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Passage (MJ Space Race 2009)



 Genre: Ambient

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A space nightmare -- being cast adrift, left to the unimaginable void. Ever since I was an impressionable kid watching sci-fi movies, this idea (when I think about it) horrifies me to the bone. Trying to imagine what thoughts might pass through the mind of one faced with the inevitable, far, far away from those who care. Only the sound of your own breathing, with the occasional crackle of radio static.

If you happen to be in orbit, there is a chance of rescue. If you happen to have been on a long interplanetary (or even interstellar) journey, there is no hope.

If you were set adrift because of some cataclysm, you might be spinning. There is little to be done about that, according to Newton. The universe swirls before your eyes. It is dizzying and maddening. You must close your eyes. If you are not spinning, then you face the deep, in all its majesty and terror.

In the near perfect vacuum of space, you are not, as they say, food for worms. You drift along your current trajectory for an eternity, more or less anatomically intact (forget those Arnold movies). The odds of actually running into something are almost nil, in spite of the ever-present meteor storms in old sci-fi movies.

Well, sorry for that but, as I said, it's the stuff of nightmares.

At first, I imagine there is panic, then desperation leading to a quiet hopelessness. There is time. Maybe a few hours, maybe a couple of days. Strangely, a resolved peace, a stardust-to-stardust serenity, maybe even hope washes over you. For the first time, you might experience a genuine communion with the profundity of Nature on the largest scale, in the 14-billion-year sense, thoughts that ultimately fade away, as .... I can barely stand it.

Made with Zebra 2 (15 tracks) and the EXSP24 in LE7 (3 tracks).
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LE7, Zebra 2, Ozone 3, Audacity
tokai said 3639 days ago (October 4th, 2009)
Doctor Ex
Oh man, it's Sunday nite here, and after the day i have had Space is where i need to be, in this space. Your intro is a perfect description of where you place me. It reminds me of Banco DE Gaia. Cool Intro, those keys and that drone, really edge you into the void...um i like it there.
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Ex_Silentio said 3637 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
Sir Steve
Glad I could space out yer Sunday a bit. Stay away from that void though. It's lonely, and it's hard to find a good burger.
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sloparts said 3638 days ago (October 4th, 2009)
What a nightmare
but never the less a real possibility for all who venture beyond the (relative) safety of the home world.

The music matches the elements of the story very well, especially the screams into nowhere at about 5 minutes in.

And then come acceptance of the fate you have been given.

Very well executed (no pun intended) with excellent production values and mixing.

You have done well you Skywalker, err I mean EX.

Love it man, it sounds very good, and very frightening.

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Ex_Silentio said 3637 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
Hi Ed
Thanks for giving this a listen. It's not quite everything I had intended, but you know, deadlines.
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Ren-Tin-10 said 3638 days ago (October 4th, 2009)
Not since "Event Horizon"...
...has anything about space scared the living daylights out of me!


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Ex_Silentio said 3637 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
Event horizon
I think that's where they find out Hell is on the other side (?). It's been awhile. Glad to scare you. It scares me, although I'm pretty safe here on Earth. Thanks, Jim.
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Narad said 3638 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
Very well done
This was my nightmare too when I was child and even today when I'm adult. The abyssal infinite void filled only with dead stars, spiraling vertiginous galaxies and frozen suns like an outer solar eclipse which covers its golden inner light.You're a master for me by creating such chilling spatial atmospheres. Kudos and a stellar compliment. :)
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Ex_Silentio said 3637 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
I gave it a shot. I have yet to master the setting up of atmospheres the way you do. Still learning. Thanks for the description and for sharing your version of the nightmare.
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Reinholt56 said 3638 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
Hi Duane......
The description brought back memories of a movie I saw last year, where Gary Sinesi? was on a rescue mission to Mars and one of his colleagues was lost in this way. Vary scary!!

As usual the music is wonderfully done and will be having more plays on my computer over the next while.

Take care.

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Ex_Silentio said 3637 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
I think that was called Mission to Mars (Sinise). I have only seen bits and pieces of it. I will have to watch out for it. Thanks for your nice words.
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Henke said 3638 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
What are hours and days in space?
Your description is pretty scary, I totally see what you mean, but as long as I just listen to the music I like what I hear. It's like a dream to me, not a nightmare. Maybe "he" is suffering from delirium of some kind, fantasizing about worlds he will never get to. So, yeah, I really like what I'm hearing here, excellent mix and composition.

What a great idea this space race challenge was (is)!

Thank you.

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Ex_Silentio said 3637 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
Good point
A wrist watch will still work. The molecular activity in your body marches on, oblivious to the fact that you're far from the Greenwich meridian. I had a slightly different version in mind -- same music, different story -- early on, but I just ran out of time. It was going to be more of an adventure story, but this castaway theme wouldn't leave me alone. I understand exactly what you're saying. Thanks much.
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Doug Somers said 3638 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
I like this one - a story in tones
I have wondered exactly the same thing about being adrift. Probably came from the 2001 movie when Dave has to retrieve Frank (?). What would this be like to float forever with nothing to stand on, to bounce off of to get back to where you were? Tumbling along with what you see, the feeling in your suit, hearing your breathing and the static you mention, and your naked awareness of it. To me it's an interesting allegory of life itself and how we tend to relate to it.

This piece flows well and expresses so very much in the colour of the tones you carefully chose. I hear the resolution at the end and it carries a lot of wisdom in the understanding of the space traveller.

Bravissimo, and thanks for the dload!

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Ex_Silentio said 3637 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
Bowman and Poole
Yes, I actually searched for that image from 2001. There were some, but not really good enough. Poole is spinning through space, already dead from the accident that set him plunging through space. Bowman retrieves him with a pod. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Doug. Really enjoyed your contribution, by the way. Fine piece of work.
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richard13 said 3638 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
Excellently done, Ex
but unpleasant to contemplate. The music on its own is quite easy to listen to. And I will: thanks.
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Ex_Silentio said 3637 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
The music
and the description are not a perfect match, true. I'm glad you found the music to be agreeable. Thank you, Richard.
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paul f. page said 3637 days ago (October 5th, 2009)
My, my...
...you HAVE captured the essence of your narrative. This is truly awesome, Ex. Your selection of plug-ins, the mix and overlap, shadings of volume, panning...Everything works so well and is expertly executed. I feel like I am THERE...and it scares me: 14-billion-years of drifting. I can barely stand it.
Awesome job.
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Ex_Silentio said 3635 days ago (October 8th, 2009)
Hi, Paul
Glad that the idea was conveyed at least somewhat successfully. I put this together rather quickly, then spent quite a bit of time of deciding what changes needed to be made, day after day. I didn't change it, not because it's so perfect (which it's not), but I had painted myself into a corner. After that, I struggled with the backing theme quite a bit. I think if I had started with the backstory the music would have ended up much darker, and probably much at odds with the spirit of the SRC. Thanks much for your comments.
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davajonah said 3632 days ago (October 11th, 2009)
You've managed to convey this nightmare scenario so well. The choice of synth voices, mixing, composition etc etc, are mind blowingly staggering. And, I might add, jealousy inducing!

This is as good a piece of music as I've ever heard, and not just in the ambient catergory either. Simply beautiful.
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Ex_Silentio said 3632 days ago (October 11th, 2009)
Gulp. Wow.
That ... is too much. I am going to frame this comment.
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drakonis said 3631 days ago (October 11th, 2009)
The origin of the SpaceRace "Big Bang"
Hey Duane, it was YOU that caused me (ic42) to launch the SpaceRace challenge, and for that, I'm indebted. Just look around at what you helped launch... a whole FLEET of amazing works. And yours is awesome... storyline and execution of musical detail.

The nightmare of being cast adrift alone (being the social creatures we are) is the ultimate terror. And suddenly, while listening and pondering your story, my mind "went out a level", and I realized that we ARE all adrift in space, flung out on our own, hurtling away from everything else, untethered, on this ball of rock we call Earth.

Well, that was my way of avoiding the thought of helplessly spinning away. :-) Very nicely done here, excited all sorts of synapses while listening!

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Ex_Silentio said 3621 days ago (October 21st, 2009)
The fleet
is impressive. You've done a good thing, Drakonis. Your thoughts about our lonely planet are spot on. Thanks for the kind words, and thanks again for the SRC.
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kassia said 3623 days ago (October 19th, 2009)
you are braver than I
to put your nightmare into words AND music. and thank you for sharing - now i won't sleep for a week! you are one of the best sound architects i have ever heard. these pieces are just brilliant. full of depth and layers of sound, yet never crowded or rushed. your use of pan and fade are just impeccable - creating a mesmerizing journey. i need to listen to these over and over and learn all i can from you.
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Ex_Silentio said 3621 days ago (October 21st, 2009)
Pan and fade.
Hmmm. Never really thought much about it. Very nice of you to point that out. Architect ... you DO have a way with words. Well, hmmm ... wow ... blush. That's really too much. Deeply honored. Thank you, Kassia.
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Char said 3621 days ago (October 21st, 2009)
Without your
elegant and chilling narrative, I would have o picked up on the hopelessness of such a predicament. Do you live as long as your air supply holds out or do you rip your mask off so you need not think about your impending doom? If I could listen to your music, I think I would just let my air slowly run out and I would dream of beautiful things that I have seen. You are a spellbinder. Love it. Thanks.
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