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Parker's Moment

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This is a true jam...the night we had the great sax player, Amadee Castenell as a guest artist, we also had a special visitor in the person of Parker Wheeler. Parker was part of 2 legendary blues bands, Swallow, and Powerhouse (with George Ley and Tom Principato). He kicks major butt. He is also the first guy to ever hire me to play in a band as a side man. He is the coolest, and I had not seen him in 35 years...he and amadee are good friends, and play a lot together so he sat in for a tune.
I just got his permission to post it.

So, on this recording is my regular trio of the Bishop Brothers and I, with Laird Nelson on Hammond, Amadee Castenell on Sax, and Parker Wheeeler on lead vocals and harp. It is a tune that Parker and Amadee had played together many times and had some VERY hip stuff arranged to play all throughout. The lines they play together never really repeat and seem bring a long slow boil to the tune. Bryan, Fran the drummer never heard the tune and Parker launched into a very complicated explanation of the arrangement, leaving us totally confused. Amadee looked at me and said "the meters play the thrill is gone"...and we started.

I had no mic on the Hammond, so that is such a shame because Laird plays unbelievably as we felt our way thru this. and his solo is killer. You can hear it, but it could be a tad louder.

Parker plays some beautiful harp on this. It is rare indeed to find a guy who plays blues harp to be able to play in minor keys. Its very sweet to hear. His solo is great and the lines Amadee and he play together are so cool. Imagine, you are the guitar player, never having heard a song, playing it for the first time in front of a crowd with no rehearsal, and you hear this soulful performance and interplay between two guys just "sitting in"!

Thank you to Parker for giving me permission to post it, and make it available for download on my NIMBIT (free)

A true jam session, and a memory I will hold close.
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I have no clue, but Parker wrote them
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a band, a REAL Hammond b-3
Garage Band and ChannelStrip
alackbass said 3029 days ago (June 4th, 2011)
Parker's Moment
Great performance. Love the hammond, harp, and the sax. Of course the trio sounds great. This is the best live recording you've posted so far. The bass and drums sound much tighter and present than on previous recordings.
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ziti said 3028 days ago (June 5th, 2011)
thanks andy
recording a live band with 5 mics has been a challange. i got really good results on the very first show, and from there I have refined the technique a little every week. Having 3 hours of live music to mix every week is impossible, so i have a backlog of the best performances so far...thanks to Parker Wheeler for sharing this with us.

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magnatone said 3029 days ago (June 4th, 2011)
Parker's Moment
oh man, this is just AWESOME! i can almost see the huge grins on all your faces! the hammond sounds GREAT! thanks for posting this fran - how special!!
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ziti said 3028 days ago (June 5th, 2011)
it's funny
we were not grinning at all, we were all locked onto Parker's hand signals. He gives weird hand signals, and you are not sure what they meant...come to find out they are not signals at all just Parkers way of dancing...when he is giving cues to God, you know he is enjoying himself.

He is a true character.
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Carrie71 said 3029 days ago (June 4th, 2011)
Parker's Moment...
This is so good! I could listen all night. Awesome stuff goin on here! L-O-V-E it!!!
KCsGROOVE said 3028 days ago (June 5th, 2011)
groovy stuff! :-)
Some mighty fine playing here, guys!
And cool vocals!
Really good live stuff
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dave_b said 3028 days ago (June 5th, 2011)
Parker's Moment
Terrific jam and great sound quality, through MJ Player app/earbuds.
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davisamerica2 said 3028 days ago (June 5th, 2011)
Man O Man, Fran!
I wish I could have seen this. Some fantastic players here, and you fit so naturally in the line up. Yes, I wish I could have heard that organ a little better. Did I hear that saxophone actually growl? And I've tried to play harmonica in a minor key, and was convinced it couldn't be done. This jam was a real treat. Thanks for bringing it to us. Terry
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ziti said 3028 days ago (June 5th, 2011)
thanks terry
subsequent shows, I added a mic to the Hammond and it makes a big difference. glad you liked it. i am so lucky to have caught a recording of this, because the memory of playing it is like a fantasy...you hear that high donkey-like laugh at the end during the applause that's me....giggling in disbelief. what a great night this was. we are going to do it again with Parker later in the summer. i cant wait!
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Cori Ander said 3027 days ago (June 6th, 2011)
You're such a great band!
You seem to create real feel-good-nights for people over there. For my part it has given a real feel-good-morning.

How I love live recordings! Living live recordings ... like this.

Your'e the best!

peace and love

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damiengh said 3026 days ago (June 7th, 2011)
tempo a la soul
Super, would have love to have played on this one with ya. :)
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Ibstrat said 3026 days ago (June 7th, 2011)
is a great jam. Everyone is listening, not stepping on each other. There really aren't many people who can play like this, let the groove happen. Truly soulful!
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PeterB7858 said 3026 days ago (June 7th, 2011)
12+ minutes of goodness
Hi Fran. 12+ minutes of goodness. Really great effort seeing some of you were playing a song you had never heard before. Parker's vocals and harp work are awesome and everyone else sounds ultra switched in to the groove. Tasty guit solo, too. Thanks for the posting. Regards to all, Peter.
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jiguma said 3025 days ago (June 8th, 2011)
(expletives deleted)!
Fran, this must have been such a total buzz for you. The sounds take me back to my younger days when I listened to Paul Butterfield, Elvin Bishop and others. Seriously classy stuff my friend. Having the blues vernacular at your fingertips must be such a joy - you're a lucky guy.
Best from Oz,
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jiguma said 3025 days ago (June 8th, 2011)
Forgot to mention
the great sound (apart from the Hammond, which at least was still audible if not in the front line).
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ktb said 3022 days ago (June 11th, 2011)
Parker's Moment
Its just too cool the way you've made a sweet science in capturing these live jams. You must have the most valuable hard drives of any musician I know :-) Love it
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gadzooks said 3022 days ago (June 11th, 2011)
Parker's Moment
First of all am I ever glad I stumbled on to this. Real live music ... man I love the feel of the band. The live dynamics are great ... the way your volume levels change depending on what's happening. Parkers vocals are gritty and bluesy and real and just the whole band is feeling this guy. The B3 is heaven ... I can hear it pretty clearly but it could use a bit more volume during spots, especially at the end when you all just give it. . Nice guitar tone during the break ... pretty thick sounding. Great minor blues jam and pretty good live mix. I felt like I was there.
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ziti said 3016 days ago (June 17th, 2011)
thanks for the kind comments.
i am happy to have this recording
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Ed Hannifin said 3021 days ago (June 12th, 2011)
You know...
I kept listening to this over speakers, and at times when I was getting distracted... I finally got to sit down tonight and really give it undivided attention through good headphones....

I really enjoy the sax and harp lines, first of all, and it's great hearing someone put this kind of vocal delivery on top of the Zitidag & Co. rhythm section...

Fran and Bryan are locked an' rocking' here, and I think you got good sounds out of both bass and drums. The bass has more presence in this recording than it sometimes does, it really sounds great in the headphones...

The mix really serves the whole shebang, too... when the organ comes in it fits perfectly without crowding or overpowering anything...

Good one...
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FEEL said 3003 days ago (June 30th, 2011)
Plays so fine caught in the moment jamming with an awsome band. Wow! for live this is a decent mix. Dig the Calypso vib.
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