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Pushing and Pulling

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Many months ago, when poking around the MacJams site, I came across a drum and keyboard track of music posted under "open collaborations" by Jonx. Upon hearing it, a melody immediately jumped into my head, so I downloaded it and started developing it.

I also started writing lyrics based on the title Jonx had ascribed to the music. Not only did the Push/Pull concept of opposites seem like a good theme to pursue, but it became one of those instances where the ideas kept flowing until there were way too many lines to use. Finally, I said, "that's enough," and started cutting back to fit with the musical structure.

Jonx seems to be on hiatus from MacJams. I have had no contact with him - so perhaps it's a stretch to call this a collaboration. Nonetheless, I'm re-posting it to the same category where I originally found it: Open Collaborations.
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Pushing and Pulling (2009)

I’m pushing I’m pulling
Though I’m not sure where it’s going going
I’m mining and refining
Trying to keep the creativity flowing
I’m playing and recording
maybe it will get me somewhere
stay focused on the locus
don't get distracted by the hocus pocus

I would like to make it clear
a fog has descended upon my mind
I would shed an ocean of tears
to swim in a sea of real happiness
I would like to start shredding these fears
that've upended my confidence
how much more should I be willing to give
if it means I have to settle for less?

I’m merging I’m verging
My kind of retribution
I’ve stop splurging I’ve been purging
My stimulus contribution
Contradictions superstitions
filling me with anxiety
Convictions predictions
that the future could be worse for me

I believe it's sad to see
it's my misery that’s making you happy
Five believers obviously
Can see you’ve still got hidden feelings for me
there's a hole filling up the place
where my heart used to be
my space is defined by the points
and lines of human geometry

High flyers heavy sighers
riding the elevator of ecstasy
Push and pullers low blowers
vying for a piece of me
Bottom trollers nothing knowers
leaving no impression on me
Easygoers blather blowers
don’t let them push and pull on me
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Aria Pro II guitar
Rasapriya said 3624 days ago (November 15th, 2009)
Aren't collaborations great! I like your creativity. Vox and lyrics are interesting. Lots of character...sounds like you really let go. Nice job.
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Warren Smith said 3620 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
Letting go
In this case, I think the great thing was the "collaboration" gave me a different starting point, something a little less common than my usual self-generated musical ideas. Oddly enough, instrumentally, I didn't feel like I was really letting it go, and I kept telling myself it was okay to keep it straightforward and simple as a melody line. The vox, done last, got more variegated in take after take.

Thanks for listening and commenting. I'll check out your postings here at Macjams.
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Feter said 3623 days ago (November 15th, 2009)
Pushing and Pulling
COOOL ..this is really cool alt/rock with
excellent vocals work with guitar accompanied
to the main line ...this is way cool really !!!
groovy drums indeed ..good job my friend ...
its been a while hu ? welcome back ...thnx alot
for sharin !!!!
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Warren Smith said 3620 days ago (November 18th, 2009)
Still here
I've been ducking in and out, doing more listening than commenting, while trying to finish off some big musical projects. I had intended to post this song last month, but time slipped away. I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment.
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VicDiesel said 3623 days ago (November 15th, 2009)
Cool lyrics and a vocal arrangement that solidly supports them.

Nice collaboration.
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Warren Smith said 3619 days ago (November 19th, 2009)
Fitting in
I took arrangement and re-arrangement to get all of those words to fit - allowing, of course, for the occasional overlapping of some lines.

Thanks for expressing interest.
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scaustrita said 3623 days ago (November 15th, 2009)
This could be a rock opera, the lyrics are great!
The solo guitars fit the song. The background and lead vocals blend well.

:: Theater Bound ::
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Warren Smith said 3618 days ago (November 20th, 2009)
Rock Opera
Way back when, like in the days of the Kinks' "Arthur" and The Who's "Tommy," I took a stab at co-writing a rock opera based on John Milton's epic poem "Paradise Lost," as a college writing project. It proved to be way too much work.

I personally have no interest in performing music - writing and recording is where my passion lies, but if somebody else wanted to do mine stuff on a stage, I might even show up to applaud : )

Thanks for listening and commenting.
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mybravedesign said 3622 days ago (November 16th, 2009)
this could have been a they might be giants song... i would not have known the dif.
i don't know how i missed that open collab...
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Warren Smith said 3617 days ago (November 21st, 2009)

I see you have sampled a piece of music from the "Open Collaborations" file and developed it.

Thanks for listening to my piece. I will check out more of your music here in the future.
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Lardo said 3620 days ago (November 19th, 2009)
Well, I was playing this song on my external speakers and my wife started dancing with the grandkids. It must be good! THen little John said, "Sing it, Grandma." She said, "I can't. I don't know the words."

Nice wordplay. Whose "crisis of confidence and security" are you describing?
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Warren Smith said 3613 days ago (November 25th, 2009)
Playing field
I'm glad to hear it sounded okay coming out of the big speakers, because I don't have a good pair of externals to really test my sound. As usual, I like to think I'm suggesting a crisis happening on more than one level, from the personal to the national playing field. The word-playing field.
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Char said 3617 days ago (November 21st, 2009)
A heck of a
complicated piece. Lots of wordplay and playful vocals. Well put together. Thanks.
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