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 Genre: Rock & Roll

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Part of our new Anti-Self EP.
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In the quiet of the hour before the storm
In the calmness of the night before the war
Fear is at my door
But he's not welcome anymore
A peace comes over me

'Cause I believe in You, even when I can't see through
The lies disguised as truth
I believe in You, and Your promise to renew
This is how I trust in You

In between the dream and my reality
Between what I want and how it has to be
Fear is crawling near
But he no longer has my ear
A peace comes over me

'Cause I believe in You, even when I can't see through
The lies disguised as truth
I believe in You, and Your promise to renew
This is how I trust in You

I don't know what to do
Still, my eyes are fixed on You
A peace comes over me
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G5, Digi002
TobinMueller said 5302 days ago (January 8th, 2005)
Excellent mainstream Christian rock
Great close mic on vocals, nice breathing, and immediacy
on the verse vocals; the chorus vocals are maybe too
limited/compressed, not letting the fabulous sing soar
into the emotions he is performing so well. I love the
pacing, the difference between the verse and chorus.
Great writing, arrangement, players, balanced mix. I
especially like the pro drumming and tight guitar play.
Excellent track.
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Uber said 5301 days ago (January 9th, 2005)
Some good stuff!
I gave this high marks....The vocal control is very good. You can put all the emotion and angst in on demand......but less is more sometimes.......I also felt the guitar was too much by a third....made it sound like a 80's big -hair glam band.......lyrics were good...a nice tidy package-it all fit...but it didn't tell enough of a story. Because the strength is the quality of the vocals, I suggest a Bridge - without competing guitar licks- that tells us how you came to believe, to trust.....give us a little piece of yourself.....
Mystified said 5301 days ago (January 9th, 2005)
Excellent is right
Wow...I really enjoyed listening to this track! Nice vocals,
lyrics, playing...the whole package.
Must agree with the other comments that I wanted the
voice 'out front' more there in the middle, but that's my
only quibble.

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Moses said 5300 days ago (January 10th, 2005)
Sounds Great
This song kicks. I love the variety of guitar rythms in the
chorus. 8-8-8-9 You can improve in all of the 3 voting
areas, but what you have so far still comes together to
make a tight song. Thanks for sharing.
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Impassible said 5299 days ago (January 12th, 2005)
All the songs you've done all sound 'hit-worthy'.. the
things you would hear on the charts, playing on the radio
every 10 minutes, etc.

You have an excellent voice, and a great talent for song-
writing... not to mention the music playing in itself.

But enough with the praise, I dont think my comments are
really going to help you at all, unless I give some

So here it is, I'm no expert, but I think a little more focus
should be on the vocals. I mean, I think thats the only
thing I could pick if I were to compare this to
'professional' tracks... It might just be they have an
advantage w/ mastering the tracks with fancy equipment.
Your voice is amazing though, I think some fine tuning
will perfect it all.

Awesome work. Keep it up!
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Peter Greenstone said 5298 days ago (January 12th, 2005)
Good o'l Rock
Sounds really solid overall. Rockin' tune. The vocals are
mostly great, but there are a few little flubs that I'm
surprised you left in there. For example, the second time
you sing "...believe in you" in the first chorus, your pitch
on "you" goes wild. You hit it solid all the other times; no
reason to leave the bad one in there.

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thenewgrey said 5293 days ago (January 17th, 2005)
Re: Good o'l Rock
hahaha, you're very right. to be honest, we left a lot of vocals less than
perfect due to our time constraints, and we thought we were going to have
access to auto-tune (shameful, we know). well, the 30-day trial on auto-tune
expired, so we just left the vocals "raw." thanks for the comments!

The New Grey
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kev said 5297 days ago (January 14th, 2005)
Another really enjoyable song, nice crunchy guitar.

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