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Lighter than Aire



 Genre: Celtic

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Original Aire begins in F Major . . .
six string acoustic - all strings tuned down a full step from conventional method . . . Low string down two full steps . . . after trial and error -
torsion bar adjustment . . .
better pitch intonation this way and easier to do slides from fret to fret - and easier on the fingertips . . . (with this stagg jumbo acoustic)
certain 'Stagg' jumbo acoustic upper frets are so notoriously close to the fingerboard - that they would not even play unless tuned down in this fashion . . . plus more agility performing this way . . .
' Used thicker strings for a fatter output sonority etc. . . .
permission graciously granted to post watercolor by florida's baji milici - who has a site for her work . . .
. . . I have a longer version - but it seems better stated here . . .
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acoustic guitar - stagg cedar jumbo
ensoniq ZR76
magnatone said 3170 days ago (December 20th, 2010)
Lighter than Aire
oh, I absolutely did! (like it!) you're just too cool Scott!
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867-5309 said 3169 days ago (December 21st, 2010)
thanks for the support -
and someone on southern ohio's craig's list has unopened synthogy Ivory II for $100 - with whom I was in correspondence - still not registered -if you know anyone in that area who is interested - there may be a chance he still has it (I tried the different varieties out - at guitar center) / - - - you know I have played standards on stage for so long that - when I write - I tend to get away from that style - and also my other tunes here are so long - that I thought I'd go brief here . . .
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davajonah said 3169 days ago (December 21st, 2010)
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shavingronaldscar said 3169 days ago (December 21st, 2010)
Nothing to say about this, it's spot on mate.
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PeterB7858 said 3169 days ago (December 21st, 2010)
Short but sweet
Love the intro. Nice work Scott. Lilting... Nice guitar tone too. Short but sweet. Regards, Peter.
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DWL said 3168 days ago (December 22nd, 2010)
Never know what to expect
when I click on one of your tunes!

Very nicely done. A dropped C tuning eh? Interesting.



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paul f. page said 3168 days ago (December 22nd, 2010)
Peace Air...
...and Aire...and Ayre...
All delicate and with a gentle whimsy. I really like the lilting quality of the de-tuned guitar, wondering why you dropped the pitch, but, then, it does make for a very mellow timbre in F rather than G... I only wish this were about a minute longer. ... the watercolor is very nice, too.
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867-5309 said 3168 days ago (December 22nd, 2010)
thanks and . . .
intonation on the octave was more accurate - (less sharping as compared to the harmonics) so were other intervals - after trial and error -
and adjusting the torsion bar - at this pitch - with this stagg -
and - it is easier to manipulate and slide from fret to fret without
totally slicing my fingertips - hah - thanks !
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rok41 said 3167 days ago (December 23rd, 2010)
Lighter than Aire
Scott, very, very nice job. I didn't know you were this accomplished on stringed instruments...Very old world melody with a Steve Howe flair. Nicely done my friend!
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kassia said 3163 days ago (December 27th, 2010)
warm and rich sounds, nice little tune with a great choice of supporting synths. i would love to hear a (much) longer version.
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papag said 3163 days ago (December 27th, 2010)
Steppin lightly
from the lightness springs a melody.

Thanks for the dl :)
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composerclark said 3161 days ago (December 29th, 2010)
THis is very pretty! I am impressed that you can play guitar so well! You are obviously someone of many talents, and we are lucky that you are willing to share them with us here at MacJams.

My wife likes it as well.
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rogerdodge said 3160 days ago (December 30th, 2010)
Lighter than Aire
Takes me to the Renaissance. Reminiscent of Jimmy Page acoustic work. Clapping at the beginning hints at mixed bag of eras. Nice pull back to 21st century with electronic flourish at the end; a kind of round trip... Peaceful, and I like it.
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