....i messed with the purring a little...all the original recordings were lost in my big crash...so i couldnt fix anything.

There is one more ancient Bloof recording....i may just find it and post it ...i believe it was recorded before i had GarageBand and was working with the free version of protools....

to all the animal lovers out there!!!!
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MarkHolbrook said 3713 days ago (July 21st, 2009)
I wondered if music
would come from this loss... I'm sorry... so sorry... I will miss Bloofie stories!
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Feter said 3713 days ago (July 21st, 2009)
Bloofies Blues
its a spot on and a great one really ...the slide
is amazing ...just amazing ... !

deepest bow ...

I m sorry !
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drakonis said 3713 days ago (July 21st, 2009)
play it, feel it, cherish it. Puts a purring smile on my face listening to you play, Fran. Bloofus has all the chair in the world now, and loved the way you took care of him.
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davisamerica said 3712 days ago (July 22nd, 2009)
while my guitar
gently weeps .... Z ... you have a heart of gold and magic fingers my friend. this is great.
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said 3712 days ago (July 22nd, 2009)
see what you mean, now - like a motor house

cool slick slide work, Fran

. - Harold
magnatone said 3712 days ago (July 22nd, 2009)
Bloofies Blues
wonderful work fran - so glad you posted this
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awigze said 3712 days ago (July 22nd, 2009)
a salute to all those lives that Bloofie touched- an amazing cat... so cool to have had this cat in your lives!
quote taken from lyrics:
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guitapick said 3712 days ago (July 22nd, 2009)
Sorry to hear...
...about the loss of a friend, Fran. Nice tune, though...glad he got to hear it, too.
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Ed Hannifin said 3709 days ago (July 25th, 2009)
Nice playing and nice recording...
...except for that huge freakin' helicopter taking off in the background... Oh, wait...

This is a very appropriate recording to carry the weight of Bloofitudinousness.... A lot of nice wood and resonance and it's got a bit of that front-porch-and-rocking-chair, blues-but-with-contentment vibe to it, icy cold root beer sweating on a stool at your side... You really do have to bring out the acoustic CD, though...

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stratcat said 3697 days ago (August 7th, 2009)
Great slide playing, nice acoustic tones. Cool little melody, mixed in with the purring.
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crissew said 3693 days ago (August 10th, 2009)
Very cool
impressive playing. Well done. Sorry about your loss. The loss of a pet is tough, I know.
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Daugrin said 3680 days ago (August 23rd, 2009)
Departed Friend
Right in the pocket on the genre, but you knew that, sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.
This is better than a picture of your friend Z. Kinda like watching a home movie...

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thoddi said 3669 days ago (September 3rd, 2009)
sad blues
Cool to hear you do a slide guitar blues. It's sad to loose a friend. Your blues with the prrrr'ing groove sounds like a good way to remember him.
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Bob6stringer said 3665 days ago (September 7th, 2009)
Animal tracks
This isn't so much sloppy as it is ...relaxed. Like that picture of the Bloofer. Nice job on those lyrics. As I write this comment my retriever Hanuman is leaning on me with all his weight, between me and my MacBook... Animals do like to hog our attention; they deserve the occasional tribute.
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ziti said 3665 days ago (September 7th, 2009)
i miss bloofie so much....he has been gone for over a month...and i miss him more everyday. i have never had that experience loosing a cat, and i have had kitties my whole life. He was the best ever.

thanks for the comment and hug your dog.
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Alannah said 3649 days ago (September 23rd, 2009)
Nooooooooooooo not the Bloof .....
... how did I miss this ??? Bloof was my favourite cat of all time and we never even met!
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Elevator_Funk said 3615 days ago (October 27th, 2009)
nice story
sorry about your cat. the purring is cool. and i didn't think the guitar playing was bad at all. I dig it.
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blindsidedpoets said 3605 days ago (November 6th, 2009)
Bloofies Blues
Awesome... Just awesome!
Ry Cooder/Les Copeland/Robert Johnson kinda good, that's freaking good!
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Char said 3531 days ago (January 19th, 2010)
Love the
purring and I could see Bloof enjoyed the set. Wonderful. And, still remembered. Thanks.
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