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The Knife

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This is an Orbiting song, but Matt did the vast majority of the creative work and the engineering. My job was mostly to get goosebumps while listening to the outro and to make dumb suggestions. I think this has our longest intro and the coolest ending of any of our songs, so far. I can say things like this, because I had almost nothing to do with making this. I think this may be Matt's best work to date, and definitely one of my favorite Orbiting songs, ever. I'm proud of him.

Lots of ear candy for the headphones and we're still taking criticism and suggestions, even thought I raved on about my bandmate up there.

Any genre suggestions (based on what's available here on MJ)?

(The song art is a mutated version of this photo by Eugenio Recuenco http://coilhouse.net/2008/05/new-images-by-eugenio-recuenco/)
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My heart is seized,
between these seas.

The heights have spoken,
began this circle.

The knife, the thief,
take my release.

You dodge this lie.
Turn off the light.

Turn off the light.
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Ed Hannifin said 3180 days ago (September 8th, 2010)
I hope....
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The Orbiting said 3180 days ago (September 8th, 2010)
You did it, Ed! I was rooting for you. :)
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Ed Hannifin said 3180 days ago (September 8th, 2010)
I thought....
...my integrated amp was broken.... Sitting here, forlorn, waiting for the intro to be audible.... (I tend to keep the volume down when I press play, 'cause ever since Neil learned about Ozone, there's this chance that things will start LOUD...)

I thought for a bit there that this wouldn't get to words, and I was enjoying its ambientissimo qualities....

This is another one with lyrics by Lisa that tend to frighten me, although I will also admit that I'm easily frightened...

When the vocals come in, the mix sounds neat on headphones, but it gets kind of cramped sounding on my speakers... Is there a whisper of distortion creeping in there, did someone intentionally put some in, or have I blown a tweeter? Anyway, since you're still taking criticism I'll step out of my usual fanboy role and say that on my set-up here it sounds better on the phones than on the speakers...

Everything else about it is cool, including the fact that once again something from the Orbiting has come into existence and made it to the MacJams printed page....

Plus, I want to know where you got the picture of the dueling couple with the guys with umbrellas.... Another for my long list of Jobs I Don't Want...
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jgurner said 3180 days ago (September 8th, 2010)
Give Matt a cookie! (And have one yourself, Lisa. They're chocolate chip.) I love the long, powerful crescendo. I think the long intro really helps build the piece and the intensity before the vocals come in. This one is definitely worth the wait.

As for genre, I'd say either polka or death metal...
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magnatone said 3180 days ago (September 8th, 2010)
The Knife
wowza - this is quite incredible! love the build around 4:30, and the drop off at 5:00 is practically astonishing! yay orbiting!
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perceptualvortex said 3180 days ago (September 8th, 2010)
Yeah, I know, I'm not even close. But this is as close as I'm likely to get... I'm not sure how Ed is always right there!
This is awesome. There's a lot of little moments that show up and rock my world. The chimey synths at 2:00, the point where ledeb starts singing--and are you singing a wider range in this song than any other??--and then of course near the 4:00 mark things get gorgeous and psychedelic... everything after that is super captivating. It sounds like Lisa's voice looped ambiently, which sounds fantastic. And the sound bite section at the end is brilliant. The buildup is slow for my tastes, but that's a minor critique--it doesn't matter much because of the awesomeness to follow. Great work, both of you.
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Jim Bouchard said 3180 days ago (September 8th, 2010)
One of my favorite
I agree. I love it. My suggestion is to not worry about genre. chips fall...etc.
My heart is seized...
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papag said 3180 days ago (September 8th, 2010)
Some mighty textures going around in there. Makes me want to get new headphones. Beautiful melodies and craftsmanship.

It's funny, when I saw the time numbers in the play bar I thought this would be "long" but when it ended I felt like it was "too short". Therefore, it is the perfect length :)

Thanks for the dl!
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particledots said 3180 days ago (September 9th, 2010)
is that pic from barry lyndon?
very nice piece of music loads of space for possible (and maybe unintended) directions to emerge

would love to see where you take us with this
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RochaMalhada said 3180 days ago (September 9th, 2010)
someone said Chills?
that's what I got with the goosebumps...

This is great.

. - Harold
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MannequinRaces said 3180 days ago (September 9th, 2010)
Love the minimal lyrics. Love em'. Pretty epic. The song structure itself is pretty linear though and I would look into repeating at least one part of it like the 'you dodge this lie turn off the light' line. Maybe repeat the line somewhere in the 4:30-5 minute mark where the song builds up and then drops off. Or at least repeat the line 'turn off the light' a few times more times. Other than that great ambient intro, great middle section, and great outro.
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egobandit said 3179 days ago (September 9th, 2010)
growing swelling to the surface evolving into a beautifully sung song The type of song you have to listen to more than once Thanks for the ride !
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lavalamp said 3179 days ago (September 10th, 2010)
Genre- Soundtrack or psychedelic. Pretty damn emotional stuff.

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CIASM_ZENABI_ said 3179 days ago (September 10th, 2010)
The knife
wasnt sure what was gonna come with long intro but then i got it. excellent stuff. great feel and emotion. vocal qualities are fantastic. build up really impressive. the feel of a well etsablished band that lots would want to see live i'm sure. excellent posting. enjoyed it. cheers
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ktb said 3179 days ago (September 10th, 2010)
new orbiting tracks in as many months. Could this mean I'm gonna get my regular fix? Seconds on all the praise for Matt's keen ear and magical tracks. Lisa, your the icing here girl. Way to make the tune sing.

Outtro does so spellbind and the artwork rocks as well.
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Bob6stringer said 3177 days ago (September 11th, 2010)
Breathtaking, elemental rise and fall.
I really love the voluminous lyrics you've given us between the written lines. The whisper-concept of those unwritten lyrics laces deftly with the vocal and instrumental universe this song lives in. You've given life, spare the knife. And that buildup after the 4:00 mark, and then the denouement again, is breathtaking. The level of panning candy is just right; intriguing not dizzying.
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jiguma said 3175 days ago (September 13th, 2010)
Funboy Ed
lol! Sounds terrific to me Lisa and Matt. I love the intro - it really sucks the listener in. Love the intermittent percs building up. This reminds me (and I mean this in a good way) of Ultravox in the instrumental department. Wow Lisa, you really let rip here. You guys occupy a unique place in MJ to me - a genre that no-one else gets close to - constantly great sound and excellent performances.......... now it's about the time between posts that I need to talk to you about. :)
Love it!
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lengold said 3168 days ago (September 21st, 2010)
Lovely to
hear your creative brilliance.

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richardhowardjones said 3137 days ago (October 22nd, 2010)
LOve it
Well done folks. Wonderful listening. Headphone ecstacy!
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Diviner said 3119 days ago (November 9th, 2010)
Very anthemic
Good build up and lovely sounds make this a cracking track to listen to. Well done.
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