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Blue Rhythm Street

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I think this fits under the jazz genre, although if someone has a better place to put it please tell me. We used a midi upright bass, a soft organ, a garageband drum loop, two electric guitar tracks, and two parallel voice tracks (one with slight distortion).
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Shoes tappin' to an old trombone that's playing to the beat. Those rhythms that I call my own. The flow is all you need to know on Blue Rhythm Street. On Blue Rhythm Street you can't walk by and not hear the sound of old cat's playing like they just don't care. The smell of phosphorescent smoke is thick in the air. The blind drummer breathes and smells that he's at home. Notes dropping like fallin' leaves, his soul is in the music so he's never alone. He's never alone 'cause he understands he's caught up in the rhythms that he plays with his hands, like all the cats that lost themselves in blue rhythm bands. If you ever have a yearnin' for that kind of a beat, just toss a coin to somebody on Blue Rhythm Street.
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UncleSamwich said 5252 days ago (February 1st, 2005)
Just when you think...
Just when you think you're gonna delete your user
profile and never come back here again, a song like
this comes along and keeps you hooked.

Unfortunately, this song was great. If I didn't just
click it, I wouldn't be here writing this. You did a
(regretably) excellent job on this song.

It's tough to get a decent true clean jazz sound that
doesn't sound anteseptic when I use Gband loops.
Especially the midi jazz kits and midi uprights. You
did great with them, I can appreciate that. I would
love to know if that's just how they turned out used
dry, or if you tweaked the eq's much at all.

The one exception to my total enjoyment of your
arrangements and production was the 32 beat or so
drum break 1/3 through the song . It sounded a bit
like a double bass on a midi drum, but may be the
bass and kick a moment out of sync. It was very
plastic, more specifically; it took attention away from
that subtle chorused guitar work with it's un-natural
feel. But, it's great as-is for sure, since that is the
only minute issue could point out. It doesn't sound
mega mixed or over worked, nor does it come off as
'loopy' either in spite of Apple providing your entire
back and bottom in peices.
The song makes a great first impression, and keeps
me interested in the unfolding lyrics. Very nice fresh
understated guitar playing. The vocals are very
honest and have a great breath quality, which blends
with and compliments the material very well, and no
doubt was intentional. Great depth for direct

I would love to see this song score a 9 here, if score
even matters on such a pure, smooth, well played
and arranged jazz tune.

It must be jazz cause it's good. And I've been told by
many jazz musicians that jazz is the only good music
any how. So it's gotta be that. You can call it lots of
things, but keep it in jazz is my opinion.

Hope my feedback is a help. You sure turned my
night around with your great song. Thanks for the
buzz. -s'witch
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Pie said 5250 days ago (February 3rd, 2005)
Just when you think...
"And I've been told by many jazz musicians that jazz is the only good music
any how" - well - it's conclusive. Jazz is the best music !

these online signatures are a load of bollocks!
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aclarke said 5252 days ago (February 1st, 2005)
What He Said
Except for the technical stuff which I don't get. Love the
way the vocal came out. Very, very cool!
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frml said 5251 days ago (February 2nd, 2005)
good tune
this is a pretty cool tune! i like how the bass and
voice share the melody. pretty creative. well done.
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TobinMueller said 5251 days ago (February 2nd, 2005)
Walking jazz
Your layered vocals are very compelling, they pull me in
and hold my attention. The bare drums-bass groove is
cool. But, for me, the solo breaks don't keep the promise
of hipness and movement that the vocal sections imply,
seem too random and directionless (even considering the
concept of the lyrics) altho I like the walk-off fade out a
lot. Very cool track.
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Truth42 said 5251 days ago (February 2nd, 2005)
Very individual
I like the overall feel of this. Relaxing and laid back. I'm
really impressed with the production. Gonna check out
more of your stuff. Well done.
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Pie said 5250 days ago (February 3rd, 2005)
Liked it
hints of andy summers from the police... which is nice
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