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She Is Far From The Land

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And now for something completely different...

This past week I was going though my old textbook for a English Romantic Writers class I took some 20-odd years ago and I came across the poem "She Is Far From The Land" by Thomas Moore. It'd been a long time since I read, or even thought about the poem. At the time, it was one of my favorites, but I'd subsequently forgotten about it over the intervening couple of decades.

After rediscovering it, I decided it would sound great set to music. Something nice and moody and melancholy. So, I set about putting it all together. Then, I discovered someone had the same idea many, many years ago. Fortunately for me, that version is much different from what I envisioned. So, I have no qualms about presenting my version of this lovely poem set to music.

The mood and style of this tune were greatly inspired, if not ripped off completely, from our great former fellow MacJammer Rebsie Fairholm, who did tunes of stories and poems of tragic lost love better than anyone.

I hope you enjoy the tune - as much as you can enjoy a tune about death and love and loss, that is...
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She is Far from the Land
By Thomas Moore

She is far from the land, where her young hero sleeps,
And lovers are round her, sighing;
But coldly she turns from their gaze, and weeps,
For her heart in his grave is lying!

She sings the wild song of her dear native plains,
Every note which he lov'd awaking
Ah! little they think, who delight in her strains,
How the heart of the Minstrel is breaking!

He had lov'd for his love, for his country he died,
They were all that to life had entwin'd him,
Nor soon shall the tears of his country be dried,
Nor long will his love stay behind him.

Oh! make her a grave, where the sun-beams rest,
When they promise a glorious morrow;
They'll shine o'er her sleep, like a smile from the West,
From her own lov'd Island of sorrow!
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sloparts said 3296 days ago (May 16th, 2010)
Beautifully done Neil
The music so suits the feeling of the poem. You did a wonderful job on this piece. Kudos my friend.

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Vic Holman said 3296 days ago (May 16th, 2010)
excellent one Joseph
excellent mode and feel, the composition is really great. i agree this has a Rebsie inspiration.
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jiguma said 3296 days ago (May 17th, 2010)
This style really suits your voice - or ..... your voice really suits this style. Shades of Rebsie indeed. The harmonies work really well. This is probably just how it was done in Moore's time - with Neil Young doing the harmonies, and with Logic on a Mac recording the procedings.
I think you've really pulled something special off here Joe - very cool.
PS see, I told you people would get our MJ names mixed up ;)
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jgurner said 3296 days ago (May 17th, 2010)
You know...
I definitely get the better end of the bargain when people get us confused. :)

This was really something I enjoyed. The poem is beautiful, and as I began to work on the tune it all came together so easily and quickly. I ran across the poem on Friday, started the music on Saturday and finished up Sunday morning. It's been a while since something has come together so easily.

And it's a little know historical fact that Thomas Moore actually did all of his writing on Apple equipment. In fact, he wrote the lyrics to Danny Boy on an iPad.

Thanks, always, for your support Neil. It's very much appreciated!
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Feter said 3296 days ago (May 17th, 2010)
She Is Far From The Land
WOW ...what was that ?? man you really paint a
wonderful portrait with this song ..your vocal
just haunting here ..reminds me of the late work
of the Band ( Camel ) .This is so good really
impressed with the full arrangement and pro mix
I m glad you mentioned our friend Resbie ..Kudos
to you and please ..more ..thnx a lot for sharin such gem !!!!!!!!!!!!
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dave_b said 3295 days ago (May 17th, 2010)
She Is Far From The Land
Really nice vocal/harmony here and the simple yet elegant arrangement lets the lyric and melody breathe. The music fits the tone of the lyric well.
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lengold said 3295 days ago (May 18th, 2010)
That was
quite a surprise. Very impressive, lovely to hear something so out of the ordinary so well done.

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davisamerica said 3294 days ago (May 18th, 2010)
come on
down to texas joseph
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davisamerica said 3293 days ago (May 20th, 2010)
came back for a download ...stoopid work interfered .... Rebsie would be proud indeed. .... but your atmospherics turn this into something entirely different.... wow.... the feel on this is incredible. ...nice one man....now to the business of the freebie d/l
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Demeter7 said 3293 days ago (May 20th, 2010)
What a
truly lovely setting. I loved your singing with sensitivity and restraint. Very appropriate. :)
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ktb said 3292 days ago (May 20th, 2010)
Joe, well done. Indeed melancholy and very Rebsie like as well :-)
Happy anniversary as well.
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