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Music for Space Travel pt III

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What happens when we reach the end of the known universe? Do we hit an invisible wall? Do we fall off the edge? Do we cease to exist? Do we experience a singularity?

These were the questions our commander began asking himself after awaking from his seemingly endless cryogenic sleep. Of course, these were not his first thoughts. Those first thoughts as he began to regain consciousness centered on his home planet, Planetia Centauri, or at least what it was when he left there countless light years ago. The planet itself had long ago been devoured by its swollen sun, a consequence of helium fusion, and with it went all the inhabitants and life forms that he had ever known existed.

For it seemed that against all conventional thought and rationale, the inhabitants of Planetia Centauri were indeed the only life forms in the universe. There was, in fact, no sign of life beyond the planet’s atmosphere, and so our Commander remains the sole living being in the universe, and he is quickly approaching its edge.

With a distance of only three parsecs until the edge of the known universe, the commander checks his readings one last time, gently kisses the faded picture of his wife and daughter, and for some strange reason, begins humming an old nursery rhyme from his childhood.

Two parsecs…the ship begins accelerating faster…warning signals from the ship’s computers…

One parsec…unbelievable acceleration…warnings …thoughts and reality blur together...

Event Horizon…hull breach imminent…black…cold…losing consciousness…when suddenly…!
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jgurner said 3064 days ago (January 2nd, 2011)
The Universe is like this
There was a woman who claimed the Earth was actually on the back of a turtle. When asked what the turtle was standing on, she smiled slyly and replied "It's turtles all the way down..."

Very cool and trippy!
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Corporal Beef said 3064 days ago (January 2nd, 2011)
On The Backs of Turtles
That's funny. I love looking at those ancient maps of the flat world, especially those with the ships falling of the edge on a giant waterfall.

Thanks for stopping by.
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RAVENS said 3064 days ago (January 2nd, 2011)
Wow the 1:14 explosion was crazy good! Very nice sounds you got going on. This rocks, great stuff!

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Corporal Beef said 3064 days ago (January 2nd, 2011)
As Usual...
...you are too kind. Hope you're having a good new year so far. Here's to a rockin' 11.
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mike_d said 3063 days ago (January 3rd, 2011)
that was a great trip into the unknown. Very cool track- one that I'm sure sounds best with headphones!
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