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Squidged Fox



 Genre: Acoustic

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A bit of an explanation required here I think. Being a duo one of us will sometimes come up with a song idea and then the other will produce a different version. There’s a song we did some time ago with the prosaic title of “Lapwing”, (it’s on the posted list). When it came to playing it Steve would often say, “Let’s do the Squidged fox song”!!. So lapwing evolved into this different version.

Can’t think there are many songs about road kill apart from “Dead Skunk” by Louden Wainright III. So here’s one to add to the oeuvre!! Cheers. Mark
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Standing by the side of the road
Impervious to your scorn
Standing by the side of the road
I’ll soon be heading home

As the fox slips under the wheel

It’s dying time for Reynardine
He’s one more road kill victim
He’ll hunt no more along the verge
Into the dark he’s slipped in

As the fox slips under the wheel

Two wide brown eyes stare in frozen surprise
Just one last second to live
The fear is spread across his face
He had a little more life to giver

As the fox slips under the wheel

Drive on past
As the awful thud
Shocks me to the core
Happened so fast
No time to change
My heart sinks to the floor

It’s dying time for Reynardine
I hope he goes to pure fox heaven
Thought I heard the sound of the hunting ground
Your brothers are waiting for you

As the Fox slips under the wheel

The startled cry as the lapwing fly’s
Over the road below
Dusk is falling fox brothers calling
No return from where you must go

©mark Spruce 2007
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MarkHolbrook said 3406 days ago (January 25th, 2010)
Poor foxy!
I like foxies! Cool song guys!
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scofugate said 3406 days ago (January 25th, 2010)
Love the
Folk sound with the guitars and the vocals. Great work...But what about the fox?..he is in a better place.

Very nice tune guys!!
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dave_b said 3406 days ago (January 25th, 2010)
Squidged Fox
Nice picking and tone on the acoustics. Solid structure. Vocals sound good, I'm enjoying your harmonies. RIP Mr. Fox.
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michaelkoppenheffer said 3406 days ago (January 25th, 2010)
A fitting tribute to the poor expired fox... The car sound effect was so realistic that I kept turning around in my chair; I guess I'm gullible. I like the energy of this recording; I could do with a touch less reverb on the vocals, but that's just me. Nice post overall!
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Feter said 3405 days ago (January 25th, 2010)
Squidged Fox
I love the spirit on this song the vocals just
stunning so wonderful ..the life in the chords
just terrific ..this is just great my friend ..
true folky heart ...thnx alot for sharin !!!!
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PaulaMunk said 3405 days ago (January 25th, 2010)
Aw, who hasn't
run over a critter who would still be alive if we hadn't intersected their habitats with roads and sped on by at 65 miles an hour?
I cried because I hit one of five raccoons crossing the road one early morning. I was on the road at 3 AM. I should've been sleeping. If I hadn't gone out, that little raccoon would still be alive, perhaps. I loved your strumming and your delivery of well written lyrics. Thank you both.
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lengold said 3405 days ago (January 26th, 2010)
Missed this
the first time - so happy you re-posted.
Unusual, quirky and a great listen.

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VicDiesel said 3404 days ago (January 26th, 2010)
Foxes are cute
Good guitar work, the vocals sound a bit pushed back in the mix. Maybe less reverb? Nice work.
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T_Being_esq said 3401 days ago (January 30th, 2010)
Glad I found this
Very nice piece, even if the subject matter is a little dark. Well put together. Guitars sit well together and the vocals blend nicely.
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Jarvoid said 3399 days ago (February 1st, 2010)
There is
something typically English about this song..I think it is the seeming dark irreverence that really is actually saying whoops,shit,sorry Mr Fox. Nice and simple but eloquent .Nice strumming,deffo a fave ,cheers chaps.

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dynamite_van_pipe said 3398 days ago (February 2nd, 2010)
English folk...
... I love that you guys retain your accents in song. Gives this a sheen of folksiness that is neither contrived or pastiche. Great voices and a really nice production. Good tune guys.
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michaeljayklein said 3288 days ago (May 22nd, 2010)
I've been squidged!
I was intrigued by the title so thought I'd drop in. This has a real lively feel to it and it's really good! You guys are both damned excellent--very professional and authentic performers. This is the best road kill song I've heard in many a moon now--thanks again!
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