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Rhythm Thing Sunset



 Genre: Latin Jazz
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The new section of “Sunset” for this post is:
Fmaj7+ Emin7+ Dmin7+ B half diminished (Aflat) and the up the neck four frets to easily re-voice the “diminished chord” (walk up from last time)
That would be FACD+ EGBD+DFAC+ BDFAb (re-voiced 3 times)

The rhythm section on this track is implied. No bass or drums but you hear them? A “pocket” is demonstrated by adding these elements together. In one guitar part, all the elements for an arrangement: bass, chords, percussion are “nearly present”.
To create this guitar part use you fingers, no pick. “Catch” the strings to create the “drum sound”. Literally stop the strings from ringing and then apply a back (or front) beat with your fingertips. Brush the strings as your fingers form the next chord (before playing the next chord). At the same time, the bass line is played by your thumb, I don’t do this very well, but as demonstrated here you don’t have to be Chet or Tuck Andress to play effectively in this style. Would be nice if we could!
If this technique is beyond you, start your journey by adding the bass and percussion to something you can already strum. Start slow, go slower and nail that old warhorse. Once you can work your favorite tune, come back and try the Daug. The C, and G grips are on the third fret. The other chords just go up the neck. The B diminished chord is under that first C chord you learned so long ago…
Note: The listener will fill in all the missing information in this guitar style; the listener becomes part of the experience: drawn in. IMHO this is the single most important aspect in the development of modern music. Leave enough “unsaid” so the listener has to be part of the experience to complete the music. This occurs in human life on so many levels. Humans are successful as a species because we literally fill in the missing data all the time, if you can’t do this, in fact, you get sick and can’t function!

The bass notes are at the bottom of the chords or open strings. Hear the parts as “walk ups/downs” to the next chord and you will get the propulsion you hear on this track.
Exactly what the rhythm is, as it is implied, is not really important. Implying the pocket is what is necessary, that you have to do with reckless precision.
Next time it’s licks and sticks…

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Martin_Leroy said 3549 days ago (November 2nd, 2009)
Good Lesson/Progression
Nice cord progression. You could do something really nice with this. The technique you describe sounds difficult. So this is one track?? Thanks for the tips. I will try this technique. Very interesting.
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Boats said 3549 days ago (November 2nd, 2009)
Hello ML
Please go back and listen to the other Boats posts. They are all about different aspects of Sunset.
Yes, I played it all at once...

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Elevator_Funk said 3548 days ago (November 3rd, 2009)
um ok
i've read all the posts and the description under the artists page. So is the original a rough sketch of the future product with each new post a different aspect of what should be played? then each listener can post their version of the song showing what they got out of it?

kind of like a Bob Ross for guitar? :P

I might go back to the second post and try again to get it, but I get lost in all the stuff about chord shapes and voicings and diatonic scales. that's tough to grasp for me. good idea, if i understand what you're doing here......
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Boats said 3548 days ago (November 4th, 2009)
Hello Brian
Sorry your having trouble getting started. Try to simplify the material, find that minimum of the project you can pull off. Build your arrangement from that "floor".
The idea is not to parrot back my sketch, but to create your own thing out of the component parts and your experience with them.
I hope the next post will help. Bob Ross? Naw, just me...


Check out my latest song called Sunset first pass
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The original Sunset post is available on this page. (I hear a piece all at once, and capture it, before I loose it.) This first sketch will, before your eyes and ears, be transformed several times... you can be part of the ride if you want..... [see more]

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