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Passing Notes Side B



 Genre: Other
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passing notes

bill grundmann

1 Cerebral Core Test
2 Horizon
3 We'll Get To Phoenix Someday Soon
4 People (Running Through My Mind)
5 Glimmer
6 How And Why
7 I See You
8 Piano
9 The Fade Away
10 Meanwhile The Replicators
11 We Lost Touch
12 Goin' Away
13 All Through The Universe
14 One For Me
15 A Bell In The Valley
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6 How And Why

why would i think about you
day and night?

why would i think about you
at all?

why should i worry about
the future possibilities?

why should i ponder all these thoughts
late at night?
right now?

how could it be i've been with you
every night?

how could it be i've spent all of my life
with you?

how could it be my worries
fade away?

how do you make me feel that
life itself has been,
and will be, OK?

7 I See You

(i) try to hold -- this moment
the essence -- of being me
i know -- your present
i sense -- the ever-branching tree

(i) fly free -- at the speed of light
raise me -- through a tunnel
filled with my life

(i) float away -- through the ceiling
someday -- you'll understand
try to hold -- this feeling
i know -- you hold my hand

i c u

i love u

8 Piano

i remember
when you were just a little girl
my sister... playin' the piano
every day after school

life was simply
school buses
passing notes in math class
lunch hour

times were different then
simpler then

and i can still remember... those days
after school...
my sister... playin' the piano

those days have morphed... before my eyes
you're a woman now
with a daughter
playin' the piano

9 The Fade Away

why would i go?
why would i go?
why would i go?
why would i go?

hold me in your arms and tell me why
hold me in your arms
gettin by the reasons why
gettin by
only in the waking dream of more
only in the day
tell me why you goin out the door
tell me why

why would i go?
why would i go?
why would i go?
why would i go?

falling through the sky into the clouds
falling through the sky
asking why we are the way we are
asking why
and we always say we're gonna go
and we always stay
tell me why you goin out the door
tell me why

why can't i see you cry?
why can't we reach the sky?
why do we dance this way?
why do the fade away?

10 Meanwhile The Replicators

it's as perfect and cold as a crystal
yet we've only begun
our ideation

meanwhile the replicators

take note
of the recursive cycle
of the latest creation

in the spring
a time to regain
our emerald bearings
as the sprouting spill their seed
over the land

the spiraling seasons
each unlike any other

look at your chronometer
look at your heart
look at your life
look at your plan

meanwhile the replicators
have invaded our planet

in a room in the twilight
the old watchmaker
rechecks the crystal face
snaps close the solid case
of his latest creation
it's a pocket watch
unlike any other

interlocking gears
with a precise movement
and emerald bearings

and in its way
if we could see
it explains it all
crystal clear
how it is that we are here

but the daylight is failing
the watchmaker is blind
he stumbles

in the fall
he drops the timepiece
before he can hand us the thing
flailing hands

the case bursts open
spilling all over the floor

out of control
it's all come undone
the spring is spiraling

meanwhile the replicators
have invaded our planet
nothing can stop them

they fight tooth and nail
this new way of seeing
they cannot accept
this new way of being

but hold your thoughts
close to your heart
try to appreciate
the crystalline way

the emerald leaves
of order
will once again emerge
from snowblind chaos

give it time
as our flailing hands
keep moving in circles
day after day

meanwhile the replicators
have invaded our planet
nothing can stop them
as they continually evolve

and we will
begin to believe it

are they
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