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Premonitions (2010)

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A re-recording of the very first song I ever recorded in GarageBand. You'll notice that there are no time changes or anything. This was originally entitled "Oh, the Cheese!" because of its HUGE ending and ridiculously simplistic cheesiness. But it grew into what became the title track of a bigger work: "Premonitions". You can hear the uncompressed version and compare them here: http://aetherealmetal.com/premonitions-re-recorded/ — Also: forgive the shit vocals.
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Awakened, awakened by a form in my head -- familiar, ethereal, A woman, pressed against her warm, supple skin -- a face filled with care and love, A moment, shadows on the windowsill -- the flames erupt beyond the shade..
Then she dies, She roasts in the flames, Twisting, burning -- her screams erupt in pain, There’s no end, To torture or flame, That I could never see her again.
Silhouettes, casting from the moon of her form -- beautiful, ethereal, Receding, the wall between death and life -- her sunken eyes sharp through the night, Rising, rising from the bed I look down -- her soft breath shudders from her,
Ending, I will not see her die before me -- I cannot bear to watch her suffer,
She will rise, Scorched and burned, Twisting, turning -- my screams erupt in pain, There’s no end, To torture or flame,
That I could never think of her again..
She will die, She’ll roast in the flames, Twisting, burning -- her screams erupting in pain, There’s no end, To torture or flames, And I must never see her again..
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MarkHolbrook said 3346 days ago (April 27th, 2010)
Well it
sounds cool to me... Not too fond of the demon vocal.
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MetalPhil said 3346 days ago (April 28th, 2010)
Well, the project is actually a death metal project with a big of a progressive bent. So, the demon vocals are part and parcel with the style. I dig it.. but then, I make the music, sooo...

Thanks for listening, though!
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CC_Connection said 3345 days ago (April 28th, 2010)
10 Stars!!!
This is so great. I would not say shit vocals at all. They are very good. I like the beginning so much and wish whole song would be that sweet. Still a great song. Thank you for sharing.

MetalPhil said 3343 days ago (April 30th, 2010)
isn't the GOAL, but it's a wonderful compliment! Thank you. :)
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Reggie_Pole said 3345 days ago (April 29th, 2010)
Oddly enough, I agree with the assessment of the demon vocals. It's otherwise pretty and melodic. It just floats along so nicely. For a guy with the name MetalPhil, you write very dramatically and poetically. :) You may call it cheese, and sure, it's sticking your neck out to post anything that's "sweet." But screw that. Go for it. You have a talent. The music during the heavy parts is just fine. The step up, two steps down, step up combination fits in nicely. Potent stuff.
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MetalPhil said 3343 days ago (April 30th, 2010)
Well, I have to say that I think metal can be so much more than what most people think it is. I've always had a bit of a progressive bent and have a soft spot for that sort 70s prog and music influenced by it. In this case I like to write stories because it's kinda how I write music. It's hard for me to think about just writing lyrics for the sake of lyrics. And I spend a lot of time trying to make sure that my lyrics aren't ridiculously cheesy.

In this song, I think that the growls are great because they work to show off the contrast between the dream state and normal state.

And trust me, the metal community has been far from welcoming of my music. :P It's kinda funny because I get way more positive praise on Mac Jams than anywhere in the metal community when I post my stuff. I think it's a shame, because I'm making exactly the music *I* want to hear.. Haha.

Thanks for listening again!
Check out my latest song called Premonitions (2011)
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