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Chocolate Rabbits (MoM Mix PC11)



 Genre: Electropop

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It all began right here.

In April 2006, I uploaded my first-ever tune to MacJams: the original "Chocolate Rabbits". To my absolute delight, it garnered three positive comments, which was three more than I ever expected. Since then, I've bounced through more Challenges than I can remember, posted some crazy tunes, accidentally deleted my profile once, and even discovered the real, potent magic that drives MacJams - collaboration.

My collabs have been rare - mostly due to a killer schedule that keeps my time on MJ to little more than sporadic appearances, and likewise away from GarageBand playtime. But the few times I have been fortunate enough to join forces with the amazing talents that roam this place (Char, Vic Holman, GuyGrooves), I've been amazed at what can happen.

When I was paired off with MotherofMeursault for the Producer's Challenge, I was, as usual, buried in a work schedule that was worsened by a seemingly endless series of snowstorms that made my job, driving a tractor trailer around Brooklyn, NY, difficult beyond reason. But MoM was very understanding, and worked around the 'absentee artist' with style and skill.

My directive to MoM was pretty open: take any tune of mine, and do whatever you want with it. The choice turned out to be 'Chocolate Rabbits' - preferably an early version. Fortunately I still had the GB file for that debut 2006 version, and after figuring out how to use YouSendIt (previous attempts have, err, not been successful) the GB file was off to my producer, and this is what resulted.

What can I say? I was blown away. It was MoM's philosophy that the producer should be mostly hands-off, and true to that ideal this version is substantially similar to the original. But the changes, subtle yet distinct, made a huge difference in the footprint of the final song. The somewhat inconsistent, 'pasted-together' feel of the original has been smoothed out, with some dramatic stop-and-start moments that really made me sit up and notice. Shifting things around in the midpoint, playing with touches of echo in exactly the right places all highlight the cool little things I've liked about this song all along... I often thought, "that's exactly what I should have done!" In short.... a fantastic production.

My considerable thanks to MotherofMeursault for such a great job on this, and being so understanding about how little time I was able to put into this. First class all the way.
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magnatone said 3063 days ago (January 30th, 2011)
Chocolate Rabbits
ooh - Firsties!
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magnatone said 3063 days ago (January 30th, 2011)
ok now the comment
when i first saw this pairing i just grinned inside - how INTERESTING can this get?? one of my fave biker pals and the ever mysterious MoM! this is really cool - i love the movement and interesting changes that also made me "sit up and take notice"! thank you both for this fabulous entry - much enjoyed and D/L!
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Carrie71 said 3063 days ago (January 30th, 2011)
Chocolate Rabbits
Very cool sound. Very euro dance club vibe(at least when I was in Spain a few years ago.) I enjoyed this a lot!
jdholliday said 3063 days ago (January 30th, 2011)
MoM knows best!
Pretty cool Electropop production, cool piece, nicely done! Sweeeeet!
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guygrooves said 3063 days ago (January 30th, 2011)
This is awesome.. MOM did a fantastic job.
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sloparts said 3063 days ago (January 30th, 2011)
Well this is different
Never heard the original version of this song, and in fact still haven't, so I have no basis for comparison. But that said, this one sounds very well done indeed. MoM did a fantastic job of letting the song shine and giving it room to breathe.

Great piece of work by both you and MoM, Rik

Kudos to you both,

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Daugrin said 3063 days ago (January 30th, 2011)
Mom was in the house on this electro pop noodlefest.
Having great ingredients really helps, but when Mom is in the
kitchen, you know it's gonna be good!

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Producers_Challenge said 3063 days ago (January 30th, 2011)
I do remember
the original here. A good MoM is always a blessing. When the "pairings" first happened the possibilities on this one made me smile... downloaded.
Vic Holman said 3063 days ago (January 30th, 2011)
i think......
......... this one is a final keeper Rik.

Nicely done MoM
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dimm witness said 3063 days ago (January 30th, 2011)
fantastic :-)
if all music sounded like this all the time I would be very very happy. my kind of stuff :-) I have a commercial license as well but mainly stick close to town (oilfields) -- and I know how tired we are when we get back from a long drive. having this on headphones helps! relaxing, thank you guys...
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Jarvoid said 3062 days ago (January 31st, 2011)
Great job
both of you guys ...Chocolate Rabbits...I remember the original I am sure (Have you removed it Rik?)as one of my earlier comments when I first came aboard MJ.This version is raised one or two notches ....like going fro plain cooking chocolate to Belgian Chocolate.....oh sh*t that doesn't mean that the original was bad ...I mean ..bollocks nah I've dropped a right clanger...no,no what I was trying to say is.....

arf arf great job,bothyas

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VicDiesel said 3062 days ago (January 31st, 2011)
Very cool
This is a great track. Cool sounds, and a very imaginative sequencing of the sections.
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AndeeScott said 3062 days ago (January 31st, 2011)
Track this! Has got a very playful feel throughout especially love the organ sound and the 80's early 90's dance feel.
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MotherofMeursault said 3061 days ago (February 1st, 2011)
I'm very gratified by all these comments! Producing is not my forte by any means, and I am, of course, supremely happy that "my artist" is satisfied with the result.
Rik is a very game fellow, and he gave me free reign with his track (which really cuts right to the heart of the challenge itself: this one was all about mutual trust). I enjoyed this immensely, and I tip my bonnet to Jack (davisamerica) for inventing this challenge.

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davisamerica said 3061 days ago (February 1st, 2011)
"Mutual trust"
..what MoM said .... just came back to download. Ya done good MoM and Rik ...u rock sir.
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Char said 3061 days ago (February 1st, 2011)
It sounds
fabulous. It is alluring...how's that? Thanks.
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crissew said 3061 days ago (February 1st, 2011)
Very cool
Very enjoyable song with a great beat. Enjoyed it! Sounds crystal clear!
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bud said 3060 days ago (February 2nd, 2011)
I love chocolate rabbits
and now I love them even more. Great production on a song that deserved the royal treatment.
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DWL said 3055 days ago (February 7th, 2011)
Loved it!
Kudos to all!


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Doug Somers said 2635 days ago (April 2nd, 2012)
Rabbits rule
Cool stuff here Rik, highly worthy of a repost! I thought I had heard this before the 2010 MJRF one - didn't you have a live version or am I thinking of something else? MoM did a great job too. A signature tune for sure.

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