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Project Moon Wolfe

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This is really more of a TV theme than a cinematic soundtrack, it has a sort of 70's80's feel to it. I used to love shows like Star Trek, Space 1999, Battlestar Galactica, Six Million dallar Man etc.This is a sort of homage to some of those shows.
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Strat, Oxygen8, Line6 gearbox
Sequel by Stienberg
Feter said 3096 days ago (August 29th, 2009)
Project Moon Wolfe
WO ...do you know what the creative about it ?
the guitar part and the sense of rock within
a space odessey kinda music ...really like it !
good job with the production the mixing ...
kudos ..thnx alot for sharin !!!!!
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NickFury said 3096 days ago (August 29th, 2009)
Space odessey
Thanks alot man, it's a fun one.
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Calchas said 3096 days ago (August 29th, 2009)
The piece is as you described it. Nice job Robby. Beautifully mixed too!

Be well!
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NickFury said 3094 days ago (August 30th, 2009)
thanks a lot, it's mixed ok, except the guitar lead riff towards end clips a bit, but it sure was fun makin it.
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ste said 3095 days ago (August 29th, 2009)
mix. really like the guitar pedal note thing. esp 1.20 or so. atmospheric!
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NickFury said 3094 days ago (August 30th, 2009)
is really a big part in this, really the first time I ever used key synth parts, worked out good I guess.
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maxruehl said 3093 days ago (August 31st, 2009)
Hey, Robby.
I like it! I totally get the 80's TV vibe from this piece--hmmm, apparently your time in LA had an effect on you.:P Very nice homage to those old TV shows. Oh, and thanks for the nice comments on my latest track.:)
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Doug Somers said 3059 days ago (October 4th, 2009)
Lovely Intro of the legato synth
that builds with the beats and then layer on layer of sound. I can see the intro credits now. :o) Good sense of the action and conflict to come in the story. Listening to ust the melody line around the 2:05 mark I thought it sounded like this could be recast melodically as a western.

Like how you finish with the wailing guitar too - very appropriate to your period of influence.

The only thing I can add is 1000101001010010010010.

Be well,

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VicDiesel said 3022 days ago (November 10th, 2009)
Nice piece, especially that guitar solo bit. Very nice how you thin out the texture at that point to make space. Subsequent bleeps are cool too.
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Bob6stringer said 3021 days ago (November 11th, 2009)
A great Galaxy Quest!
This sounds a bit newer and ore trip-hop / acid-jazz influenced than any of those old space shows. Although I can hear a touch of ST DS9 or Voyager in it. I like the shifting mood when right around when your bring-in the electric guitar leads. It really goes through the wormhole at that point. I dig this even though I generally say I hate both electronica/ambient music. I guess if it's done well, there's a lot to like... in this case, a lot.

P.S.: If you're at all into Star Trek, you HAVE TO check out the TrekCast podcast -- a laff riot run by two ex-bartenders at the Vegas Star Trek Experience.
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stratcat said 3008 days ago (November 24th, 2009)
I like it
Has a mysterious feel to it. Definetly soundtrack material. Very sci-fi, cool.
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scaustrita said 3006 days ago (November 27th, 2009)
Made for TV for sure!
I like the way you mix styles, Cinematic, 80's pop, and that Latin percussion!
Very nice ending too . . .

:: Creative ::

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billykirsch said 3005 days ago (November 27th, 2009)
Tribal future
I like when the congas enter in the picture. And the guitar solo: unexpected distortion after the soft synths.
Nice dialog around 3:50.
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ShadowofNine said 2979 days ago (December 23rd, 2009)
Fine piece
Of music, well crafted,mixed and performed..enjoyed muchly
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Jarvoid said 2957 days ago (January 14th, 2010)
Nicely done
some nice effects and nice themes running through this piece.I was going to be cheeky and say that you had to understand binary before you could read this comment then realised that I had forgotten how to write it ....doh?

Jarv Droid
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ConnieO said 2947 days ago (January 24th, 2010)
Project Moon Wolfe
Nice homage! You have a real knack with production here. I think you would like my brother's similar style
Johnny Blues on macjams (don't let the "Blues" fool you.) Glad I found your music on macjams and I'll keep a look out for your posts.
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NickFury said 2946 days ago (January 25th, 2010)
Connie for giving this a spin, I think as production goes, this may be my best mix.

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