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This Healing Skin

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As a child, and still as an adult, I suffered from Psoriasis. This is a skin condition in which the skin renews itself too fast in patched around the body, creating scaly patches, mainly on the scalp, elbows and knees. One of the side effects of this condition, which is linked to stress, is that some sufferers can experience extraordinarily quick healing across wounds. I've been to the hospital on at least two occasions with serious lacerations and had the devil's own job explaining to the doctor that it happened that and was not two days old.
School, of course, is full of vile children who will pick on anything to divert attention from themselves. Stress makes Psoriasis worse so go figure!
I still suffer, and there's no cure as it's genetic, but it is managed and virtually unnoticeable. I would add that I am very luck as sufferers go as I've never had it on my face or the core of my body. Some people have it so bad the skin cracks and bleeds.
So they say "write what you know". This little indie ditty started life as a much heavier tune but I recently acquired a lovely Vintage V300 "parlour" acoustic guitar and while adding it to this tune realised that by pulling back a lot of my electric guitars it gave the vocals a better space in the mix.
Hope you enjoy the tune. This is one of my 24 hours from inception to posting songs and I think it aint all that bad.
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When I was 4 years old
I jumped across the stream
Opened my hand down to the bone
In two days I was whole

What does it mean?

When I was scared at school
I hid behind a smile
When my skin was like a snowstorm
The kids would punch and kick

What does it mean

This healing skin
It breaks my heart
This healing skin
My bete noire
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Vintage V300 acoustic, Ibanez GAX30 electric, Fender PB, T-Bone SC400 mic, Focusrite LiquidMix 16
Logic Express 9
PeterB7858 said 3024 days ago (July 7th, 2011)
Retro vibe...
Hi Paddy. Good back story and catchy song to boot. Nice pop feel and I like the harmony work. The guitars steal the show though. They have an enjoyable, retro vibe. Thanks for the post. Peter.
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Philip18 said 3024 days ago (July 7th, 2011)
You have something to say and say it powerfully. The music is a good match for what your lyrics are saying - music is a powerful way of getting a message across. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
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tempie said 3024 days ago (July 7th, 2011)
one of my favorite MJ tunes this year
your tunes are always strongest when you're writing from a slightly off kilter place. like milkteeth. Excellent, excellent tune. The best pop combines the bubble gum enthusiasm of youth with the terrible insecurity of youth and this is it brother. Great stuff, very happy to download to the ipod.
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ted23 said 3023 days ago (July 7th, 2011)
Have the healing powers of wolverine? :)
Paddy this is classic stuff. Wonderful feel and vibe.
Excellent man
davisamerica said 3023 days ago (July 7th, 2011)
it an't all that bad indeed
...this has a very early who feel to it and that is a compliment Paddy. 24 hour turn around..wow. Good one man.
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Loob said 3023 days ago (July 7th, 2011)
No it ain't all that bad indeed!
Good way to put your experiences in a tune man! Way to rock my friend!
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alackbass said 3023 days ago (July 7th, 2011)
This Healing Skin
Music is best when it comes from an honest place. Great chorus.
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J.A.Stewart said 3023 days ago (July 7th, 2011)
Nice Work, Paddy
This does have the feeling of a '60s tune, a' la The Byrds or The Searchers. It has a nice strong beat and lively vocals and guitars that make it ring out.

Way to turn a negative experience into a positive result. ;)

--- Joe
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particledots said 3023 days ago (July 7th, 2011)
its good to 'go for it' aint it?

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Relic67 said 3022 days ago (July 8th, 2011)
Great song topic, I'm in the medical field so I'm always interested in artistic explorations of illness. Beautiful job on the lyrics, well played and I'm impressed it came together so quickly!
Glad your psoriasis is under control...
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dave_b said 3022 days ago (July 8th, 2011)
This Healing Skin
Driving groove, nice guitar work. I like the vocals. The breakdowns are an effective change of pace as is the vocal phrasing over the hook.
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bud said 3022 days ago (July 8th, 2011)
Great choice you made
having the vocals up front gives this real weight and the backing drive is trying to push to the surface creating tension. Excellent song.
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ziti said 3022 days ago (July 8th, 2011)
very moving
it is a great skill to be able to write autobiographical material. It can be so whiny...the true guts of this come thru loud and clear, and the vulnerability in your voice only enhances the songs content. All done by one guy in one day? That's pretty damn impressive. If you ever took the time, I would just touch up the drums at the end...dont touch the vocal!!

nice work man!

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mowguy3 said 3021 days ago (July 9th, 2011)
This Healing Skin
Classic sound and tone! You said what you wanted to say with nothing held back. And a twenty four hour time frame. Nice work.....
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egobandit said 3021 days ago (July 9th, 2011)
I have it too
my knees , 24 hours and not to shabby! Love the energy in this some cool guitar licks in this! Downloaded thanks!
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Hickling_Stan said 3019 days ago (July 11th, 2011)
This has that vibrant energy of being concieved, written and recorded in a short period of time and then you think, "Yeah bollocks thats going straight up on MJ".....glad you did, it's a great tune. Cheers Mark
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awigze said 3017 days ago (July 13th, 2011)
as good as
anything I've heard in this genre. Has a wide open feel and well produced... (like I know what I am talking about-ha) But diggin this, Paddy
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